Disclaimer: I own nothing relating to Yu Yu Hakusho, this is just something that was inspired by a you tube video featuring a K/B pairing and the song Poison. I highly recommend you look it up. Even though that video is told from Botan's POV, this story will be written from Kurama's POV instead.

Warning: Some sexual situations are present in this fic, but it is not graphic. If you do not like such stories, you might want to skip that part. For the rest of us, enjoy!


She comes to my room every night, hovering nearby.

Close enough to touch, but she won't. I remain motionless, feigning sleep, waiting for her to make the first move.

I wait in vain.

Part of me growls, dark and ruthless. Take her, break her, make her yours. But I can not and I will not, for she means that much to me.

I am not one for revealing how I feel, preferring to keep my emotions hidden under layers and layers of walls. Impenetrable from any and all.

Except for her.

She broke through my defenses, dragging my inner self kicking and screaming from the darkness and into the light. My safety net is gone, replaced with a vulnerability I hate and yet, I revel in. I've been called a world class freak before. Perhaps they are right. But the longing I feel for her, the desire to have what I should not have excites me.

And she knows it.

My sweetest sin, my lasting addiction. That is what she is to me. The most frustrating cock tease to ever torment me. And what delicious torment it is.

So I wait, body tense, longing for her caress, for those full lips to touch mine like they had six months ago after Yakumo's attack.

The Netherworld ruler had been destroyed, but the spirit realm was still covered in a strange water, barring our entrance to Reikai. Without access to spirit world, Botan was in a bad physical state and there was little Genkai could do to help ease the situation.

I stepped in to offer my assistance and was granted access to her room. The rest of the group continued to convalesce, trying to recover their strength while I lent mine to healing the deity.

I studied Botan for a moment as I sat down on the bed beside her. She was quite beautiful, even as she lay dying. The long silken strands of blue spread out along her pillow, the way her lovely features tightened with pain, the clutching of the sheets as she writhed in agony as she labored to breathe, could not hide how lovely she was. I longed for her then but like the fool I can be, I pushed my feelings aside and focused on the task at hand.

Reaching out, I tugged gently at her obi, parting the kimono, trying to ignore the nakedness of the gorgeous woman laying near me as I peered down, studying the wound, frowning at the angry tendrils of red that spread out in all directions. Carefully I slid my hand along the wound, a soft light erupting from my palm as I began the process of closing the parted flesh, her sudden gasp and whimper both thrilling and troubling to me.

"Shh.. it's alright.. I'll take the pain away, Botan. Shh.." I whispered soothingly, daring to look up at the deity's face, surprised to find her amethyst eyes open and studying me with a heat that should not be there. A heat that made my body suddenly ache and I grew hard, my jeans becoming uncomfortable as I shifted and tried to focus back down on the wound.

The power sphere that Botan had concealed inside her body was full of Netherworld energy. Remnants of that power remained and I drew them out, tendrils fading until the skin returned to it's normal hue and the wound drew closed. I grew dizzy then, marveling at the strength of the woman before me. For the netherworld energy was now my burden to bear and it was still very strong. My own wound from battle had reopened and I gasped and gripped my side, blood seeping and I concentrated, trying to close it before I left. Lifting my gaze, I found that same heated look upon the deity's face. "You should rest." I tried to say calmly, tried to be cool and collected, my most common mask to hide from the world.

"No." The deity's voice had whispered, her hand snaking out as I tried to rise, locking onto my wrist like a vice, pulling me back down, down to her, onto her, her lips like fire as they crushed against mine. The kiss was so hot, so bruising and so fucking needy I couldn't help but return it. In that moment, I no longer cared that it was wrong. I wanted her as badly as she wanted me. I claimed her mouth, groaning at the taste of her and the way she parted her legs for me, drawing me closer and I shifted, kissing down her neck, hands trailing up her outer thighs, her skin as hot as my own as I moved against her, aroused at her whimpers as I moaned her name.


"Kurama.." She had said, moving under me, ripping my shirt open, buttons flying off, her soft hands trailing down my chest to my abs, tugging at the button of my jeans, unzipping, her hand slipping into my boxer briefs, gripping my overheated member, stroking slowly, making me hard to the point of pain, that hot mouth sucking on my earlobe, driving me mad with lust. "Take me.. want you.. please.."

God help me.. I almost gave her what she wanted.

Voices, growing louder with each second, drew me out of my fog of lust and I snapped my head up, growling and pushed off, out of her embrace, her cry of frustration echoing my silent one and I gave her a potent sedative, her outstretched arms slowly dropping, her eyelids falling heavy, those lovely features relaxing as Botan was drawn into a deep sleep.

I rearranged her kimono, using the last of my power to cleanse the sheets and her clothing of the blood from my wound and fled, hateful of my cowardice and my need of her. No one knew. No one could understand how hard it was for me to look at her and not take her, break her, make her mine. For I wanted her then and I want her now.

Still, I thought she would forget the shared heat and desire, forget how close we had come to feeding the lust that had consumed us. Everything seemed normal. Botan was healed and Spirit World was accessible again.

But it wasn't normal. Still isn't.

So now I lay here in bed, driven by conflicting desires, one to protect , the other to possess, and I can no longer abide this tormenting silence and I croak out in a voice that is more Youko's than my own. "Why do you come here, Botan? Why do you insist on punishing me like this?"

Her soft gasp is the only indication I have that she has heard me. I fear she will not answer but then, that soft voice that makes my heart flutter and my body burn speaks. "I like to watch you sleep."

"Do you know what you're doing to me?" I growl, unable to hide my desire for her in that moment.

"Do you know what you do to me, Kurama?" She throws back, and I can sense the sexual frustration rolling off her in waves that make me groan.

"Then let us finish what we started." I reply, turning to face her.

Botan shakes her head, backing away in fear. "Please don't.." Her pleas stop me from rising and I frown, now upright but unmoving, clutching the fabric of my pajama pants, my own voice near desperation.

"You can't keep doing this to me, Botan. I love you, I want you, I need you. Why do you flee from me? Do you hate me?"

"No.." Her soft voice whispers and my eyes flash at the sight of her biting her lip and that same heat in her eyes that drew me to her such a short time ago. "You terrify me."

Her words pour over me like ice, cooling my lust for her and I drop my shoulders and lower my gaze to hide the hurt I feel. " Then why do you come here, if all I do is scare you?"

I feel her hands suddenly on my face and my heart leaps at the contact. She crouches down before me, her eyes meeting mine, those amethyst pools reflecting longing and fear. "Because I'm afraid of what I might do if I don't…"

Her words perplex me, a rarity in and of itself, as she caresses my skin with her fingertips then leans in, her lips brushing over mine.

The feeling is electric and I groan, pleasure shooting through me as she deepens it only to back away when I try to pull her to me, causing me to drop to my knees. I snap my head up, reaching out to try to catch her even as I'm falling. But she is already gone.

I lay still for a moment, arm still outstretched, looking up at the open window before I give a short roar of anguish then slam my head against the wooden floor for with enough force to render me dizzy. And so I remain, prone on the ground like a simpering fool.

She is my addiction.. and my poison..

My Deity of Death..

My Botan..

Hope you all enjoyed this little drabble.. I may continue it if there is enough interest.. so if you want me to add more.. drop a few lines and let me know.. Thanks for reading!