Chapter Ten: Home

Dean couldn't seem to drive to Sioux Falls fast enough. All he wanted was to get Samuel somewhere safe.

The boy in question was asleep on the backseat of the Impala, exhaustion taking over his battered body.

John couldn't help but glance at the unconscious teen every few minutes, hardly able to believe that it was really Sammy. His little boy and he hadn't known it. John closed his eyes and made a silent promise to make up for all the years without his youngest child.


"How is he? Dad? Is he okay?"

John resisted the urge to snap at his eldest son as he looked over his youngest, his body squeezed uncomfortably between the two front seats of the Impala as he checked on Samuel.

"He's still asleep," John told Dean, "Which is good right now. He looks exhausted."

Turning around to face the road, the eldest Winchester sighed, "How much longer to Bobby's?"

Dean checked the clock on the Chevy's dash, "Four hours."

John nodded and sighed.

Four hours. That was four hours too long for him. He just wished there was a way to get to the Salvage Yard faster.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota-1999

Samuel opened his eyes slowly. He didn't want to wake up.

He shifted slightly to one side and instead of feeling cold, hard ground beneath him; he felt something warm and soft.

"Huh?" He murmured and reached his fingers curiously and brushed his hand against soft, smooth fabric.

"Sammy? Samuel?" a familiar voice called his name quietly and at first the teen cringed away, afraid that the voice belonged to one of the other children but he realized the voice was kind and gentle, not mocking.

"You with us, kiddo?"

Samuel peeled his eyes open and drowsily stared at the face hovering over him.

Dean broke into a grin and patted Samuel's chest.

"Hey, how are you feeling?"

"S-sore," Samuel answered quietly.

Dean nodded, "Dad and I patched you up while you were out cold. You'll be okay; the worst were the burns."

The older boy's expression turned somber, "What happened to you?"

Samuel sat up and glanced around. He was in a bedroom that featured two beds, the second unmade. There was a chest of drawers on one side of the room and a full-length mirror against the other wall but it was covered in dust, clearly not in use.

"Wh-where are we?" Samuel asked hesitantly.

"A friend's house," Dean told him, "Don't worry, Sammy- uh, Samuel- you're safe."

The teen took in his surroundings once again, his gaze finally dropping to the soft blankets covering him, "You can call me Sammy, if you want."

Dean smiled again and carefully squeezed his brother's shoulder.

"Do you want to sleep some more? Are you hungry? I could make you some soup or something?"

Samuel's stomach growled at the mention of food and he nodded cautiously, "I'm a little hungry."

Dean grinned, "Great! I'll be back in a few minutes. Wait here, okay?"

Samuel didn't reply. He didn't feel like getting up and moving around. He'd just as soon stay in the bed all day.

He listened disinterestedly to the sound of Dean's footsteps as they receded down the hallway. Pulling himself into a sitting position and twisting at the waist, Samuel stared out the window behind the bed's headboard, frowning at the sight of rusted, dilapidated cars that filled the front yard of the house.

Footsteps startled the teen and he slithered down onto his back, pulling the blankets over his head.

"Maybe he's asleep," a gruff, warm voice whispered from the direction of the doorway.

"Dean said he was wide awake just a minute ago," John's familiar voice spoke up.

Samuel pulled the blankets down to just below his eyes and regarded the two men.

John smiled at him, "Hey there, Samuel."

The man standing with John greeting him in similar fashion. He was shorter than John, and broader-shouldered with a reddish beard and small grey eyes. He wore a pair of faded blue jeans, a brown-and-black-checkered flannel shirt and a dingy baseball cap.

"Hello there, son," the stranger said, "I'm Bobby."

Samuel said nothing. He simply stared at the two men until Dean's footsteps announced his arrival and John and Bobby stepped into the room to make way for him.

Dean had a bowl of soup balanced on a tray with a glass of a liquid that was fizzy and golden-coloured. The older boy set the tray on Samuel's lap and sat back.

The teen eyed the drink suspiciously.

"What is that?"

Dean frowned before speaking, "Oh, that Ginger Ale. It's good for upset stomachs."

"But I feel fine," Samuel replied, eyes narrowed at the older boy.

"You're very thin," Bobby spoke up, "So I'm guessin' you haven't eaten in a while, am I right?"

Samuel nodded and picked up the spoon, fiddling with it.

