I might have said this to someone on a PM, or put it up last chapter, but I compare the Sun Guardian with I-Pin. I'll explain at the end of the chapter, when the contestant is revealed.

On Wikipedia, it claimed that Silesia was a 'vital region' of Prussia when it was occupied. No, seriously!

I'm 'translating' Sweden's speech, so you don't have to struggle over those words with so many vowels.

Chapter 7

The next day, we still had school despite the fact that yesterday was Christmas. I had no idea why, but I really didn't have time to think about it since I was supposed to write in an apology essay for History/English class that explained that Hungary and Prussia are not people, they are countries. Also, that if they were people, then Hungary would never hit on Prussia since they were both guys and Hungary would have to marry the delicate lady Austria. Gokudera-kun had then yelled at Ms. Brown, citing that Austria was an extremely tough, rough, and aggressive nation that fought in a lot of wars. Yamamoto had to do one that said that the War of Austrian Succession had nothing to do with 'illicit behavior' on the part of Prussia, who did not seize and occupy Austria's genitals, but rather, Silesia.

I didn't know this at the time, but Gilbert, a Hungarian woman, and an Austrian man all sneezed at the same time, and then began fighting over the last piece of sushi all over again.

By the time I finished the essay and handed it in, Gokudera-kun had taught the class and Ms. Brown everything about Austrian history, including the House of Hapsburg and the involvement in the First World War. Ms. Brown stood there for fifteen straight minutes before admitting that she didn't even know that Austria had partitioned Poland. Then the bell rang, signaling the end of class.

Shiro-sensei's class was interesting, to say the least. He demonstrated the eighty-one uses of silly putty, which was strange since this was a math class. He then let us talk for the rest of the period. Gokudera-kun instantly dragged me over to the side to talk to me about the upcoming match. He thumped a large stack of papers onto my desk. "I've already made strategies for that boxer," he said. He picked out one sheet of paper, one that looked like a multiple choice test. "You put the physical information of his opponent here, and you end up with a number." He arranged the other sheets to reveal that they had numbers labeled on the top. "If the guy is 160~165 cm tall, weighs 60~65 km, and has an Endomorphic body type then he should be attacked with strategy 058. If he's Ectomorphic, weighs 50~55 kg and 180~185 cm tall, then number 283 is best, and so on and so forth."


"Onii-san!" shouted Kyoko. "Please calm down!"


"Sasagawa-san, how did you get in here?" asked Shiro-sensei. "Class is still in session."


Ms. Brown entered the room and dragged him off, apologizing to Shiro-sensei. "I'm sorry he disrupted your class," she said.

"No, it's fine," replied Shiro-sensei. "After all- Whoops, there goes the bell."

Onii-san held out his hand to Kyoko-chan and shouted, "LET US GO HOME TOGETHER TO THE EXTREME!"

Kyoko-chan shook her head apologetically. "I'm sorry, but I promised Haru that I'd go with her after school, to show our foreign friend Elizabeta around!"

Foreign friend? I peered out the window. A young woman in a modestly long dress was standing at the gates. She spotted me, and gave a friendly wave. I waved back, albeit shyly.

Haru came running towards the woman, saying something that I couldn't quite discern from this distance but was clearly upbeat and enthusiastic. The woman smiled, and said something mildly. "Is that her?" I asked Kyoko-chan.

Kyoko-chan nodded. "Hai," she said, and we walked out of the classroom and along the hallway. "I met her yesterday. She was looking for our school for some reason… do you think she has a relative who goes here?"

She wanted to know where the school was? There was no way that that wasn't suspicious… "THAT MUST BE IT TO THE EXTREME!" shouted Onii-san. "BUT WAIT! I HAVE TO SEE IF THIS ELIZABETA CAN KEEP YOU SAFE!"

I sweatdropped. "It's only a walk through town," I said. "I doubt that you would get into trouble."


"Shut up!" Gokudera-kun snapped. "They'll be perfectly safe here in Nanimori! There's no way anything can occur without something else happening at the same time that somehow results in 10th saving them in Dying Will Mode!"

I sweatdropped. Gokudera-kun just summed up my entire life since Reborn got here… not counting all the battles. We got to the gates, and Onii-san immediately ran to Elizabeta. "CAN YOU PROTECT MY LITTLE SISTER?! I NEED TO KNOW!" he roared.

Surprisingly, Elizabeta did not falter. "Of course!" she said with vigor rather than cheer. "If anyone dares attack us, zen zey vill get ze beating of zier lives!"

Onii-san put his hand on her shoulder and shouted, "THEN I LEAVE MY LITTLE SISTER IN YOUR HANDS!"

Elizabeta clapped her hand with his. "Igen!"

She, Haru, and Kyoko ran off towards the town, chatting excitedly. "Ch," said Gokudera-kun. "They're so excited about the smallest things."

"Ah, it's only three girls having fun," said Yamamoto-kun.

Gokudera-kun waved a hand dismissively. "More importantly, you're sure that you don't need the plans?"

