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What a Poem Can Do

"Here goes nothing…" said Beastboy nervously. He rapped a few times on the large door in front of him and took off.

The door slid open to reveal a teenage girl with violet eyes and matching hair. She glanced around and saw no one. She was mumbling something under her breath about an annoying green changeling when she discovered a folded piece of paper at her feet.

Written in green crayon across the top in childish, messy print were simply the words "To: Raven." She opened the note and squinted to make sense of the horrible handwriting:

To be honest, I'm no poet

Dude, don't worry, I already know it

But there's some stuff that's on my mind

So keep reading, if you'd be so kind

Okay, so there's this dudette

On hating me just she's set

She's not your average kind of chick

But when she's around, my heart feels sick

She's mean to me, she pushes me away

But when she smiles, it makes my day

Yet that smile is just so rare

For everyone else, it isn't fair

Even more amazing than her smile

Are her beautiful eyes

Though they are often rolling at me

I see through their disguise

They hold so much emotion

Their owner will not show

And it's become my life's devotion

To let their owner know

That she doesn't have to pretend

She doesn't care, cuz in the end

I know she really is caring

But with her feelings, she's not good at sharing

I see the girl behind the hood

Born to be bad, but turned out to be good

She paints her heart of gold black

But it always shines through the cracks

I accidently fell in love

Who is this girl I dream of?

If you haven't figured out from my clues

Raven, the girl I love is you!

So you're thinking "No way!

Me love him? That's absurd!"

But give me just one chance

That's all I ask of you, my dark bird!

Right now I'm braced to be thrown

Out of the window onto hard stone

But for you I tried my hand at poetry

So all I ask is this: Will you go out with me?

Raven reread the poem, thinking she misunderstood something, but soon realized her first interpretation was correct. She then receded back into her room for a few moments before setting out for her green teammate's room down the hall.

Beastboy was pacing in his room, rethinking his decision and hoping Raven's response to his audacity wouldn't be too painful. He jumped at the sound of a knock on his door. Taking a deep breath and putting on a brave face, he headed towards it.

The door slid open with a hiss, and he prepared for the worst. To his surprise, he was not greeted with a slap, punch, kick, blast of dark energy, or any combination of the four. In fact, there was no one out in the hall to deliver them.

Instead, he found a note with neat cursive handwriting written in purple ink that read "To: Beastboy." Being used to print, he squinted to make sense of the cursive writing:

I received the note, I assumed you sent it

And I hope for your sake that you meant it

I'll put this as simple as I can, Garfield

I'm not quite sure how I feel

But I am willing to give you one chance

Just don't expect some chick flick teen romance

So there's this new Wicked Scary movie, it's supposed to be great

I'll meet you downstairs, say around eight?

Beastboy blinked a few times, reread the note, and gave himself a hard slap to the face.

It hurt. This wasn't just some freaky dream. He really asked Raven out, and she had really said yes.

It's pretty amazing, what a poem can do.