Butterfly on a Rose

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The rebels get some volunteers at the barricade. Only they are not what they seem…

"Two boys are climbing the barricade!" shouted Lesgles before gunshots rang out. The boy in the back pushed the first lad down and gasped as a bullet embedded itself into his shoulder. A second bullet penetrated his stomach as he slid down the wall that the students built before he could fully climb over the students' wall to safety. The boy who he just saved let out a high pitched shriek before scrambling down to hold his friend.

"Wait! I know him!" shouted Marius, running over to the kneeling boy. "Eponine! What are you doing?" he asked in a rush. He bent over the other boy and removed his hat to a tumble of black corkscrew curls that surrounded a doll-like face. "Who is this girl? Why have you brought her here?"
Suddenly, the injured girl began to sneeze, bringing her hand up to her mouth as suddenly, from her nose flew the two bullets.

"That hurt like a sonofabitch," she muttered, her voice heavy with a Russian accent. She began to sit up as Joly rushed over with his bag, ready to treat on the injured girl. She waved him off with an loud "I'm fine, I'm fine, I'M FINE!" Joly pulled her ragged shirt off her shoulder and to his shock, where a gaping, bloody hole should've been, there was only smooth, pale skin. "As I said before, I'm fine," she snapped irritably before using Eponine to stand. She looked around the crowd of students, who were watching her with wary eyes before announcing in a loud voice, "I have a letter for Monsieur Enjolras."

A handsome man with a strong build and sculptured face stepped from the crowd and stretched out a hand for the said so letter. He raised an eyebrow at the girl, who challenged him with a glare that could kill. Enjolras opened the letter and read it, mouthing the words silently to himself before he flipped it over to continue reading. Once he was done. He refolded the letter and slid it back into its envelope.

"Are these other volunteers like you?" he asked blankly.

The girl shrugged her shoulders before replying. "Well, yes and no," she confessed. "We're all different in our own ways."

Enjolras nodded before suddenly, out of the alleyway that was on the side of the ABC Café, a small group of young women appeared. They were all dressed in trousers and wore tops that allowed them the freedom to move. They also carried three to five muskets in arm as well as two dozen mules laden done with chests of ammunition.

"Oh my God," breathed Courfeyrac.

"Now, we'll fight for freedom!" grinned Grantaire.

"Who are you?" asked Enjolras, both puzzled and alarmed. The puzzlement was from "Where did they get all this weaponry?" The alarm was from "They're going to die for this cause!"

The leader (as Enjolras was beginning to think of her being) just ignored him and did a quick head count. When she finished, she turned to a pretty girl with long straight black hair.

"We're all accounted for, Sapphire Butterfly," announced the Asian girl with a swift salute.

Before any of the students had time to think about her name, she spoke in a voice that commanded respect. "Our numbers have grown, Kitty," she stated, her hands behind her back as she looked over the growing number of females. Within a few minutes, there were at least two hundred or more females all crowded into the alleyway. The volunteers were silent as they all eyeballed their leader with respect shining in their eyes. She suddenly turned to Enjolras. "Enjolras, what are your orders?" she barked.

It took the rebel leader a few moments to shake the stupor he was in before answering.
"How many of you are healers?" he asked hesitantly. Eight hands rocketed up and he sent them into the café to help with the mini hospital that Joly had set up for the wounded. "How many of you know how to shoot a gun and hit the target every time?" All the ladies raised their hands, making Enjolras stumble back a few steps.

"Soldiers approaching!" shouted the lookout. "A hundred men on the front lines!"

"Grab your guns!" barked Sapphire Butterfly as the women scrambled into place at the barricade with guns and extra bullets in hand.

"Ready!" shouted a girl with snow white hair and a dark complexion.

Enjolras took a deep breath before steeling himself, promising himself that he would talk to this Sapphire Butterfly once the battle was over.