I had wanted to make a KHR and Hetalia fanfiction for a while. It's sometime after the Vongola Ring arc, vs. Xanxus, but before the Future arc. A lot of people like the 'Romano's in the mafia' idea, and so do I, but after reading the 'You can grasp the entire European economy in 2 minutes' strip, I realized that the mafia was a real problem. Basically, in the strip, Spain is sick, and Romano tries to help him, but the mafia hinders his efforts. So this is the resulting idea!

This isn't going to be updated constantly. I have two regularly updated fics, one dead one, two completed, and one on a long hiatus. This will be… the one that I write when I don't have anything for the others, or the one on impulse. Also, the Avatar

The Rite of Passage (Tsuna POV)

I was having another bad day as No-good Tsuna. I got up late, I had most of my breakfast stolen by Lambo, and it turns out that I have a math test next period. "Let's see… the quadratic formula is… negative B squared plus/minus-"

"10th!" Gokudera-kun came bounding towards me, happy as ever. "The test next period should be a snap, right?"

"Er…" I wasn't really sure about how I should respond. I didn't even know that there was a test until now!

"Oi, Tsuna!" Yamamoto waved. "Good morning!"

"Good morning," I said, glad for the distraction.

"Oi! No-good Tsuna!" SMACK!

"R-Reborn!" I shouted. "Wh-what are y-"

Reborn smiled. "I am your tutor, why should I not be doing this?"

"N-normal tutors don't hit their pupils from out of nowhere!"

He pointed a gun at me. "Do you think that it's normal for people to be the heirs of the most prestigious Mafia Family in the world? Why would you have a normal tutor?"

I sighed. Why does this always have to happen to me?


Let's see… if Y is ten, the X should be… no, I messed up! I used positive two instead of negative! How could this get any worse…?

"The test will end in five minutes." [1]

I hit my head on the desk.

"Just kidding."

I let out a sigh of relief. Mr. Shiro always did stuff like this…

No! No! Concentrate! What was that formula that Reborn taught me? X… Y… Y equals… B? No!

There's no way I can do this… but if I don't, R-Reborn will…


I peered at the score. Fifty? Fifty percent? Oh no, Reborn is going to kill me… Or force me to study. Not much difference there…

"10th!" Gokudera-kun bounded towards me. "How was the test?"

I began to sweat. There's no way I could tell anyone about this…

BING! BING! BING! BING! The bell rang, signaling the end of the day.

"Tsuna!" Yamamoto-kun called. "Let's walk home together!"

"Grr…" Gokudera growled. Oh, no, not another fight…

"That won't be necessary," a voice called.

"R-Reborn!" I trembled. Did he find out about my test score already? "H-"

"Tsuna and I need to talk," he said. Was that… a government worker's suit? Without an explanation, he grabbed my hand and- OW! My- my wrist! "Come on." He dragged me outside.

"Oi! Sawada!" Ryohei called.

"Tsuna-kun!" Kyoko-chan was walking next to him.

"Kyoko! O-nii-san!"

"Haru and I are going-" Kyoko began, but Reborn passed them by.

"No time," he protested as he tugged harder. "There's something I need to tell you about."

I-It's not about my test score?

"Your grade can wait, this is too important!"

He… found out? "B-but what's so important?!"

Reborn smiled. "You're finally starting to grow a spine, talking back to me like that." POW! "This should have taken place much later in your training, but the opportunity was too good."

"Tsuna. Your rite of passage is coming."


"M-my rite of passage?" Don't tell me it's a murder! Or embezzlement! Or anything-

"Many years ago," Reborn ploughed over me, "before the Vongola was formed, the Mafia group Cibatta took control of several provinces in Italy by kidnapping a certain government official. It then became a rite of passage in the Mafia to kidnap the descendants of that man, all of whom became officials. Of course, it no longer gave us power over five provinces like the Cibatta got, but it's a mark of prestige." (Cibatta is a kind of Italian bread)

"A… rite of passage?" I repeated. Only the Mafia would have such a thing… or the Yakuza.

