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Chapter 5-Victory and Desire

The cave is dark and resonates with demon energy. The scent of Makai lingers in the air, making the humans in the group anxious. We follow Mitarai farther into the tunnel, stopping before two entrances. Pointing to the right, Mitarai claims it's the correct passage and I pull a seed out, tossing it to the ground. A lamp weed blossoms instantly, a lighted bread crumb trail incase we make it back out alive.

We follow this passage and into another one, halting when a door blocks our path. Mitarai claims it's something new and the door shouldn't be there. The G emblazoned on the door's surface seems rather familiar. A voice erupts welcoming us to Goblin City and I recognize it as the intro for an arcade game. Mitarai tells us this is Game Master's territory and the boy's voice announces we cannot enter unless we have seven people.

More delays.

At this rate, we will be too late to stop the completion of the tunnel. Still, we cannot move forward without three more people, so we return to the surface bringing Yana, Kaito, and Genkai back with us. The gate opens and we enter, finding ourselves inside a cavernous room, a robed child sitting on a throne. Behind him, a giant screen and to our right, two gaming stands. Game Master, a boy by the name of Amanuma, informs us that we must win four matches in order to defeat the game.

Mitarai goes first, defeating his foe in tennis. Genkai defeats her opponent in an airship battle. Yusuke wins the fighting match. As expected. The first three are always easy. The fourth will be against the Goblin King. Kaito elects to challenge Game Master with a trivia contest. The change in the boy's demeanor is obvious. He is unafraid and excited, defeating Kaito with ease. My schoolmate informs us of the strange things Amanuma said. That we can play as long as we want until Sensui's plan is complete. So that is the reason for his enthusiasm.

To subject a child to a game of life and death is inexcusable and cruel. But I must be crueler still. For to escape and defeat the territory, Amanuma must die. The game is a form of Tetris with numbers, a game I am a master of. I taunt the boy, pointing out that he is a foolish and ignorant child who chose wrong over right. For that, he must pay the ultimate price. The game is over in minutes, the game master is defeated, falling over in death.

I have won. But it is an empty victory. My eyes are downcast as I try to control the swelling of anger and shame I feel. I do not like taking the lives of children. But the fate of the world rests in my hands and I do my duty. My palms ache from the clenching into fists, blood dripping though my fingers and I resolve myself to deal swiftly with whatever might come next.

The territory explodes around me, vanishing, revealing our next tunnel, the final one, where that bastard Sensui awaits. Yusuke tries to rationalize what happened but I tell him I'm not in the mood. I want to kill the remaining psychics. I want to make them suffer for their crimes. I keep that anger at the surface, a wall to hide other emotions and thoughts.

Light blinds us when we enter the last cave. Before us stands Sensui and two other men that Mitarai calls Itsuki and Gourmet. Kuwabara sits on a boat in front of the open tunnel to demon world. The scent of Makai is very strong and full of danger. Demons beckon just inside it and cry out for human flesh. Primordial weaklings. The lowest ranking of demons.

Sensui offers terms. If we kill Gourmet, Kuwabara will be freed.

This man, Gourmet, taunts us, singling me out, reading my thoughts and I narrow my eyes. We find out that his territory is in his stomach and that the man Yusuke met, Murota, was a mind reader who was subsequently eaten for his power.

"This one is mine. Don't argue. I'm not in the mood." I say to Yusuke, stepping in front of the group. I close my eyes, taking out a rose and sending power to it, forming my rose whip, acting out on instinct, coiling it around Gourmet's mouth, yanking hard, splitting that big, ugly head in half, blood spurting from the attack as the body fall's back, dead. Or so it seems.

I know better.

"Rely on impulse and not even your thoughts can betray you. Now come out, Toguro.." When I get no response I press on. "Did you really think I wouldn't know it was you? I could smell your stench since we entered the cave."

The body spasms, rising, a familiar cackling laughter echo's in the cave as Elder Toguro's head pops out from the wound. He rambles on about his emergence to the current state of his body and I am tired of it.

"Quiet." I reply, angry again, traces of Youko in my voice now. "You've lived long enough."

Toguro charges at me and I respond by laying a smoke screen, causing confusion. Screams echo throughout and I wait a few moments before escaping the smoke.

"The deed has been done." I say softly, turning my gaze to my left as the smoke dissipates, revealing Toguro ensnared by a monstrous tree I call the sinning tree. "It feeds off of hallucinogenic thoughts of wickedness while draining the body of it's life force."

"When did you plant that seed?" Yusuke asks, staring in shock at the screaming Toguro.

"When I used my rose whip."

"Clever." Hiei replies. "Not only was the smoke screen used to hide the fact of your actions, but it was a catalyst for the seed to take root."

I keep my gaze on the sinning tree, eyes hard. "I didn't want to take any chances." I murmur, walking towards Toguro. "The sinning tree won't stop until it's host is dead. Since you say you cannot die, you will suffer for an eternity here, torn between your hate and your agony. So be it. Rogues like you deserve to be dead."