Onii-san jabbed the air with his fist and bellowed, "OF COURSE! BOXING IS ALL I NEED!"

"Idiot," Gokudera-kun muttered.


Haru and Kyoko were very nice girls, and they seemed to know everyone in town. Eventually, they directed me to the café where the others were staying. Today, Sweden was in charge. "H'll', Elizabeta," he said. "H'w's it g'n'g?" (How's it going?)

"Fine," I replied. "Do you like living in Japan?"

"It's n'c', th' p'pl' 'r' n'c'," he replied in his thick accent.

"Sorry, can you say it in Swedish?" I asked

"It's nice, the people are nice," he repeated. "Lovino asked you to come fight, right?"

"Igen," I said.

"You speak Swedish?" asked Haru in her sweet, ditzy way.

"I do," I said. "I've been to Sweden before."

"Sh' br'k' G'lb'rt's h'd 'n a st't 'f Chr's'n 'f Sw'd'n," Sweden added for Haru and Kyoko. (She broke Gilbert's head on a statue of Christiana of Sweden).

"You know each other?" Kyoko interrupted.

"Ve are acquaintances," I said, beginning the standard explanation for knowing other nations.

"W' m't 'n 'r j'b," said Sweden. (We met on our job).

"Ve vork for our governments," I said, using the best, most vague explanation I could. "Ve hold meetings and discuss vot ve should be doing."

"Does that mean you travel a lot?" Kyoko asked. "It must be nice… have you ever been to France?"

On instinct, I scowled at the mention of that pervert. "Yes," I said.

Seeing my sudden anger, Haru quickly asked, "What about Turkey? I heard that it had nice architecture!" As I was still visually annoyed, she added, "Spain? Romania? Prussia… wait, that's not a country anymore!"

"How about Austria?" Kyoko put out rather lamely. Still, I brightened up at the mention of my former husband's name. The mood lightened, and we chatted freely.

After we ate off the cake (while Finland did make it and his traditional food was terrible, he was still a good cook [1]), we waved goodbye to Sweden and left the café.

"Ciao~o, bella!" an Italian-accented voice called. It was too deep and… well, perverted to be any of the Italy brothers. I turned around to glare at him. A man wearing a doctor's white lab coat stood exactly where I thought he would be. "You're a cute babe, why don't you and I go out and-"

WHAM! I slammed my frying pan into his face, breaking his nose. "Do not even sink about it!" I shouted.

The man made a quick recovery considering the impact of the metal pan, and proceeded to Kyoko. "How would you like to-"

"HIYAAH!" A small object collided with the doctor's head. When it slowed down enough for me to see, it took the form of a five year old girl. "You no attack Kyoko!" she shouted in broken Japanese. The man lay there on the ground.

"I-Pin!" Kyoko called. "It's nice to see you!"

The girl turned around. "Ni Men Hao!" she said to all of us. (A/N Like Ni Hao, except talking to multiple people.)

"Ni hao," I said in response. "Your name is I-Pin?" I-Pin nodded. There was something about her that I could see clearly. "You are a girl, aren't you?"

I-Pin looked at me in awe. "How you know?" she asked.

"Oh, I know of these sings," I said vaguely. I knelt down. "Do not vorry about vot oser people sink. You vill be a beautiful lady someday."

She smiled. "Xiexie!" she thanked me. "But… I look like boy? How you know that?"

I looked up. "Ven I vas I child, I looked like a boy also," I said.

"Puyi! B-but you're so feminine!" Haru protested.

"Nein, she vasn't alvays like zat," interrupted a farmiliar voice.

"Gilbert." I said with venom.

"Puyi! A dangerous man has entered!" Haru squealed, using the English word for dangerous.

"Ja, it's ze awesome me, Elizabeta," he said cockily. He turned to the girls. "You see, she vasn't alvays zis girly."

"Yeah right!" Haru said defiantly.

Prussia shrugged, nonplussed. "Eeit eeiz true. Ven ve vere children, everyone sought zat ze vas a guy!"

"Eh?! Really?" Kyoko asked.

"Eeit's true, as hard as eeit eeiz to believe," Prussia swaggered. "She beat up ze man who vould later become her husband. Und zen she beat me up. Und don't get me started on ze incident vis ze chamber pot…"

I glared at Prussia. "And you do not remember vot you did vis ze crotch cloth!? And ven you touched my chest!?"

Prussia began to sweat. "I- I sought zat you vere a guy!"

"And you forced Feliks to strip because you sought zat he vas a girl!" I added with a vengeance. [2]

"Zat vas because I vas supposed to avoid girls at ze time!" Prussia argued hotly. "Vot about ze time ven you vere in Romania und-!?"

"Zat vas years ago!" I shouted. "You shot Toris in the head vis an arrow!"

"Puyi! The atmosphere sure is dangerous!" Haru shouted.

"Are you two old flames?" Kyoko asked innocently.

"Nein!" Prussia shouted. "Like I vould date her!"

I-Pin kicked him. "You no insult her!" she shouted.

