Title: Foresight - IX

Author: tmjohn72

Rating: T

A/N - Here we are. We've reached the last chapter. I hope that it thrills you and excites you as much as it did me while I was writing it. I've already started working on the next story in the series ("Hindsight") and will start posting once I'm a little further into it. I prefer to do it that way so I don't keep people waiting and can take a day or two off of writing if I get stuck with the plot.

Please let me know your thoughts on the final chapter and if there's anything you'd like to see in the next story.

Stiles was happy to be home. The Doctor at the hospital made him stay overnight for observation and though he slept through most of his time there, he remembered waking up at random times while they checked on him. It was nice to be in familiar surroundings without nurses poking and prodding. His father helped him to the couch.

"The cuts and bruises on your face are already almost healed. I think the broken rib is going to take a little more time." Stiles knew that it wasn't perfect but the fact that he could breathe without sharp pains rushing through his body meant that he was on the mend. He took a deep breath before he prepared for his world to change completely.

"I'm healing faster because I'm dating a werewolf. It's some kind of pack sympathetic healing thing." His father just stared at him because he was unsure what to make of the comment. "Or it could be because I'm having visions. Maybe it's both?"

"What are you talking about?" His father was staring at him as though he were wondering if he had a head injury that no one knew about.

"Derek is a werewolf and I'm apparently psychic. It sounds ridiculous, I know."

"Do I need to take you back to the hospital for an exam?"

"No. It's time that we finally have the talk. The one where I tell you the complete truth about why I'm always at crime scenes and why I've been lying about everything the last few months."

So he did. His father had plenty of questions and he did his best to answer them as they came up, making sure to explain in as much detail as possible. When he talked about the Hunters it was his father that made the connection to the creep that took him hostage which also left him making the connection to the similar incident the night of the lacrosse game. Stiles also explained that, and everything else that had happened, including the things that he saw in his visions.

"I can't believe all of this has been going on under my nose. I feel like I've completely failed, both as a Sheriff and as your father."

"You're an awesome Sheriff and an even better father. All of this was kept secret on purpose."

"I'm not gonna lie. I'm pissed that you've been hiding all of this from me. I could have helped keep all of you safe."

"You know now, dad. We agreed to tell you because we thought it was time that you know. Especially since I'm dating Derek and it's obvious that our relationship could put me in danger. I didn't tell you before because I was protecting their secrets and worried that you'd do something to get yourself hurt."

"I'm glad you told me. It just makes it that much more difficult for me to tell you that dating Derek is a bad idea. Hell, now I'm not even sure him being out of your life would be a good thing."

"What do you mean?"

"If you're his mate it means he and the entire pack have to look out for you, right?"

"Yeah. They do that anyway, though."

"I realize that. But now it's different, you're an elevated member of the pack. You're like the First Lady." His father failed at covering his smile. Stiles threw a pillow at his father, hitting him directly in the head.

"You're never allowed to call me that again. Ever."

"I guess I'm okay with all of this. At least for now. I can't promise to always agree with everything but I understand that they're your friends and you're just as important to them as they are to you. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to tear you out of their lives."

"That's good because we beat the Hunters and everyone is coming over tonight for a celebratory barbecue." "

Good. I want to meet all of them. If they're important to you then they're important to me. Even Derek, but if you tell him I said that I'll shoot the both of you."

"I'll keep it between us. Thanks for not freaking out."

"We'll just see how tonight goes and go from there. Okay?"


Stiles felt like everything in his life was finally falling into place. It was an odd feeling and he was afraid to allow himself to fully experience it because he feared that the other shoe would drop and his world would turn upside down. He knew that he had issues but somehow they weren't as important as he thought about everything that the pack had overcome. Bringing in new allies had made the pack stronger and there was a sense of security that came with knowing there were people in the world that were looking out for them. Stiles hoped that it meant they could handle any potential threat headed their way although he wasn't interested in needing to test it.

"Seriously, when did all of this with you two start?," Lydia asked. Stiles looked across the yard at Derek who was barbecuing. His dad was explaining the importance of even temperature grilling when the Alpha flashed him a quick smile.

"I don't know. It was like one day you were the center of my world and then slowly Derek started becoming more important as I realized you and I would never be more than friends. It doesn't make sense."

