Day Four: Late Afternoon

"Raven, there's FRESH blood on your clothes."

My head dips down. Sure enough, my leotard is torn near the waist and a growing pool of blood is trickling from it. These wounds... They must have occurred when Trigon's rage had taken control of me. Freaking Trigon. This is all Trigon's fault! I would have noticed these serious wounds if I wasn't so busy suppressing the hatred I inherited from him. I would have escaped by now if he hadn't exhausted all my power. I would have done so many things if not for him.

Now, I have to suffer the embarrassment of this... miscreant noticing my wounds for me. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Red X reaching out to me. What ignorance. Doesn't he know that he's the cause of most of my problems?

"Get away from me. I can heal myself."

"Look! I'm just trying to help. I'm just trying to do something nice for once. Besides, if you weren't powerful enough to heal yourself a few days ago, then you are definitely too weak now. So shut up, stand still, and let me clean up the mess I made."

I grimace as Red X places his hands on my stomach and sides. His fingers trace the deep cuts which I got when I twisted against those metal wires. All of my instincts scream at me to tell him off, but the fear of me collapsing from lack of blood overpowers them.

Instead, I stand motionless and dignified while he examines my wounds. He's certainly no qualified doctor, but he seems to know enough about what he's doing. I hear Red X mumble something. Kinda sounds like. "My god. Oh my god." When he's done examing the extent of my wound, his gloves are soaked with blood. Those wires must have cut deeper than I thought.

How queer. I'm no stranger to the sight of blood, yet my stomach churns like a washing machine when I see my own blood staining his hands, and my clothes, and the floor... There's just so much of it.

Suddenly, the ground starts to spin like a merry-go-round. I teeter around, then hear a dull thud as the floor jumps up into me.

"Raven!" Cries out a blurry image of my doctor. "Don't try to get up, I know what to do."

Something, must be my cloak, tugs at my neck and I hear a distant tearing sound.

"Here, try to sit up for a sec. Don't worry, I'm here to help you."

I comply, but I don't have much say in the issue anyways. A hand is placed on my back and props me up into a sitting position. My head hangs back limply while two faded visions of Red X lean over me. They tie a tattered blue cloth tightly around my waist then gently lay me down again. When they are done, they both stand and say in perfect unison.

"I need to get something real quick Raven. Don't move until I get back. Understand?"

I nod slightly, but then a better idea comes to me. I can't believe that neither of the Red X's thought of it.

"Why don't one you two stay by my side while the other goes? I think that would be nice..."

They stand confused for a moment then shake their heads and hurry off.

"Heh, heh, heh."

One of them nearly ran into the double doors as they ran out. How funny.

"Heh, heh, heh. Heh, heh, heh."

I must have lost a TON of blood to be laughing this much. Then again, I couldn't have lost that much blood 'cause that one book says humans don't have much more than ten pounds of blood. Hmm...

My musings are disrupted by the Red X's reentering the room. Before I know it, a glass of water is pressed up against my lips. However, I'm not that thirsty, so I shut my mouth tight.

"Drink this Raven. It isn't a medicine per se, but it will numb your senses and take the edge off of your pain." Explains one of the Red X's.

The other says: "Don't worry it's the same medication I've been giving you for the past few days. You'll want to take some before your previous dosage wears off completely."

Reluctantly, I allow the doctors to feed me the entirety of the tasteless liquid. It isn't working though. I don't think anything changed at all.

"Very good, now let's get you into a nice, soft bed."

"Okay," I say sloppily.

Red X, I'm not sure where the other one went, lifts me to my feet and carries the majority of my weight as we stumble over to behind the stack of cardboard boxes. He's practically carrying me on his shoulders by the time we get there. I resist the urge to say "whee!"

When we get there, the place where I first saw Red X that morning, he sets me down on a make-shift bed. I cuddle the blankets up against me until I am comfortable. Once I feel super relaxed, I look dollishly up at Red X and say in a serious voice.

"The bandage you gave me... It's my favorite color. Thank you"

Red X chuckles and sits down on the bedside.

"Well, that's because..." he pauses midsentence and shakes his head. "De rien."

I don't know if it's because of the medication he gave me or all of the blood I lost, but I find something about his decision to reply in French utterly hilarious. I laugh.

"Heh, heh heh, heh."

My laughter appears to put Red X in a good mood.

"You like that? Let me try a few more jokes while I have a 'captive' audience."

I can't stop laughing. "Heh heh heh. Ha haha hah!"

Red X also starts to laugh. "Haha. I'll try a real joke now. A rabbi, a Quaker, and a German Admiral are on a cruise ship..."

I can't hear anything more. The sound of laughter is too loud. My eyelids begin to tighten, but I resist the temptation to sleep and open them. Then the room grows shadowy agan, but I manage to open my eyes one more time. Finally, I no longer have the urge to laugh. Instead, I... The room grows dark again. Instead I feel like sleeping.

In my last moments of consciousness, I feel the boy in white pulling a blanket over me and placing a hand on my shoulder. The mantra he whispers is different this time though. It sounds nonsensical and meaningless to me, yet he sure does like repeating it.

"I take responsibility..."

There's something more to it, but the siren call of the shadows is far more interesting. With a smile on my face, I drift into the darkness.