I feel obliged to tell you, the first five chapters of this story are mostly canon, whereas everything after gets much more original. This is to give the proper setup for the plot.

So, I hope you'll give my story a chance, despite the canon events.



- 1 -

"The Impossible Pilot"

It was the first of September, in the year 2020. Houki Shinonono wasn't used to school starting so late in the year, and it made her a little uncomfortable. Westerners sure were weird.

She absent-mindedly twirled a lock of her long brown hair around a finger and tried to restrain herself from readjusting the green ribbon that held it up. She was so incredibly bored!

Seated in the far left corner at the front of her classroom at the Infinite Stratos Academy, she started tapping her fingers soundlessly on her desk as she sighed.

Her eyes were trained on a hologram at the front of the classroom, watching as Chifuyu Orimura, her teacher and a former IS League Champion, explained the basics of what their year was going to be like.

The Class Representative would be selected in a month, when everyone was settled in, and the Class League Tournament, in which the class reps would duke it out, would take place two weeks later.

"As you all know, this academy is here to teach you how to understand, operate and pilot an IS, which is short for Infinite Stratos," the Japanese woman said, using a pointer to gesture to a diagram of an Uchigane unit, the standard mass-produced training IS.

"This is a boarding school, so you'll all be together before, during and after school hours. Try not to step on too many toes, alright? I don't want to have to deal with crying little girls every-"

Miss Orimura was cut off by the door as it slammed open. A woman who was so absurdly disproportionate that it was almost comical sprinted in with a datapad.

"Miss Orimura!" she cried, "You have to see this!"

"Students, this is your assistant teacher, Miss Maya Yamada," Orimura said without pause.

Yamada pulled the curriculum datapad from the console from which the hologram was being projected and replaced it with the one she'd run in with. "This is footage from an IS compatibility trial in Canada that took place a few hours ago.

The projection displayed an arena not unlike their own stadiums. Every country had at least one for IS compatibility trials, and Canada had three. There were four pits, one in each corner, and a retractable roof.

Three girls were already aloft, each clad in an IS unit as they faced one of the competitor's pits. From said pit came another Uchigane. However, this pilot was different.

"My god... T-that's impossible," Orimura said, her eyes widening in shock.

Houki couldn't really blame her for being a bit gobsmacked. The teenage girl gasped as she saw the IS' cockpit. The camera zoomed in to give them a closer look at a person with mid-length brown hair and a pair of brilliantly green eyes.

He looked terrified.

Wait, HE looked terrified?!

It was a boy piloting an IS! That wasn't possible! No way, no how!

Because of some fluke in the design that had been discovered not long after they'd been invented, it was found that the Infinite Stratos could only be piloted by females. There had been a lot of controversy over the issue, but the designer of the IS had said that it didn't strike her as a particularly important flaw, so she would leave it alone. Eventually, women had started to assert more control over society. It wasn't uncommon nowadays to see women order random men they didn't know around just to exert dominance.

Houki watched slack-jawed as the footage cut out and Yamada turned to Orimura. "The Canadian government had to seize him. Over a hundred countries have come forward and either requested, demanded or bribed for ownership of him. They've denied everyone so far."

Miss Orimura bit her lower lip and crossed her arms. "Send a request as well. I think it's best if we handle him."

There was silence for a moment, before every girl in the room simultaneously screamed, "WHAT?!"

Bringing a single boy into a school with a population of over five hundred girls? What could possibly go wrong?

"Just out of curiosity," Houki said, finally speaking up, "What's his name?"

Orimura turned to Yamada, who gulped before saying, "His name is Sten Murdoch. As in our Murdoch."

Everyone present, even Orimura, was shocked. No one at the Academy hadn't heard the name Murdoch before.

After all, the most powerful IS duo in the school was comprised of Olivia and Valerie Murdoch, Canada's Representative Contenders. Not to mention their mother, Elizabeth Murdoch, the teacher they all knew as the Iron Lady. She'd never mentioned she had a son before...

"Then scratch the request. You'll have to excuse me, everyone. I need to make a call."

Orimura left the room. Leaving Yamada standing there awkwardly. She started trembling and pouting nervously, before running out the door as well.

Left to their own devices, the twenty-seven students of Class 1-1 realized they could finally get back to doing what they did best.