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"Why do this to yourself Holly?"

Much to her surprise, Two-face had been calculatingly calm as they sat in the cell playing chess with one another, him hiding her from the Batman accordingly.

"Because Thornes still out there Harvey… he still stole my parents… I want him now. I'm tired of waiting." She answered honestly. "I've been using my contacts to find holes."

"He doesn't make many mistakes Holls," Two-face speaking now. "And I don't want you near him when he does… you treat fear too flippantly."

"But I need to otherwise it'll kill me and this revenge is eating at me now… please don't tell Bruce."

"I can't say for sure Holly… but if I say yes you've got to break me out of this joint…." He saw her eyes narrow. "I want to be there if he pulls any funny stuff."

"He wouldn't dare."

"Don't be too sure. Now… on you're way before the bats hunts you down."

No matter the winter in the mountain ranges of the Fforest Fach woodland in the Gotham Hills, the weather seemed that of summer. It was a natural phenomenon that fascinated professors' over the world whom often came to see it for themselves.

But today it remained peaceful.

The broad fans of the oak and fern trees were massed into thick layers of shade through which sunshine splashed here and there in splodges of gold. The green path which wandered southward through the trees was so very narrow and faint that in places it all but disappeared beneath the undergrowth of hazel and varying small trees beneath which rabbits, who had wandered from their warrens, were playing in as well as foraging for some food.

Nevertheless, the peace of the forest was broken. A hawk in the trees trilled a sudden warning, a resting red squirrel rushed up the tree to witness the entrance of this intruder; he gave a brief chatter of anger at the sight of this interloper before hiding in his home. The scampering rabbits abandoned their previous posts into their holes, and the little track was deserted.

A woman was walking between the boles of the trees, where only the wild doe or the varying other creatures passed from day-to-day. On she came up the track she strode as boldly as though she was a Forester, although due to her sex and age she was most certainly not one of those. She was dressed in a woollen tunic of Lincoln green and with a seven foot bow-stave in her hand. She had a thin but pleasant face, coupled with eyes which matched the colour of her Lincoln green tunic. The hood of her green capuchin lay on her shoulders and her long short hair curled around her shoulders prettily. Her tunic was belted around the waist by a broad leather girdle which was slightly too big for her and rattled as she walked jauntily along. Quietly she treaded the woodland ways, neither dawdling nor making any attempt to rush. Behind her easy step, the animals returned to their laconic wanderings around the forest. Life in the forest went on again as though she had never walked through the forest and disturbed their peace – not that on seeing her they really minded.

On and on she went through the darkening thickets where every shadow might be a wolf, across the sunlit clearings where the tips of the foxgloves pointed to the very sky. Once she took a wide path to avoid frightening a herd of deer who were feeding in a glade and once she paused to kneel by the stream, gently cupping her hand to take the water so she could wipe her face, watching as several tiny fish scattered away from the ripples this caused. There were still several hours of daylight still left, and she was in no definitive hurry and as she loped through and along the ancient paths, her thoughts remained divided between her return to Gotham and the reappearance as herself as silverbird.

Holly had always felt at one with nature, and leaving in charge the girls of the dealings with Gotham for the last week. The contract signings had been arranged now and despite the chilliness of the area she felt a warmth burn within her. Arrangements were being made that would soon instil her in Gotham for her training regime.

She paused as she gazed out at the forest scape. It did nothing for her, apart from prove a point. Her mind was restless and her absence from Gotham would merely make others assume that she wanted to be away. Kelsey had taken over the role of Silverbird to hide the fact Holly had left the city and not rouse the great detectives suspicions'. She continued her work, focused entirely on her work, to get hold of information on Thorne. She needed it now.


How to get it... that was another matter entirely.

That night, Silverbird crouched down on Wayne Enterprises roof. She had been for at least ten minutes, spying across at Daggetts building. She had assumed she'd see Thorne there soon. Nothing had changed since she made herself comfortable: not a shadow had moved, not a light had changed, not a soul had walked down the street. She should have left five minutes ago, but there was something so calming about her godfathers workplace.

She could understand Batmans fascination with the place to stare over the city. Hell as Holly she enjoyed sitting on the roof. When she had been younger Dick, Alfred and her would have lunch up here… occasionally joined by Harvey when he visited. She frowned playfully. He had long guessed her identity, he had made that clear when she'd visited the previous week and in truth she knew he'd flipped a coin to come to the decision not to tell Bruce.

A shadow moved behind her, and though Silverbird did not make any indication that she had noticed, her brain kicked in to full alert. It obviously wasn't Batman, because he wouldn't have tipped her off until he was directly behind her. And it wasn't any security guard because would have known a mile before whoever got there. Whoever it was, was on the back of the roof approaching her slowly. She reached for the gas pellets in her utility belt, but recognized the presence before she pulled them out.


She toyed with the idea of grabbing the gas pellets from her utility belt anyway, but decided against it just as he crouched down next to her. Silverbird didn't look at him. Not even a sideways glance. She set her jaw and studied the street below.

"Anything interesting?"

His voice was hesitant, she noted. Hesitant and trying to mask how close it was to being nervous and curious all in one...


She had to stifle a smile. Her voice was much surer of itself than his had been.