Kuwabara is freed and argues with Yusuke about taking so long. We are glad that our teammate is back with us but it is short lived. Something seizes us, spitting out Yusuke and leaving the rest of us in some kind of pseudo-space. The man called Itsuki emerges, explaining his pet is called Ureotoko. He holds us against our will, for if we kill Itsuki, we will never be able to get out. Helpless, we watch as the fight rages, noticing the changes in personality and I know that Sensui's mind was shattered into several pieces, creating these different.. facets.. to deal with the trauma. Itsuki confirms my thoughts, even stating his love for the female personality within Sensui.

I shake my head, irritated at this green haired demon and our situation. The increased violence and sadism by the personality known as Kazuya is abhorrent and we struggle to try to escape. But it is no use. Yusuke is saved by Koenma of all people but even he cannot stop Sensui when he comes out and this sacred energy forms around him. Kuwabara finds his strength, unleashing his dimension sword, cutting through and we rush to aid our friend only to gasp in dismay and anger as Yusuke is struck down and killed.

My power spikes, the demon energy swirling, my body appearing like that of Youko, though I am very much still Shuichi. My demon half is not being very helpful and I growl but there is little time to think. We are after Sensui, Hiei unleashing his black dragon, forcing Sensui through the tunnel. We follow, unable to pass the Kekkai barrier. Our power level now A class. Kuwabara cuts through, destroying the barrier and allowing us to continue our pursuit. We emerge into demon world and I use my power to form plant wings, making or descent one we can survive.

We battle Sensui as best we can, taking more damage than we give and it's frustrating but we don't give up. A sudden cry rings out above us and I lift my head, finding a revived Yusuke riding his spirit pet, Pu, who has become a phoenix. How appropriate. We know what he is now, half demon, and we welcome him then back off at his insistence, allowing Yusuke to take care of our foe and he does, with surprising effect. The power surge of ki is immense and Sensui is finished.

We follow the trail of destruction, finding Sensui dying and a pissed off Yusuke. He wanted a fair fight and something took him over. That much is obvious in his long black hair and tattoo markings. Sensui's dying words tell of a man who wanted to repent for his sins of naively killing demons without thinking about the consequences of his actions. His black and white world created his trauma and at last he can die in peace. The former detective passes away, taking by Itsuki and we are left to ponder what all transpired.

Returning to the human world, we meet briefly with the others outside the cave and I find my gaze lingering on Botan. Her concern is palpable but I would like nothing more than to sweep her into my arms and make love to her as I've dreamed about for these past few months. I give her a soft smile as she comes up to me, surprised when she reaches out to touch my face. "You're hurt."

"It is nothing, Botan. Do not worry."

"I always worry over you." She whispers and I feel my body start to come alive.

Still, with all the danger that may come our way, I do not want her in trouble with her employer, so I walk a ways with her from the group, voice low as I explained what happened and my fears.

"Do you really think you guys will get in trouble over this?" She asks.

"It is quite possible." I respond, looking up at the night sky. "As spirit detectives, we work for Koenma. And Yusuke.." I start then stop.

"What about Yusuke?"

A sigh escapes my lips. "You felt it didn't you, Botan? The demon energy in Yusuke is strong. There is no way Lord Enma will allow a demon to be the spirit detective. He will have him monitored and killed if necessary." I answer, my features hardening. "Yusuke is my friend and I won't let that happen."

I turn as I feel Botan's hand on my face. I look down into those amethyst pools and I feel myself drowning in them. "You are brave, Kurama. Brave and beautiful."

"For a demon, you mean?" I ask softly, a hint of a smile on my face when she shakes her head.

"No.. a man.. a brave and beautiful man." She murmurs and kisses me.

A kiss, full and wonderful, and I groan, forgetting myself, wrapping my arms around her. All the trials I've gone through, all the desire and love I feel for her that was denied, again and again and again, comes crashing back to me and I pull her tight, sucking on her bottom lip, growling, "No more games, Botan. We're both beyond that now."

The deity arches in my hold but doesn't push away, her voice husky and that flash of lust in her gaze that makes my cock twitch and harden.

"No more games.." She agrees, kissing me again before breaking it off at the sound of Koenma's voice calling for her.

I groan, dropping my face in her neck. "Botan.." I murmur as she strokes my hair.

"Kurama.." She sighs in a lovely tone and I hug her tight to me when she makes to go.

"Don't go.." I plea, a weak sound and one I hate resorting to.

"I have to.. but you'll see me tonight, Kurama.. I promise.." She whispers and I sigh, letting her go, eyes downcast as she walks past me.

Denied again. I should be used to this by now.

I head home angry but stifle it, sneaking into my own room to clean up and dress in jeans and a t shirt, going back out and around to the front, reassuring my mother that everything is alright. I eat my dinner quietly, heading upstairs, eyes on the open window, watching as the breeze tugs at the curtains. The tension in my body is driving me crazy and I get up, pacing around the room, stopping at the sudden sight of Botan before me.

"Botan.." I murmur, blinking when she comes up to me, her fingers resting against my lips.

"I didn't come here to talk, Kurama." She replies, lowering her fingers to kiss my lips.

