Holt That Thought

That lopsided grin

A bright twinkle in his eyes

Trouble up ahead

Does he feel it, too?

"Danger, danger!" my mind screams

Oh, but those blue eyes!

Charming and handsome

Equilibrium upset

What is his intent?

Magnums of champagne

Impossible challenges

It leaves me itchy

Together we dine

Innuendo, flirtation

Is he teasing me?

Who is this stranger?

He both excites and confounds

I'm losing control

Dancing together

Not your traditional waltz

Being swept away

Who are you, really?

A conman, a crook, a thief?

"Steeler" of my heart

Fireplace aglow

A vintage bottle of wine

Will I stay tonight?

Mysterious past

Here with me in the present

Hope for a future?