"Are you almost packed?" Zuko peeked into their bedroom. If they were going to start traveling the world together as ambassadors, then they needed to leave soon. "The ferry leaves in two hours."

"You'd think they'd hold the damn boat for the guy who ended the war." She said, stuffing a brush in her pack.

"You mean for the duo who ended the war." He corrected her and walked up behind her.

Katara looked around their bedroom. They were going to miss their little home in the Fire Nation. The pale yellow walls looked pretty in the sunlight and highlighted all the things they'd collected over the past two years- things they couldn't take with them on their journey. A wooden wind chime clanked in the window as a breeze came in.

"I'm sad to be leaving," she told him "it's been a really long time since I've had an actual home."

He slid his hand up the back of her shirt and massaged her lower back gently with his knuckles. "I'm sad too, but think of how much we can do for the world if we leave." He rubbed his nose against her neck and under her ear. "And home will always be here to come back to."

She turned around to face him and kissed the edge of his scarred eye.

"You're ready?" he asked.

"Not quite yet." She grabbed his shirt and pulled him slowly over to the bed.

"You want to do this now?" he chuckled, letting himself be pulled.

"It'll probably be a long time before we get to have sex on a bed again you know."

He untied the cord to his pants. "That's… a good point."

Katara undid her robe and slowly dropped articles of clothing one by one in front of him. He reached him arm out to touch her, but she slapped it away every time, reveling in the fact that she could still tease him. Fully naked, she crawled onto the bedsheets, giving Zuko a nice view of her ass. He remained standing and clothed, but watched her absorbedly, waiting for direction. She looked over her shoulder and could see his erection trying to poke out from where he'd untied his pants. She gave him a look as if to say okay, come here.

He shuffled his pants and underwear completely off and tore his shirt off so fast it almost ripped in the process. He bent one knee to rest on the edge of the bed and arched his body over Katara's, running his hands down the sides of her body. She moved her body back into him and he grasped her hips with his palms to pull her against him. The tip of his penis brushed the edges of her vulva, making her wet. With one swift motion, he plunged into her and continued to pump himself in and out of her cunt, rocking her back and forth on the bed.

She moaned for him to go faster, but instead he slowed down in retaliation. He placed his palm on her back in between her shoulder blades and gently pushed the front of her body down so her cheek rested against the sheets while her ass remained arched up against his pelvis. He began to pump into her once again, faster each time as she gripped the sides of the bed to try and keep herself still. He grunted loudly in pleasure as he felt his scrotum smack against her behind.

Uhh, fuck yes fuck Zuko… she kept moaning and he couldn't keep it together any longer. He bucked into her wildly as she began to shake in orgasm. Then he pulled her tightly against him as he ejaculated inside of her. It felt like a giddy explosion going off in his body every time. He pumped into her lightly a few more times since he could feel her labia still pulsing from the orgasm. When he looked down at her, her eyes were closed and she panted into the bedsheets as she waited for the sensation to be over. He could feel himself getting lightheaded and slowly pulled himself out so he could lie down on his stomach next to her.

When Zuko woke up, Katara was sitting on the side of the bed, fully clothed, stroking his back with her fingers.

"You're still not ready yet? We're gonna be late for the ferry." She teased.

He grunted in fatigue and lifted his mouth up off the bed. "You should've woken me up earlier."

"Yeah, but this is more fun." She grabbed his clothes up off the floor and helped him get redressed.

They were both stronger than they were before. They'd grown into their bodies even more and they worked better now as a team than they did separately. They fought as a team, they thought as a team, and they loved each other dearly. They stepped out the front door to their home and Zuko turned to lock the door until their return.

"We'll be back." He said to the house, but Katara could tell it was said more for her benefit.

They walked down the middle of the street side by side. It was still early and most people were probably either still sleeping or starting to enjoy their breakfast. Zuko looked over at Katara a little worried. Her necklace shimmered against the top of her chest. The necklace that started it all.

"I'm fine Zuko," she said as she read his thoughts, "I'm actually excited. It's been a while since we've traveled. It'll be like the old days."

"Maybe even better than the old days." He added. She looped her arm through his and arm pressed her cheek to his bicep as they walked.

Toph and Iroh were waiting at the pier to see them off. Sokka had returned to the Southern Water Tribe a while ago, where they would see him over the course of their travels. Toph had stayed in the Fire Nation to help set up the new government and had taken a liking to it.

"I can't believe you guys are already leaving!" she whined, "this is bullshit, now it's just up to me and Iroh to make sure the place doesn't fall apart."

"You'll be fine." They said together.

"Where are you going first?" Iroh asked.

"We're going to make our way through the villages of the Earth Kingdom. There's still a lot of rebuilding that needs to be done there." Katara explained.

"Good luck, and be safe." Iroh hugged Katara first and then took Zuko in his arms. "You've grown into more of a man than I could've ever imagined Zuko. I'm so proud of you." Zuko could feel himself start to tear up at his uncle's words.

"Well that was kind of corny…" Toph whispered to Katara, but Katara shushed her.

The two made their way onto the ferry and leaned against one of the side railings, waiting for the boat to start.

"You ready? You know we can always come home whenever we feel like it." Zuko asked.

"I'm ready." Katara eyed him playful and confident. "I'm always ready."

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