A/N: I have decided to make a Kickin it alphabet. Most of these, if not all, will be oneshots. In this one, Jack and Kim are already dating. This is in Kim's POV

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I was tossing my apple around when I missed it. The new boy spun around, catching the apple with his foot and kicked it up so he could catch it in his hand. He looked up with these soft dark brown eyes. I nearly melted when he looked at me. "Alright, that was almost cool. I'm Kim." I said.

"I'm Jack. I'm new."He smiled a gorgeous smile.

"Yeah, I can tell, you still have that new guy smell." He laughed.

"Um...can I have my apple back?" I asked, smiling shyly at him.

"Oh! Sorry..." He replied, handing me the apple. When our hands touched,I felt goosebumps throughout my arm.

"Well, maybe I'll see you around Kim."

I bit my lip and smiled."Maybe you will." We walked away.

Today, exactly one year later, Jack and I are sitting her, hand in hand. "I love apples."

He looked over at me. "Huh? Why do you love apples?"

"Because they helped me meet you." He smiled and leaned over to give me a kiss. after a couple minutes, we pulled away. "I love apples, too"He replied.

It's true. It all started with an apple.

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