"Than you'll be glad to have some of that drink in yer belly," the grizzled man told him.

Samuel dipped the spoon into the bowl of soup and began eating slowly.


"What the hell does that mean?" Dean asked out loud when Samuel told the gathered hunters about the School; Dean's question pertaining to LeGraine and Truefold's mantra that the children were training so that they may fight 'for the greater good'.

"Well, as you said," Bobby offered, "At least one of 'em is a demon so 'the greater good' is likely something good for their kind."

John frowned and Samuel couldn't stop his heart from beating faster.

"But what? Samuel, did they ever say anything else to you? Think hard, try to remember."

The teen bit his lip. LeGraine and Truefold only ever told them about the 'greater good' and that was it. There wasn't anything else.

"I don't know; I'm sorry. Whatever it is, Mr. Lane was interested too," Samuel told them.

"Who's that, son?" Bobby asked.

"He always talked to LeGraine and Truefold though," Samuel continued, "I think he was really important. He had them kill Andrew… and some of the others too, I think."

Dean touched Samuel's arm comfortingly and the young man sniffed sadly, lowering his head.

"We should keep tabs on that farmhouse, John," Bobby suggested and the younger hunter nodded, "Something strange was definitely going on there."

A thought suddenly came to Samuel and he looked up, "How did you find me?"

Dean grimaced, "You showed me exactly where you were, Sammy."

"But-" Samuel began but Dean interrupted him.

"Why didn't you tell us you were psychic?"

Samuel frowned. Psychic? Did that mean his powers? It must. Was that was they were called?

"I- My powers don't work," Samuel admitted, "Not when I want them to anyway. Not like the others'."

"Well, whether you can control them or not, they helped Dean figure out where you were," John told him.

Samuel held his breath, waiting for the Winchesters to start yelling at him, or maybe even hurt him because of his powers.

Nothing happened though; Dean smiled, "Maybe they can come in handy while we're hunting. Maybe you'll be able to see every beasties' next move."

John smiled tightly but nodded.


"Why can't he come?" Dean asked, irritated at his father's decision.

"It's too dangerous, Dean," John insisted, "Samuel- Sam- hasn't been trained to hunt. We only just got him back and I am not losing him to some supernatural son of a bitch yet."

Dean crossed his arms over his chest but nodded, seeing his father's point.

"But where is he going to stay?"

"Here o'course," Bobby spoke up, standing in the doorway to the kitchen where the Winchesters were sitting.

John looked surprised at the pronouncement but Dean smiled.

"Don't worry, Johnny," he assured his friend, "This place is as safe as Fort Knox, you know that. Besides, I can teach the boy how to protect himself from monsters while giving him a traditional education since he can't really go to high school now."

The other hunter nodded, "Alright, if that's what you want."

Bobby rolled his eyes and turned to Dean, "Well? What do you think?"

"I think you better start making up for all the years Sam missed out on, Uncle Bobby."

Cold Oak, South Dakota-1999

Truefold smiled as she took in the sight of the abandoned town. It was perfect. No hunter would trouble them here.

The children stood clustered around her matronly form, peering somewhat less positively at the dilapidated buildings and overgrown streets around them.

The sound of approaching footsteps and the children tensed, on edge.

"Be still," Truefold told them, "It is only LeGraine."

The female demon as her partner stepped forwards, his new host body that of an elderly man.

The children backed up, confused.

"Do not be afraid of me," LeGraine calmed them.

"What happened to you?" Ava asked boldly.

The demon glanced down at the beige tweed suit he was wearing, "I was forced to relocate."

It was clear that the answer did nothing to clarify but the demon did not continue.

Truefold reached out and fiddled with LeGraine's lapels in a motherly fashion, "I liked your old body better."

The male demon shrugged, "If the Winchesters had not arrived, I would still have it."

Truefold nodded, "Are you going to go after them?"

"No," LeGraine reached up and pulled the other demon's hands away, "I spoke to Azazel and he told us to wait until the children are ready to fulfill their destiny. Then, we may take Samuel back."

Truefold smiled. It would still be a few years yet before the children were ready to fight, before their champion would reveal him or herself but the demon knew she could wait a little longer. They had already waited sixteen years, what was a handful more?

The demons turned as one to look at the remaining children, "We had better continue with their education, don't you think?"

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