It was a normal morning on Air Temple Island. Tenzin and the airbenders in training, Korra, Jinorra, Ikki and Meelo were meditating quietly by the bay.

"This is so boring Tenzin", Korra commented.

"Yes but it worked wonders for you when Tarlock captured you. Maybe you should relax and see what avatar Aang wants you to know", Tenzin said getting up from his meditation position. "Come along children Korra needs to be alone." And with that said they left leaving Korra all alone. The sun was beginning to set in her eyes. Things have been different since Amon got away. It seemed more peaceful now. Of course it was until she kept getting these visions a few weeks back. Tenzin suggested some meditating, of course. Korra closed her eyes, ignoring the light, and started to meditate.

The image was blurry at first, but then it settled and she could tell she was at air temple island. It looked like there was a party going on. All the important people were there. The Former and current firelord, Zuko and Ursa, were there. Toph, Suki, Sakka, and Katara were there. It seemed like everyone was happy and joyful. Korra looked around and saw two figures in the corner. They were holding eachother and smiling at one another as the talked the their guests. Korra couldn't believe it. Those two figures were no other than Tenzin and Lin. A wine glass was banged and everyone turned to Toph.

"Good evening everyone. I'm so glad you could all make it. You know it's not everyday that you become a grandma", everybody laughed then Toph continued. "Anyways, to my brave little soldier girl, Lin, and her baby daddy!"

"Mother!" Lin cried out in embarrassment.

"Oh you know I'm only foolin' Linny. To Tenzin and Lin", everyone cheered and applauded. Tenzin went into a room and cradled back a baby. It was a boy. He looked so much like his mother, but had Tenzin's eyes. They named him Duke after Lin's late father 'The Duke'.

"Everyone I'd like you to officially meet Duke," the whole crowd awed and oohed at the sleeping baby. Tenzin was holding a necklace in the other hand. It wasn't a official air nomad necklace, but it was pretty important to Tenzin.

"This necklace is a symbol for Earth and Air. I hope that someday he will be as good of an airbender as my father was", he was beginning to get teary eyed. "I wrote on the back so if he ever gets lonely he'll know I'm not far away to help him. I wrote 'Life is nothing without Love, never give up.-your loving father.' I hope he will always remember that and we can have many adventures of love and lust", Tenzin placed the necklace around Duke's neck. Which gave a yawn from Duke.

"Looks like someones ready for bed," Lin said taking Duke and putting him and putting him to bed. She tucked Duke in his crib and gave him a kiss good night watching him drift off into peaceful slumber. Little did she know that "the Resisters" were also watching him. They were preparing for there attack. After Lin was sure Duke was fast asleep, she left. Not a very smart idea. Slowly "the Resisters" took there positions. They were preparing to take the second to last airbender, supposedly. Lin had made it back to the party with all the party guest greeting her and complimenting her on the baby weight loss. It was a few minutes of calmness, then everything went dark.

"I can't see a thing," Sokka said getting freaked out.

"Shut up Sokka", Toph quickly replied.

"Sorry", he answered back.

The lights came back on. Men dressed in red and gold trapped the doors. Toph was prepared to fight, but soon she realized they weren't in fighting positions they were in... guarding positions.

"Duke," Toph shouted throwing a boulder at one of the guards and trying to escape to protect her only grandchild. But they stopped her. As they did with countless others. Finally everyone heard a cry. Duke's cry. That drove Lin to the edge. She metalbent a bowl and knocked out two guards. She ran out of the room and headed towords Duke's room. Two guards followed her. They attacked, but no luck. Lin blocked everyone of there shots, until she got to the door. Lin heard a deep unrecognizable voice. She opened the door and saw a man, the leader, smiling at her while holding Duke. She froze. Everything went silent. Just as she was about to make her move. One of the guards hit her on the side of her face knocking her out. The last words she heard were the cries of her son.

The vision faded and Korra was left there speechless.

"Why do I need to know this?"