Showing him the piece of strawberry she carefully peeled, his lips curved into a irresistible smile upon being amused by her latest creation.

She heartily explained, "Know what? This adorable little strawberry has turned into a dazzling heart shape, by removing the stem of the fruit in the form of a V in its top centre and here you are...Now, I'll gently place it into your palm, letting you enjoy its overflowing sweetness..."

Beholding the little wonder of a treasure before him, Xiao Yu's gaze sparked with interest before turning to the ingenious girl, "It must have a very touching story to tell, am I right?"

She smiled and nodded earnestly, "Bingo! Strawberries are good for the health of our heart...The deeper the colour of their ripeness, the sweeter they are, just like 'love', the richer and more mature it is, our lives abound more with its taste and rhythm..."

Such words made him wonder with amazement. It was only very much like her to come up with such a meaningful picture for one of life's many trivial blessings. By his side, he could see her angelic face brimming with delight as she diligently savoured each little charming piece of fruit.

He took a moment to study more closely the averagely bigger-sized strawberry she has chosen for him in her hand before giving one more look at her and then popping it into his mouth.

As they stared on at the vast breathtaking hilly scenery stretching far and wide infront of them seated at ease by the grassy slope, soft autumn breeze caressing their hair and skin fulfilled their desire for a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Following, she got up once more on her feet and took down her pink straw hat, letting the gracious wind sent her long ebony tresses flying and dancing in the air like the energetic wings of fluttering summer butterflies.

Simply mesmerised by her delicate innocence, Xiao Yu too stood up eager to join her, "Gui Gui..."

Hearing him, she immediately spunned around, "Is there anything...?"

An inevitable kick against a rough stone caused her to slip suddenly and lose her footing.

"Watch it," he called and hasten to catch her falling into his grasp, the impact resulting in the both of them stumbling backward onto the ground at the same time.

Bracing the likely consequential pain greatly minimised by the cushioning effect of thick turfs of grass, they only expressed slight moaning and low complaints before facing each other at less than an inch apart with awkward expressions.

Brief seconds later, they ended up breaking into uncontrollable laughter at their sheepish state having landed like a heap one on top of another on the ground.

She giggled, "I never get to smell the fresh dew on the grass this upclose until now..."

He held her hand tight and revelled how the aware of their heartbeat could be so near to each other's senses. He whispered to her ear under his face, "Gui Gui, even if this foretaste of eternity is just a mere flicker of a second, I will forever be content...this I promise..."

Resting securely on him, she closed her eyes and smiled, "I like this, the feel of your warmth and affection..."

He looked down at her fair, appeased countenance and embraced her tight, tenderly planting a loving kiss on her forehead.