This is my first story. So please review and let me know if you liked it. This will be weirdly put together in the sense that I'm going to make it Fluff/Angst. That may seem weirdly ironic or completely being unable to make sense. I'm going to make it work. So I hope you enjoy it! I love this damn pairing! Oh of course I do not own the characters let alone Kuroko No Basuke in anyway. Just pure fandom here and also boredom since I'm not in school at the moment. I took this semester off cause my body's finally reacting to my heart disease lol it's fine now I'm just a lazy ass 18 yr old haha.

Why is loving you just so damn hard?

For how long have I really...loved him? Ever since we met? Since we were in elementary? Was it middle school? Or now in high school? But does it even matter. As long as I've finally noticed my own feelings for Dai-chan, I can at least do something before it's too late...or is already too late...

"Dai-chan! Hurry or we'll be late. Seriously you're so lazy and useless. How could have I let myself fall in love with someone like you, Ahomine."

As she saw Daiki jump up and have his eyes widen in surprise, she couldn't help but feel as if something was horribly wrong. Yet she really didn't even notice that what she mistakenly just said out loud would change her life forever, regardless of being positive or negative.

"Wait… You love me?! Since when?" As these words left his mouth, Satsuki knew her self that she said that out loud and couldn't help but feel happy yet the world was going to end at the same time.

How could feeling so happy, feel so depressing. It's as if her woman's intuition kicked in and told her the future but she just shook her head knowing she should now run, run away from this scene. With Daiki being her childhood friend, he could clearly predict what Satsuki would do next. As soon as her neck and toes twisted to point her running direction, an arm with an unmatchable force had her stand in place. While jerking back and now being stared at fiercely by Aomine Daiki. Her eyes almost left her head.

Aomine, the Aomine Daiki, her childhood friend, was now kissing her! With this fierce yet gentle kiss from Aomine, she never felt so happy. Then that shocking feeling of angst and depression swelled up throughout her entire body. As they both finally closed their eyes, Aomine widely opened his in shock knowing something was off, his instincts could tell. Seeing that single tear stream down her beautiful face caused his heart to ache in response. Finally with that single tear curving to where their lips are, Satsuki passes out.

From Satsuki's stand point. When feeling that single tear come out and run down her face to finally curve into their lips. It's as if the world was going to end. Visions of her and Daiki flashing at the speed of light appeared. Visions containing the unlimited amount of bliss, yet sadness emerged into her mind at once. Taking in so much emotion of events she knew that didn't even happen yet, caused her to black out. That one kiss, as if God or the Devil himself, chose to let Satsuki experience a premonition. A premonition stating her love was a disaster depending on how much their love and will can carry them to achieve their final destination.

Finally waking up and seeing a frantic and panicking Aomine Daiki running around everywhere for water and medication, made Satsuki feel as happy as can be knowing her Dai-chan could care so much for her. Smiling and chuckling so innocently yet happily, causes Aomine to drop everything and rush to her side. Yet as he noticed her chuckling, immediately he turned back into baka-mine.

"Oh so this is how you thank me?! Geez you're always such a pain crying and what not. I mean seriously why should I ever help someone like you. All you do is scold me and act like a brat while calling me Ahomine all the dam time. Then you go ahead and faint. Having you being cared for in my room, on my bed, making us completely late for school, you just choose to laugh and annoy me more, damn woman. Instead of thanking me you choose to laugh at this embarrassing scene of me freaking out 'cause I care so much for you, huh?!"

That last line hit Momoi straight in the heart causing her to blush so cutely. "You…w-wait you care that m-much about m-me Dai-chan?"

Knowing he just fucked up having that last line slip out his tongue. He had to quickly say something. But being embarrassed and blushing from ear to ear, what the fuck could he really say? "Well yea of course I do, you're my childhood friend, my most important friend, we promised to be friends forever no?"

Hearing the word 'friend' so many times, for some reason just caused her heart to ache. "Oh well of course, ah… Thank you Dai-chan. Since we're this late for school should we just not go?"

"I guess, plus it's such a pain in the ass. Such a damn drag. But since it is your idea to cut, don't even think I'm going to show up after school for practice today, ok?"

"Fine, fine, baka-mine."

