Inside a records shop, Gui Gui and Xiao Yu were busy selecting festive CDs for the coffee shop she worked at.

Running her finger down a long column of CDs on the display rack, she was intently considering which ones to pick while Xiao Yu looked through each one effortlessly.

"Hey, do you think I should get this newly-released 'White Christmas' album?" Gui Gui nudged him hesitantly.

He drew near and had a close look at the list of tracks, "'We are the reason'?"

She was intrigued and held up the CD, "I don't think this is a carol..."

He turned thoughtful as well and tried to make out, "Ya, but a rather faint recall causes me to get the sense that I've heard of it before...Just no clue exactly when was that..."

Gui Gui also nodded in support before beaming with a brilliant smile, "Then, what are we waiting for? I am so definitely gonna get this...Over to the cashier!" She could not wait further to pull Xiao Yu tightly along to have it purchased.

It was paying for the CD then that they were offered free gifts of two pairs of couple earphones. Gui Gui was overjoyed on the spot while the grateful Xiao Yu was bemused by her innocent response.

After heading out of the store, they strolled down the pavement hand in hand, marvelling at the fact that they made the right choice of music to liven up the spirit of the season.

Their good find aside, Gui Gui observed Xiao Yu's quietness was accompanied by a sort of concerned gaze. She waved lightly before his engrossed eyes.

"Tell me your thoughts..." she decisively requested.

Xiao Yu broke off from his line of mental reflection and returned her a blank expression.

Gui Gui stopped in her track, "Don't worry, your pending exam results will not be affected by your past academic misconduct. Furthermore, you have to accept the fact right into your heart and believe that that past wrongdoing was not solely your own responsibility...Xiao Yu, don't be let down by it...You still have a bright future awaiting you..."

Her strongly determined gaze brought endearing assurance to him. Her gentle hands felt so warm in his earnest grasp. He smiled and closed their distance to hug her affectionately. She knew the best way to comfort his burdened heart.

"Want to get a coffee?" He whispered softly to her ear.

She smiled contentedly and agreed.