It was very busy in the police headquarters. Everybody was moving around.

"Why haven't any of you followed my orders," Lin screamed at his men.

"Well Chief the warriors by the bay are just children and it seems they're retreating," an officer said looking towards the bay. A blue light glowed and like the officer said the children were heading back to their ship.

"Well find Oji," Lin commanded. "I have a feeling wherever Oji is my son isn't to far behind."

"Well ma'am were looking, but we don't seem to know where he is at the moment," the officer replied.

"Maybe he's at 'the Resisters' old headquarters up in the cave," Chang interrupted walking back into Lin's office. "I think I have a letter that explains where Oji would be." He started looking for the letter. "You know what, I think my friend Duke has it." They all stared at Chang for a second. The officers were confused on what just happened.

"If your shore kid then I'll go check it out. Men," Lin said facing her officers. The officers straightened up and got ready for their orders. "You go to the bay and handle the children. Get them to safety. Don't attack them, I have a feeling there being force to fight. After you collect the children, take the captain of the ship down," She said heading her way towards the mountains. Chang followed.

"Excuse me ma'am what should I do?"

"You've already done enough kid but if you want to help I suppose my officers won't mind you riding along with them," she said looking at an officer. Chang cheered

"Yes ma'am," the officer said blankly and led him towards the battle field. She started walking again towards where Oji might be hiding.

It took a little longer than she expected, but she finally made it. The cave was all dusty and dark. This place hasn't been used for years. Lin started walking around to look for her son.

"He's not here," a dark voice said behind her. She turned around to see a Oji Spence smiling at her. She took a closer look. He was wearing Duke's necklace.

"Where is he!" Lin yelled out while earthbending a bolder at him. Oji easily smashed the bolder with his sword. He started walking around her slowly.

"You want to know Where he is? I'll show you," he said aiming his sword at her. Lin earthbent the ground to trap him. Oji broke free easily. They continued to battle until Oji took his knife and stabbed her in the leg. Lin went down with a scream. Just as he was about to finish her they heard a rumbling noise. After a second of listening for the noise it finally died down. He took his sword and aimed for Lin's chest. Then the rumbling noise started again and Duke came out of the earth stopping his sword from stabbing Lin.

"Get your hands off my mother!" Duke said with a kick. Oji fell to the ground. He was in shock. This couldn't be.

"Your suppose to be dead?" Oji yelled out.

"Well I'm back and I think I want my necklace back," Duke said as he earthbent a rock towards Oji. It hit him. Hard. Oji quickly recovered and took his sword out. They started battling. It go intense. Duke got some hits and Oji got more hits. They started taking the battle outside the cave. Oji took his sword and scraped Duke's face. Duke screamed but quickly earthbent the rock above them. It landed on Oji and he had passed out. It was over. Duke had won. He walked over to Oji's body and took his necklace back. He started walking towards Lin but was stopped by a hand on his ankle. He turned around and saw Oji throwing a knife at him. Duke blocked the knife and started fighting again. They were getting close to the edge. Duke could feel the earth cracking below him.

"Oji we have to get off the edge it's cracking. We'll fall if we don't," Duke said backing away.

"Good," Oji said pushing Duke off the mountain. Duke was hanging on the edge. "Time to finish you once and for all," Oji said stepping on Duke's hands. Oji was about to push Duke off the cliff when the earth below them started falling. Duke quickly jumped to a safety zone on the mountain and got up off the edge of the mountain. He looked below him and saw a terrified Oji hanging on a weak rock that would break at any moment.

"Grab my hand," Duke said leaning down towards Oji. He started to reach for Duke but quickly retreated with an angry look on his face. The rock broke and Oji flew down the mountain. Duke looked away. It was finally over. He touched his bloody scar then quickly remembered his mother. Duke ran to comfort his mother. His mother! He got down and touched her face as he saw the blood on her skin.

"Are you alright?" He asked. Lin opened her eyes. It was him. It was Duke staring at her with his grey eyes. She touched his face while smiling.

"It's really you," Lin said getting up. Duke smiled back at her.

"It's really you," Duke replied helping her up. They started walking out of the cave. Duke was helping Lin. They got out of the cave and noticed the commotion by the bay. They hurried down the mountain and got to the bay. Tenzin and his family were already there. Korra and her friends were also there and the police force had tied up 'the Resisters'.

"Officer when your done here there are more men at Air Temple Island," Tenzin told an officer. The officer nodded and took 'the Resisters' to headquarters. Everybody quickly noticed Lin limping and came over to help her.

"Lin are you okay. What happened-" Tenzin stopped when he noticed Duke in the background. He walked towards him.

"Duke old buddy your okay," Chang said hugging him. "I fought the bad guys. I was all like woosh and they were all like ahhh and I was all like uhuh."

"Okay, okay I get it you kicked butt," Duke said with a chuckle. "Now give me some space." Chang walked away and went to brag some more to the officers. Duke just laughed at his dorky friend. He started walking away but stopped when he heard his name being called out.

"Duke," he turned to face a bald man with an arrow on his head. It was him. It was his father.

"Uh hi," Duke said awkwardly. He didn't really know what to do.

"Hi," Tenzin replied with a smile. This made Duke smile. They just stared at each other for a while.

"Uh sir," an officer walked towards Tenzin and Duke. "Mister Fang Spence has escaped and no one can find him also the women at the village you visited earlier has been pronounced dead."

"What?" Duke said shocked.

"She was identified as Miss Hui," the officer said. This was awful his caretaker was gone. He wanted to cry but couldn't. Duke was sad, but also happy.

"I'm so sorry Duke," Tenzin said comforting his son. Without thinking Duke hugged his father. This was a shock to Tenzin at first but after a moment he hugged back.

"Thank you," Duke said snuggled into his fathers arms. Tenzin began to get teary eyed.

"Yes well there are some people I'd like you to meet," he said leading Duke towards the crowd.

Two days after the ending of 'the Resisters' attack a party was held at Air Temple Island. It was a party to celebrate the end of 'the Resisters' but mostly to celebrate Duke's returning. Everybody was dancing and having a blast. Duke got the chance to meet his family members and some friends of the family. Even though what he went through wasn't easy or suppose to happen. He felt like he owed thanks to 'the Resisters for capturing him. Yes maybe some people would have been alive and he would probably have full siblings instead of half, but if he had the chance to do it all over again he would. During his adventure he met some great people and he wouldn't be the boy he is today. No not a boy, but a man. A man with a great future ahead of him. A man with a great family. A man who was lost but found his way.