I return the kiss, body burning already. I will not be denied this time. I delve my tongue into her mouth, twining it with the deity's, her muffled moan driving me to do more and I tug at the obi wrapped around her waist, her kimono opening, hands sliding the fabric off, finding her naked before me. "Beautiful.." I whisper in reverence, noting her blush and smiling when she tugs at my shirt.

"No.. fair.." She replies, a twinkle in her eye as I tug my shirt off, tossing it aside and pull her back to me. Her skin is soft and smooth, her curves in all the right places and I enjoy her breasts pressing against my chest. I feel her hands fumble with the button of my jeans, hear the zipper pull down and feel a warm hand rub the bulge in my boxers. I moan and twine my fingers into her hair, kissing her roughly, working out of the jeans with my free hand, giving in to my lust and love for her as I lift her up, nearly falling in pleasure as she locks her legs around my waist and kisses along my ear.

"Kurama.." She moans as I lower her down to the bed, rocking my covered erection against her sex, feeling her dampness as it soaks the fabric of my boxer briefs and I growl, tugging them off, my cock springing free and I grip it, nudging her legs apart, eyes on hers as I slide into her, nearly spurting at the gasp and the way she bites her lips, parting her legs even more, her body begging for me to claim her and I do, sinking into her with aching slowness.

I stop when I'm as far in as I can go, hands planted beside each shoulder, my voice gruff and my body tense. "Mine.." I growl, eyes on hers as I thrust slow and deep, watching the flutter of emotions in my lover's gaze.

"Yours.." Botan moans out in reply, touching my face with her hands before trailing them down my neck, shoulders and arms. "All yours.."

I drive harder into her, her cries of pleasure rivaling mine as I plunge in and out with all the pent of lust and need I've held for her. The bed shakes from the increased power of my thrusts and I groan as I feel her hands grip my ass, trying to get me to go even deeper into her and I pant out. "Yes.. Yes, Botan.. so hot, tight, wet.. all for me.. never going to stop.."

"God.. don't.. don't stop.. Kurama.. Kurama.. Ohh.. Kurama!" She screams, my own sounds frantic as I feel her snap and clamp down like a vice around me. Her nectar gushes around my member and I can't hold back.

"Botan! Yes! Ohh.. Yes!" I roar back, the bed threatening to break from the force of my rough thrusts as I spurt inside her, filling her with my seed. I am possessed with a fever and I roll, still hard, on my back, driving up into her, the sounds of our lovemaking wet and needy.

The deity bites her lip hard enough to bleed, her head tossed back as we try this new position. She bounces up and down wildly and I trail my hands up to cup her breasts, teasing the nipples and she whimpers, riding harder now and I groan, sitting up, hands shifting to trail down her back, peppering hot kisses down her neck, moaning out. "You feel so good, Botan.. Love you.. Oh, I love you so much.. want you.. God.. don't want to leave you.."

I feel her hands trail up my back, twining in my hair as she whimpers out. "Kurama.. don't.. stay with me.. in me.. never leave.. ohh.. love you.. my demon.. my lover.. my Kurama.."

I grip her hips, forcing her to slow down along my length, wanting to savor it. I lick at her pulse point, nipping and sucking on the wound, driving her wild.

"Ahh! K.. Kurama!" She cries out in pleasure, wrapping her arms around me, her hips rocking as she rides my cock with urgency and I let her, our moans of pleasure mingled, muffled by our kisses as we release together, shuddering from the intensity of our climax. My lover collapses into my arms and I hold her, still shivering as she kisses my shoulder.

"ohh.. Kurama…" She pants, trailing her hands down my back.

"Botan.." I croak out, falling back, holding her above me as we fight to breathe.

We say nothing for a moment, skin slick with sweat and the scent of our wild love making filling the room. I find I like this and the feel of her close to me. Her kisses are gently on my neck and her touches light.

"That was.." She started then stopped, blushing.

"A long time coming.." I finished for her, trailing my fingers up her back. "I didn't hurt you did I?"

The deity chuckles and nuzzles her nose along my ear, whispering. "No.. you made me feel good.. so good.."

I groan at the way such a simple reply makes my cock come alive again. "Made.. me.. feel.. good.. loved.. wanted.. "

Botan pulls back, looking down at me and I study those purple orbs, finding no confusion and no fear. Only love. "You are loved and wanted.. I love and want you.. only you.."

I trail my fingers along her cheek, turning, pinning her down on the bed, moving in her again. "As I want and love only you, Botan.." I reply, our lovemaking continuing until the sun comes up.

I watch her dress, smirking a bit at her slightly unsteady walk. "God.. I don't even know if I can fly my oar like this.." She grumbles and I silence her complaint with a slow, burning kiss.

"Kurama.. " She pants when I break it off. "You keep that up and I'll never leave."

"Good.. I don't want you to.." I growl but know she must. "When will I see you again?" I ask, watching her open the window and mount her oar.

"Tonight.. and every night for the rest of our lives.." She replies, her eyes loving and her smile tender and I wave goodbye, already longing for her return.

I sigh and prepare for the day but smile, knowing that my poison has become my cure.

The End

Okay.. maybe not the best ending.. but it was time for the consummation of their relationship. I thank all for reading my drivel. This story is completed and now I'll be focusing on Cosmic Dissonance. Hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!