What Happens When Eros Gets Drunk

Every god loves prayers. The bowing, and worship, and all that. It's in their nature. That's why, for preference, they all tend to favor visiting Camp Jupiter. Not to say that their Roman children are their favorite…they just like the pomp and circumstance of appearing to them.

Aphrodite didn't have time to revel in the kneeling figures today. She was on a mission. "You, Roman. What is your name?"

"My name is Magnus, my lady. Son of Apollo."

"Show me to my Temple, Magnus, son of Apollo. It has been long since I visited last."

"Of course, my lady." He whistled, and two Pegasi appeared pulling a carriage. "It's faster this way."

"Well, then, let us make haste."

Magnus blushed, and took hold of the reins.

The Temple of Venus was empty, save for three people. One of the…for lack of a better word, priestesses, Reyna and Piper were all standing near the altar.

"My thanks, Magnus," the goddess said as she hopped from the cart.

He bowed to her, beaming.

She sped into her temple and called to her daughter. "Piper!"

Both young women turned.

"Mother?" Piper asked. "What—"

"I just…I heard you were about take the plunge, so to speak," Aphrodite said breathlessly. She tried to keep it casual. "When one of my children is about to be bonded in my temple…I make it my business to come down. Perhaps we could…er…have a drink before the ceremony continues?" she asked the youngest girl.

"Of course!" the temple assistant ran to the corner to fetch what in the olden days would have been wine.

"Monster Energy Drink?" Aphrodite asked.

"It's popular," the temple assistant said. "We try to keep up with current trends." She poured three cups and passed them out.

Aphrodite waved her hand over them. "Well…congrats, as you kids say."

Reyna and Piper both drank.

Aphrodite watched as the antidote did its work. The change was subtle in Reyna, but Piper looked absolutely horrified.

"Were we…did we just almost…"

"I think so."

Aphrodite sighed. This was getting to be a tiring day. "Come here, Piper," she said, wrapping her in a brief hug. "Don't worry. It was just a trick of Cupid's."

"Might I suggest confiscating his arrows?" Reyna asked, sitting down.

Aphrodite smiled at them. "Well, since you're both back to normal, there are others I must visit."

"It wasn't just us?" Piper asked.

"Oh no."

"Did the Greeks get hit too?"

"Most assuredly. In fact, that's where I'm off to next. Behave yourselves," she said with a wink, before transporting herself back to Olympus.

The goddess rang Eros's summoning bell, but her heart wasn't in it. She had too many kids to look after to really keep it up. Looking into her viewing portal, she saw that she would need to visit the son of Hephastus, who was currently writing love notes to the son of Dionysus. She'd need to visit her daughter, Drew, who was cuddling the daughter of Pluto. And…oh fuck, she'd have to go see Jason sooner rather than later. Might as well make that her next stop….

After administering at least twelve more cures, Aphrodite was beyond tired. She still had one more stop to make before she could go home and take her much needed bubble bath. She didn't even bother acting human as she walked into Chase Tower. She transported herself straight into Annabeth's office.

She saw far more than she ever wanted to.

"For the love of Olympus, will the two of you put your clothes on!" she snapped.

"Aunt Aphrodite," Annabeth grumbled, as Clarisse flipped off the desk in shock. "Could you please knock next time?"

"I come with a friendly bit of advice…. If you are going to continue your little illicit affair, I'd suggest you remember to cloak yourselves. We gave you that gift after the Great War for a reason. This isn't the precise reason, but still…."

"Oh, shit, does my dad know?" Clarisse asked, pulling on her shirt.

"Well, yes and no. Your parents got an eyeful this morning, yes. But luckily for you, Eros had a little fun last night. All of your friends got hit with some…er…sexy drops. So Ares and Athena think you got hit as well. I know better, though."

"Are you going to tell them?" Annabeth asked.

"Of course not. I don't meddle in the affairs of demigods and their parents. But I suggest you do. They'll probably react better than you think. They freaked out this morning because they thought you weren't yourselves."

Annabeth and Clarisse exchanged a skeptical glance.

Aphrodite laughed. "Think it over. I have business elsewhere."

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