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Harry stood off to the side as Dumbledore took the silvery strands of memory from Padfoot. The elder man had a look of disgust on his face and held his wand straight out from his body much like Harry did when he was forced to wash Uncle Vernon's socks. Harry stifled a laugh as the old man quickly whipped the elder stick clean after dropping the memory into the swirling bowl. Padfoot snorted before turning his grey eyes onto Harry. With not small amount of trepidation Harry walked closer to the dog turned man.

"Remember Harry, you can pull out at anytime. If you need me all you have to do is shout I will handle the rest, Dumbledore told the teen gently.

Harry gave the man a small smile that he was sure was far more of a grimace. Taking a deep breath to steady himself he leaned forward and drove into the bowl. Harry felt like he had stumbled and fallen headfirst down the stairs. Hitting the ground with an unpleasant bump his hand immediately wrapped protectively around his stomach. Groaning he looked around the room and watched as Padfoot, no Sirius leaned against the library door. The shuffling of paper drew his attention to where the slightly younger Harry was rooting through a crest.

The start of the memory made him smile watching as he showed his beloved godfather the picture of the wiggle puppies, but it quickly changed. He watched as Sirius pinned him to the ground and forced him to strip himself. Harry felt tears prick behind his eyes as he watched what he believed to be his Godfather raping him. Just as he was about to pull himself out of the memory he heard something that took his breath away.
A needy whimper.

If Harry hadn't been standing there watching he never would have imagined that anything like that could have come from his lips. He watched as the Harry of the past began to rub himself off against the larger body of his Godfather. The Howl that the man released went straight to his cock which was happily paying attention now that Harry seemed to be an active player. Harry watched as he was flipped over and thrust his tongue in and out of his ass. Harry couldn't believe something so dirty could look so incredibly hot, of course the noises his past self were making wasn't helping any. When Sirius finally began to fuck him into the floor Harry felt his knees go weak.

He was rock hard and he needed his Padfoot, he wanted his mate. Jerking himself out of the memory he spun on his heel. Looking at a wide eyed Headmaster he panted.

"Wasn't raped," Harry snapped.

Lunging forward he gripped his mates hand before dragging the happy dog out of the room. Pushing Padfoot through the nearest door he smashed his lips to the stunned ones of his Godfather. Whining in the back of his throat his began to rub his aching cock against the older male's leg. Padfoot spun them around and lifted Harry off the ground. Growling he seemed to transform his finger into hook claws similar to that of his full canine form. Running the claws over the seam of Harry school pants the teen shuddered under the hand as it cut and ripped through the fabric. The hand moved the pull the white orbs of Harry's ass apart as the elder man thrust his clothed cock against the crack.

Harry felt like he was being driven mad, and he had had enough. Reaching down he ripped his mate's pants button open and jerked down his fly. Reaching in he wrapped his hands about the heavy flesh dragging it from confines of the man pants. Padfoot jerked him up higher before slamming him down on his now free cock. Harry through his head back and screamed as his mate began to drive into him with the help of gravity. Wailing Harry dug his nails into the back of the man's back trying to drag him closer. Their coupling was sloppy and lacked any and all technique, but it drove them both to the point of pleasure becoming pain. The screamed and howled against each other as they came undone. Harry slipped down the wall Padfoot's cock still buried deep in his ass. His face was pressed in the sweet drenched shirt sticking to the man's shoulder.

"You're staying?" Padfoot managed to pant out.

"Always," Harry whimpered.


"Yes, they're staying to," Harry smiled against his lover's neck and pressed a gentle kiss.



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