LbN: So a random troll provoked me back to the PJO fandom today. Got lovely reviews calling me a "lesbian bitch" and telling me to get my fics out of the "straight zone". Thus, for your viewing pleasure, a shit ton of PJO slash and femslash. Enjoy :).

Athena marched through the newly rebuilt halls of Olympus. It was a specific march—the kind that said, "Kindly get the hell out of my way" to anyone who would be stupid enough to get in her way in the first place. But as she strode toward Aphrodite's apartments, she met no one.

And the reason was apparent once she reached the goddess of love's door. The rest of the gods and goddesses had queued up to complain as well.

"Everyone, quiet!" Aphrodite screeched, hair going from blonde to ginger. "Listen, I can't find Eros right now, but I assure you I will have words with him when—"

"Aphrodite!" a voice boomed.

"Yes, Daddy?" Aphrodite asked in her best "little princess" voice.

Zeus looked at her sternly. "Where's your son? Your godly son," he specified. "I'd like to ask him why my child is currently shacking up with—"

"Trust when we say, we don't want to know," Hades said from the shadows.

"Get in line, Zeus," Poseidon said. "All of our kids are…er…showing new sides of themselves."

"As I was telling the group," Aphrodite said through clenched teeth, "I will do my best to locate Eros today. And I will keep a close eye on your children in the meantime to make sure no…er…untoward consequences come of this."

The rest of the gods cast dark glances at her and walked off mumbling.

She ran a hand through her hair, frustrated. Walking back into her room, she went straight to the tiny set of bells on her dresser and rang the hell out of the fifth one. Wherever Eros was, his head would be splitting by the time she stopped. After a couple minutes of constant ringing, she set the bell down and settled down in front of her viewing portal. Time to see who she'd need to visit first.

Looked like it would be Nico and Percy.