"Yes," nodded Reborn. "The official's name was not put on any record, strangely enough. All we know is that his last name was Vargas, and that he was extremely influential. He was close to many high-ranking officials up in the high circle of government. His descendants live on, the twins Feliciano and Lovino Vargas. You will be kidnapping Lovino, the elder, who is more involved with the Mafia."

"And… why do I have to do this?!" I shouted. Why do I have to deal with the Mafia? I don't want Xanxus to rule, but that doesn't mean I want to be the boss!

"It is compulsory for the Vongola heir," Reborn said simply. "Other Families have their subordinates help, but you're doing this alone."


"Unless there is a need for it," he continued. "My sources tell me that the official's descendents arrived in Japan yesterday for a meeting. The meeting isn't set to take place for another two weeks, but I don't know where it is or even what it is, so you won't be kidnapping him there."

He skidded to a halt. "This is where he's staying. He called in a friend for protection, so here he is."

"E-eh?!" Th-this is…

X (Romano POV, a few days earlier)

I muttered another curse in Italian. The next World Meeting's at Japan's house? Fratello wouldn't have a problem with that, he's friendly with Japan. I used to be, but that's not the point. The tenth generation Volgola boss is there. And since the Vongola came from the South, I was the one to be kidnapped [2]. Being descended from one of my citizens allowed me to know who he is immediately after just looking at him, but that was it. I couldn't tell what his abilities were, besides the Hyper Intuition which I already knew he had, and what I could glean from Japan.

"He is strong," he had said as soon as I found out we were going to his house. "But… why do you want to know about one of my citizens?"

I left without saying anything else. He has nothing to do with this. I could go there just before the meeting and leave as quickly as possible, but the tickets were more expensive for those flights. Fratello and I were still suffering from the Euro crisis…

"Dam it, Spain. Why did you have to convert to the Euro?!" I yelled out loud in Latin, much to the surprise of the other people on the street. Here in Italy, I couldn't speak Italian or Spanish because it was too similar, whenever I wanted to shout. So, I had to settle for Latin, Grandpa's language… Wait a minute…

Spain had a café in Japan, right? He shared it with Sweden and… that krau-

"Oi! Romano!" Spain's armed wrapped around me. "I hear the next meeting is in Japan, right?"

THWUNK! I flipped him over my shoulder. "Y-you-" I bit back my anger. "S-Spain…" I began. "I… you owe me, bas- J- I need-"

"You need my help?" smiled Spain, still sprawled on the ground from my little judo trick.

"S-si…" I admitted.

He got up, suddenly serious. "It's the mafia again, isn't it."

I nodded. "Another one of their kidnapping stunts." I spat. "When will they finally stop troubling me? Ever since that Cibatta guy, they keep on kidnapping me. I had to fake my death at least thirty times AND change my name! Even fratello… he has to suffer because of my organization. [3]"

"And if you told them our secret, there would be a civil war over you," said Spain.

I nodded grimly "You have a café in Japan, right? Can… can fratello and I stay there while we're in Japan?"

He put his hand on my head. "Of course."



"L-let go of me!"

"Ah, Romano! You're so cute when you're begging for help!"

THUM! I threw him over my shoulder again. "Y-you… are you some kind of sick pervert or something?! I knew it when you pulled my curl! You're also a ped-"

"You're so cute when you're angry, too!"

CRACK! "Y-you-"

X (Back to Tsuna)

"Th-this is a café?" I asked. "V-Vargas is in here?"

Reborn nodded. "Go in."

WHAM! He kicked me through the open door. When I looked up- "YAAA!"


[1] The teacher joking about the time limit- my teacher used to do that. We'd be doing the unit test, and he'd say "Five more minutes" when I was on, say, question ten.

[2] I have no idea where the Vongola originated from, North or South. South moves the plot along more.

[3] Romano saying the Mafia is his- the Mafia originated from Sicily, in the South.

Note- to prevent any confusion, the first official kidnapped was Romano.

What is Tsuna going to do? What will the others do? And how long can this run?

Okay, it was a bit short. But I'm working on the next…