Lydia shook her head and stared at Jackson, who was busy tossing a football around with the rest of the Betas. "No, I get it. It would have been easier if I fell for you but Jackson has always been able to make me feel alive. Still, I think I'm gonna miss you pining after me."

"You missed your chance."

"You're different when you're around him, you know." That was news to Stiles. "How?"

"For one, it's like your eyes are drawn to him, as though you're always trying to figure out what he's thinking. Most of the time you're even able to tell what's on his mind when the rest of us have no clue. You're patient and even a little more sarcastic with him which is kind of ironic since you're the only one that really makes him smile."

Stiles raised an eyebrow. "How do you know all of this?"

"You aren't the only one that sees things. You see the past and the future and I see the present. The things that people don't notice because they're not looking in the right place."

"That was kind of poetic."

"I know," she said, smiling.

Stiles got up and walked over to Derek. He wrapped his arm into the Alpha's and started to pull him away. His father reached over and pulled the spatula from Derek's hand before it was out of his reach.

"Where are you two heading off to?"

"Derek and I are going to get some stuff from the kitchen." His father looked at the two folding tables that were covered with every item for a barbecue that he could possibly imagine.

"What more could you possibly need?" Stiles met Derek's eyes and then he looked back at his father.

"Derek and I need to talk."

"Is that some sort of code?," he asked, turning to Melissa. She just shrugged her shoulders and stayed quiet but her eyes showed that she knew more than she was letting on. Stiles was quick so by the time his father turned back around they were already out of sight.

Stiles led the Alpha to his jeep and held the back door open so that he could get in. When they climbed inside, Derek seemed confused.

"Stiles, why are we talking in the back of your jeep?"

"We're not here to talk. We're here to make one of my visions come true."

Derek smiled. "The one you told me about?"

Stiles nodded and leaned forward so that their lips touched. Derek's hands grabbed hold of his neck and pulled him closer so that Stiles was practically sitting in his lap. When their breathing became heavy he turned his mouth away to catch his breath which gave Derek the opportunity to take in his scent.

"You smell amazing."

"I took a shower this morning," he offered, but Derek just ignored his attempt at humor. He reached and pulled him closer until their lips mashed together.

"Dude, you're seriously going to have to start shaving or my face is going to be red and bloody every time we make out." Stiles ignored the sense of déjà vu that seemed to sneak up on him after he said that familiar sentence.

"Do you really want to talk about my facial hair right now?," Derek asked, as he licked a spot on his neck. The entire situation made Stiles laugh, though if he were being honest it was more from the tickling on his neck from Derek's tongue than his vision coming true.

"Not anymore," he said, as his hands slid up Derek's shirt.

Then there was a knock at the window and they both sat up quickly, Derek gently sliding Stiles off of him and back onto the seat. Stiles rolled down the window and was thankful that it was Erica who had been knocking instead of his father.

"Erica! What's up?"

"Your dad is shining the bat signal. He says that it's time to eat, not that either of you are hungry...for food."

"Thanks. We'll be right there."

As soon as she was out of sight, Stiles leaned against Derek and laughed.

"So much for werewolf hearing."

"You're very distracting."

"That's good to know. Come on. We'd better go eat or my dad will send a search party."

Derek nodded and when they got out, he held Stiles' shoulders and kissed him softly. "Uh, sorry about the hickey. I got carried away."

"The what?" He shoved his head as far as he could against the driver's window so that he could see his neck in the mirror. He immediately saw the red patch of skin on his neck. "It doesn't look that bad."

"Are you kidding? It's awesome!" Stiles led the way back to the table. Everyone was careful to avoid looking at them until Erica met Stiles' eyes and then the laughter erupted around the table. He narrowed his eyes at Erica.

"You told them?!"

"It's impossible to lie to a werewolf, Stiles. You know that."

His father, although a little uncomfortable, seemed to be amused by the scene in front of him. Stiles rolled his eyes and grabbed a plate of food with Derek by his side.

"Stiles, what's on your neck?"

"You know what it is, Scott. I seem to remember Allison giving you plenty of them."

"Our human is growing up," Boyd said. Stiles glared at the group.

"That's it. You're all uninvited from our wedding. Seriously, it'll just be Derek and I, and some random stranger performing the ceremony. I hope you're all happy."

And they were. And so was he.

The End