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Rachel's POV:

I have been getting this weird feeling that someone's watching me. I don't know why. I am walking to my locker because I forgot my English notebook, and I saw a shadow behind me. I just thought it was someone going to the bathroom or somewhere so I let it go. I got to my locker and opened it and grabbed the notebook. I saw Finn walking towards me. He came over to me and gave me a kiss. It was so passionate. We pulled apart after a minute or so.

"Hey babe. What are you doing out of class?" he asked.

"I forgot my English notebook. What are you doing?" I asked.

"I went to the bathroom." he replied.

"Ok. I got to head back to class. Love you." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Love you to." Finn replied. I stopped and headed back to class. I was taking notes and my phone vibrated in my pocket. I put my pen down and took my cell out of my pocket. It read one new text message. It was from anonymous. I pressed viewed it now.

Nice outfit. I want you to break up with your boyfriend Finn by next period or you will pay. Oh and don't tell Finn or anyone about this text. OR ELSE!


What does this person mean or you will pay? What does they mean by or else? I am officially freaked out.

"Rachel. Please put your phone away." Mr. Davis said. I quickly put it away. What am I going to do? I love Finn too much. I won't do it. I would rather die if I can't be with him. English ended and I went to my locker. I have lunch now with the whole Glee Club. I put my English book in my locker and my backpack. I grabbed my money and placed it in to my pocket. The bell rang and I saw a shadow again. Goodbye Finn.

The person put their hand around my mouth. I was squirming and they dragged me out of the room and put something over my mouth. The last thing I saw were black dots.

Finn's POV:

I was sitting at lunch and with the Glee Club.

"Hey where is Rachel?" Artie asked.

"I have no idea." I said.

"What you mean you don't know?" Quinn asked. She has become friends with Rachel. We have Math next and Rachel is in my class. The day went by so slow. I tried texting and calling her. No response. I am really worried. I went into my 2010 Honda Accord. I drove to her house. I rang the bell twice. Her dads answered.

"Hi. Is Rachel home?" I asked Hiram.

"No. We thought she was with you. We got a call saying she hasn't been in class for three periods and the rest of the day." Hiram said.

"No she isn't with me and she won't answer anyone's texts or calls. Everyone tried contacting her and we can't get a hold of her." I said really fast with worry shown on my face.

"Come in." Hiram said and I entered. He closed the door and went to the phone. Rachel's other dad, LeRoy, was at work so he went and called him.

"Rachel is missing." Hiram said into the phone. I saw him nod and nod.

"Alright see you soon. Bye." Hiram exclaimed. He hung up the phone.

"Has he heard from her?" I questioned.

"No. He is on his way home." he replied. The front door opened a half hour later. He closed it and rushed in, throwing his brief case on the floor.

"No. We haven't. What should we do?" Hiram asked.

"I am going to look for her." I responded grabbing my car keys that I threw on the table by the front door.

"Let us know if you find her." LeRoy called after me. I closed the door and got in my car and headed off.

Rachel's POV:

I woke up and I was tied up with rope. My hands and arms were tied up. I looked around and I was in this weird room it had no windows, only one door with a bunch of locks on it. I need Finn. I heard footsteps and I am hoping it is Finn. The locks broke off one by one. The door opened and in came a person with a black hoodie and black sweatpants. They had a hood on so I couldn't see their face. They took out this black think and clicked it.

"I told you to dump him and you didn't listen." Someone said. I couldn't figure out who it was because they had a voice changing thing. They then punched me and I was out.

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