Uncomfortable silence overcame the conversation, and they sat together, each unsure of how to break it. Clouds drifted over Gotham's half-moon, silencing whatever light they previously had. Silverbird sighed quietly, shifting on her feet to find a slightly more comfortable position.

"Who are you?" he asked suddenly, and she turned to him and raised her eyebrows. "I feel as if I should-"

"Well you shouldn't. I have enough trouble keeping British Police off me without Gotham's detectives and co doing it." She snapped, glaring down at the street below. She had the perfect jump for a parallel bar dismount in mind when Nightwing turned to her again. "What?"

"Why come here now?"

"I have business."

That was true enough.

"So does every superhero slash vigilante that comes here. Who's yours with? Baxter? Thorne?"

"None of your business." She replied snootily before standing. "Now if you'll excuse me…" with a last stretch she plunged from the building quick to alleviate the fall with some clever turns and twists until she reached the flag post performing a double twist to slow yet quicken her momentum and flinging herself hard into the street. She saw above the gliding shape of Nightwing above and frowned. "We have a chaser."

Nightwing smiled as he saw the girl take off, running as quickly as she could down the icy Gotham streets. He'd spent too many nights patrolling these streets to be off put by the young woman's running. It would've disappointed him if she hadn't run.

Perhaps she was the Selina Kyle to his Batman. But he shouldn't say that. Selina had reformed… not much but had reformed enough for her and Bruce to get a bit closer….

He landed on the floor around twenty yards away from where she was, smiling as she rounded the corner backwards checking where he was before colliding with his chest. He grabbed her arms and held her before there was any chance of movement. "Going somewhere?"

"You pig, lemme go!" she snapped, kicking out and scratching at him as best she could.

"Oh no not until you answer some questions!" he said, holding her firm. "Why are you here?"

"Don't tell me daddy bat sent you here to ask?"

"Daddy bat isn't my daddy," he growled, holding her arms slightly tighter. "Now answer."

"I'm here on business. I'm scoping it out for Miss Denham." Well she was half right. The way she was going she'd soon be like Harvey.


"Her parents were murdered by Thorne and she thinks he knows she knows… so I was scoping to see if there was any trouble…" she gave him her best kick and he released her. "Happy?"

"You stay away from Holly…" warned the voice and it rang a bell somewhere but she ignored it. "I'm warning you if you know what's good for you stay away."

"She commissioned me." Replied Silverbird beginning to walk away. "Now if you'll excuse-" Arms gripped her again. "Don't tell me… a soft spot for the over privileged kid?"

"I'm telling you now Silverbird you leave her alone. Or else."

"Or else, you'll get the Bat… the Bat doesn't frighten me and come to think of it." She kicked him hard between the legs. "Neither do you."

Nightwing knelt in the snow, glaring after the vanishing form of the girl in the darkness, although broke into a small smirk at the thought of the tracer he had placed on her shoulder.

As she slipped out of her persona as Silverbird and her costume, hiding it carefully in the lead lined box – guaranteed to block the tracer she'd found in stripping. Pulling off and hiding her wig also proved efficient and quick as she slid into the bed, smiling contently as she'd left the window open.

"Holly Deman?" asked Nightwings voice from the window. "You do know there are crim-"

"My parents were murdered by criminals and I was saved by one if truth be told. So yes. I know the window is open," she said, sitting up and wrapping the sheet around herself. "What can I do-"

"Silverbird said you'd commissioned her to find out some stuff on Thorne…"

"That is none of your business. All I want to know is if it was him who hired the hitman that murdered my family. And as Batman hasn't done his job… it's my go." She growled. "Now if you don't mind. I want to sleep."

"It's my business if you get killed in Gotham."

"Good night Nightwing." She said softly. "Another day let's discuss this. Right now I'm awfully tired…"

"And she's been here tonight…"

"And discovered your tracer. She's not stupid… probably gone back…" she sighed and rolled out of bed, realising the only way she was going to get peace was to reassure him. She strolled across the room and gently touched his arm. "I want them to rest and that's all. No more no less. I promise you."

"It had better be… the Batman is fond of you…"

She snorted and nodded. "I know…"

"And yet you laugh?"

"I fear very little in this life." Harvey was right. She was too flippant with fear. "I concern myself with the next… now if you will excuse me. I have a guest due."

"A guest?!" was that jealousy or alarm?

"I think my friend Dick is due over…" she glanced at her alarm. "He'll be here early hours… and we're already at quarter past four. And I'd like to get some rest before we go on another damned jog."

"Fine, fine. But next time it won't be me who hunts you down. It'll be the Bat."

"Ooh I'm scared." She muttered as he left the room, her watching idly before walking to her window and gazing out – watching him vanish.

The clouds that had covered the half-moon rolled back letting light, however faint, break the darkness. In the distance she could make out Arkham Asylum and Wayne Manor and she felt her confusion flutter as she considered. Nightwing knew the Bat who in turn knew Bruce. He might work it out. God knows Silverbird was an old childhood nickname. Harvey had but had little inclination to tell anyone… and she had promised him the breakout. She groaned softly pinching the bridge of her nose in concern.

Another visit to Big Bad Harvey was needed… but not as Silverbird. She cursed her luck.

She needed Dick.