"Oi! Stop calling me these name dammit! Annoying little... By the way I do have a date tonight though with Sakura from class 2-A"

Holy shit how could I forget? No wonder I could never really confess to Dai-chan. No wonder I didn't realize till now. I just didn't want to realize. 'Cause I knew what would come out of it if I did. I knew he could never really change for just one person. Even if that one person were me. How could I forget that Aomine is the biggest player in Touou. Girls always brag about how he's just so good in bed and what not. How his tanned skin gleamed with the sweat dripping down, how he can handle a woman's body so rough yet never hurt her 'cause he was still so gentle. As far as I know, they're many girls who brag about this, yet I know only 7 of them really keep in touch to do it weekly. How could I forget Aomine's never been in love and only interested in hot, big-busted women, and with of course no strings attached. With these thoughts causing her sadness, and depression, she was still was innocent enough to blush at the constant thought of sex, especially with Aomine's body.

After that long pause, Baka-mine finally realized why she was so quiet and being distant now. She just confessed. And this idiot right here just said he has a date knowing, she knows it's just another 'fuck-buddy session'. But realizing, not to his surprise knowing she's so pure, cute, and innocent that she should be blushing from the thought of sex. BINGO! She's red from ear to ear. Maybe this is my chance. I mean fuck it, I am in love with her…am I?! No wait of course I'm in love with Satsuki... I think.

With Daiki grabbing her and twisting her body to face him, while being underneath him, she sees his aroused devilish smirk. She's now panicking and punching. Knowing what is definitely coming next since this is, Aomine Daiki. Although, what really surprises him is her half-assed punches. Well knowing that of all people, Satsuki can throw a punch, after having much practice on Aomine since he always seemed to make her cry and fuck up yet again, this time she was barely even trying. Was it the fact that she's weak from fainting, or is it the embarrassment, or wait…no… That couldn't be it. Momoi Satsuki actually… WANTED IT?!

"Dai-chan! Let me go! I don't want to! I'm completely not ready…" This even Momoi knew herself, that she completely wanted it. She felt jealous of the girls who have done it, especially the bitch who took Dai-chan's virginity. Why couldn't it be me who took it? Why did he have to be such a player, a pig, an asshole? Why fall in love with someone so hopeless. With the next kiss from Dai-chan being so soft, she could feel his actual feelings pouring inside of her. Even though she could feel them, she still questioned the true meaning behind them. Lust or Love? But, wait, as soon as she could feel 'em. She felt that pain in her head again. Seeing only one image, her in a wedding dress crying, a black wedding dress in a church full on darkness. With the roses in one arm dead, and the other reaching for what seems to be Aomine walking away, she pulls away from that tender kiss.

With her reacting to the pain. Daiki immediately jerked backwards panicking thinking, shit what if she's gonna pass out again.

"Satsuki! Are you okay? Should I stop? Please tell me what to do?" With eyes widening in shock and worry. He notices her chuckling and grinning a little. Satsuki had a devilish grin like that?! Shit I don't wanna stop! She's so cute and sexy, what man would stop at this point in time?

Seeing Aomine reason with himself in distress over stopping or going. She grabs his neck and pulls him in for a kiss. Seeing that vision again from this so called premonition was not getting in her way. "Dai-chan just keep going, make me yours forever, p-l-e-a-s-e? Regardless of being sad or happy with the situation that's without a doubt about to take place, she at least knew she'd never regret it. Her body was too warm, and comfortable to actually feel as this scenario was real. Again how can she feel so happy yet depressed with the only person that could ever cause this. Whatever these tears meant flowing out of here and now. She'd make the most of it hoping that she and Aomine could turn that 'premonition' into something they'd both look back on and smile knowing they got through it all.

With that last please, Aomine knew himself that she knew it'd work. Aomine may be an ass but he was still a 'simple' man. With that he quickly jumped back into his original position. "O-Okay but just don't regret doing it with an asshole like me. You know I can't keep myself to one woman." Shit I actually stuttered but more could I say that? Fuck, will she stop? No, wait, she's initiating...a kiss? What the fuck, she's a virgin, a virgin! How can she kiss this good? I'll kill the bastard who taught her this. Although do I even have the right to? Can I really love her? Stick to one woman forever? With the thoughts becoming less and less clear. Due to staring at her sweet soft pale-pink skin and lips, her long pink hair, and aroused body. He gives into her and drifts off while switching to his cool, subtle, experienced hormonal self while of course showing that devilish grin that could turn anyone on in a heartbeat.