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Harry buried his face into the hard chest beneath his cheek. Feeling the light sprinkling of hair against the skin of his cheek caused him to let loose a small giggle. Opening his eye's and showing the emerald orbs in the early morning light. Stretching out he rubbed his morning wood against Sirius's side. Whimpering he curled back up against Sirius's warm body, just enjoying the feeling or the man's arms wrapped around him. Sighing he settled in and waited for the older man to wake up. A small smile made its way to his face as he thought about last night. True he had been shocked and a little scared at first, but this was Sirius. Sirius who loved him more than anything, he had never doubted that. Nuzzling his cheek against Sirius's bare skin he loved the feeling of it against his own. Smiling to himself he settled himself in to wait until the other man woke up.

The first thing Sirius was aware of when he woke up was the overwhelming feeling of contentedness. The next thing was the fact that he was sleeping on the hard wood floor, along with another warm body that was wrapped around him. Moaning he rolled so that the body was pinned beneath him, still not opening his eyes. He felt legs part so that he could lie in between them, and he buried his face in the smaller males neck, and that morning wood pulsing against his stomach left no doubt that last night's lover was definitely male. Breathing in the males scent he groaned and nuzzled the soft expanse of neck. He smelt of grass and fresh air, something that Sirius had been longing for, for so long. Moving his hips he began to thrust against the body beneath him, smirking as the other male mewled in his ear. Growling he moved a hand down to lift the males hips up into his thrusts gripping the supple ass firmly. The smaller whimpered and rubbed himself against him, causing Sirius to growl in pleasure.

"Eh.. Ahh.. Siri!"

Sirius froze, his eyes flying open. Forcing himself up and off the warm body beneath him looking down and the boy beneath him. Emerald eyes blown wide looked up at him in a lust filled daze. Pink lips were parted as the pants of hot air pushed their way out of his lungs. A rosy touch to normal snow white cheeks made the boy look like lust personified. There was his godson, naked as the day he was born, panting in need beneath him. Sirius let out a whimper and scrambled off his pup. He scrambled back until his back hit the cold wood of the door. Sirius looked over at the boy who was watching him confused. Sirius gripped his head and tried to remember how they had ended up like this. Sirius took another look at Harry and felt his eyes widen. The boys hole was red and loose. Cum and dried blood was dirtying his cleft and inner thighs. Purple hand marks sat on both hips. White splatter his neck and hair, all in all there was no denying what had happened. Suddenly memories, flashed in front of Sirius's eyes.

"Why pup do you smell like a bitch in heat?"


The sharp command caused Harry to whimper in fear. Sirius growled when his order was ignore and sunk his teeth into Harry's neck. Harry let out a yelp of pain, as he felt those teeth break the skin.

"Now pup."

Sirius snarled and using the grip he had on Harry's hair to throw him to the ground causing Harry cry out.

Pulling back he slammed threw his head back and howled, Harry's screams mingling with his own.

Oh god.

He had raped him. He had raped his sweet little puppy. Forced him to submit to his pleasure, took him like he was some slut. Sirius began to shake as the magnitude of what he had done finally settled down over him. Tears leaked out of his eyes as he slammed them shut against the memories assaulting his mind. A gentle hand touched his shoulder causing Sirius to jerk back against the wall.

"Siri?" Harry asked in a small voice.

Sirius tried to curl into himself. Why was Harry still here? Why didn't he run away? Why didn't he leave Sirius laying here on the floor? Go get the order and tell them how depraved Sirius truly was?

"Sirius?" he could hear the fear in the boy's voice.

No Harry, don't worry about me. Don't come near me. I'm not worth it. Please run Harry, before I hurt you again.

"Do you hate me now?" Harry asked through his tears.

Sirius head snapped up as his mouth dropped open. Harry was actually thinking that Sirius was capable of hating him. Sirius subconsciously reached forward before he could stop himself. Harry launched himself into his godfather's arms and cuddled himself against the man's bare chest. Sirius let his arms wrap around the smaller body.

"Please don't hate me Padfoot, please. I'm sorry if I wasn't good enough. I'm sorry I didn't stop you. I'm sorry, please don't hate me!" Harry sobbed.

Harry couldn't understand why Sirius had pushed him away. Was it because of regret? Was he disgusted? That must be it. Padfoot would hate him now, god he couldn't lose his Padfoot. Panic seemed to settle over Harry, his breath came out as harsh pants. His stomach began to clench the more worked up he got. Finally he couldn't keep it down anymore. Leaping from Sirius's arms he heaved as his stomach rebelled against him. A soft hand came and rubbed his back he could hear his godfather whispering apologizes in his ear.

"Harry I am so sorry, pup. Please, I don't hate you, god I could never hate you. I am so sorry. Please forgive me pup, I don't know what came over me, please forgive me!"

Harry wanted to respond to make his godfather understand that he wasn't mad at him. That he didn't hate him. But he was exhausted, his body ached and he felt so sick. His body slumped to the floor and he felt Sirius catch him before his fell into his own sick. His eye were barely open as he felt something wrap around him. He felt himself lifted up and carried from the room. The arms around him were gentle but strong. After a time he felt himself being lowered onto a soft bed. Soft hands ran through his hair caressing his face lovingly. Harry heard a whisper above him, saw flash from behind his eyelids and then he knew no more.

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