Prussia looked like he was considering hitting her, but he didn't. "You can say vot you like," he said. He turned to me. "What? I'm not going to hit a little girl. It would look bad!" he said in German.

I sighed. "So you have become at least zat much more mature," I said.

Prussia laughed. "No vone can ever tame me! Tschüs!" he waved us goodbye.

Kyoko-chan looked at her watch. "I have to go home now. I told my family that I was going to be home by five!"

Haru glanced up at a clock hanging on one of the stores. "Puyi! It's already four-thirty?! I have to finish my essay by tomorrow!"

I looked at the clock, and sure enough, it was four-thirty. "I have to go meet someone!" I said. "I'll be late!" I turned to the girls. "Köszönöm for showing me around town today!" (Thank you)

Kyoko nodded. "It was nice meeting you! Arigato!"

"I'm sorry, I have to go now!" wailed Haru. "Goodbye!"




We parted ways. Now, I had to get to Romano's place soon…


"Bye, Mom!" I said as I left the house.

"Bye, Tsu-kun!" Mom waved. It was strange having Mom wave at me when I was going to a fight to the death…

I ran into the others soon enough and all seven of us entered the school grounds.

Sure enough, the Cervello and Lovino's family were there. There were three more people than before, the first being a man with huge eyebrows who appeared to be hung over, the second being a man in glasses carrying the aforementioned man, and the third being-

"Elizabeta?!" the four of us who knew her shouted. Gokudera-kun was the first to react. "I knew you were no good from the time you asked where the school was!" he roared.

"Ugh…" groaned the hung-over man. "Stop shouting… it's making it all worse…"

"Aw, come on Iggy!" the man with glasses said rather loudly. He didn't seem to be consciously shouting, but he was loud. "Don't be such a wimp!"

"So you're the Sun Guardian?" Yamamoto asked, trying to diffuse the situation.

The guy in glasses shook his head. "Nah, I'm just here to drop off Iggy!"

"Then who's the Sun Guardian?! Tell me!" Gokudera-kun shouted strategies in hand. He was analyzing the man called 'Iggy'.

"I am," said Elizabeta. She had changed her clothing in the last hours, from a dress to fatigues. Not the kind you buy in the mall, these fatigues were genuine military fatigues. While they appeared to be freshly washed, there were plenty of signs of wear and tear. Her expression was the same as when she promised Onii-san that she would protect Kyoko-chan and Haru: strong, determined, and confident.

Gokudera-kun, on the other hand, had dropped his strategy list. He didn't factor in gender for any of his strategies… and he certainly didn't expect a girl to be the Sun Guardian. It was, after all, the active part of the rainbow.

Feliciano jumped up from behind her and hugged her. "Ve! Sorella!" Elizabeta hugged him back.

"You're brother and sister!?" Gokudera-kun exclaimed. Oh, right! Sorella means sister in Italian!

"Not biologically," said Elizabeta through Feliciano's affectionate rubbing.

"But Elizabeta has always been a big sister to me!" Feliciano said.

I looked at Lovino, who stayed on the sidelines. "What? I asked Elizabeta because she was close to Fratello. We're not what you would call close…"

"You're the Sun Guardian?!" Onii-san roared. "I can't hit a girl!"

"Don't sink of her as vone," Gilbert put in. He swaggered his way between us. "After all, she's a guy on the inside! Even she sought zat she vas male until she hit puberty!"

Elizabeta looked uncomfortable and angry. "Vot vas zat?!"

"Are you denying it?" Gilbert asked arrogantly.

Elizabeta was livid, but she was forced to agree. "Igen," she spat. "It is true."

"In fact, I vas ze first vone to know," said Gilbert.

"Vould you mind telling zem how?" Elizabeta said angrily.

Gilbert wasn't expecting that. "V-vhy should ze AWESOME ME-"

"You touched my chest!" Elizabeta roared.

"I did not mean to!" Gilbert protested. He turned to us. "Look, it vas an accident! Back ven ve vere kids, she vas complaining about how her chest hurt! So I tried to hit her veak point… it vas only later zat I found out! But… kesesesesese~! Do you know vot she said?!" Gilbert recovered his cocky air.

Elizabeta was furious. "Z-zat vas years ago!"

"She said zat everyvone grew (male reproductive organs) when they got older!" Gilbert shouted.

The silence was thick enough to be cut with a knife. "You mean it's only boys?!" the kid with the guns shouted.

"Peter…" the hung-over man said irritably.

"What? You never told me anything about this, jerk-Arthur!" shouted Peter. "You're my bloody older brother!"

"You're twelve!" Iggy—or Arthur—retorted.

"You did zat!?" Ludwig shouted in disbelief. I couldn't' tell if he was talking to his brother or Elizabeta.

"Wait!" Gokudera-kun shouted. "Your name's Elizabeta, right? So why would anyone think that you were a guy with a name like-"

"I vas called Daniel," she said coolly.

"That doesn't suit you," I said.

"Of course! She's a girl! Why would a girl be called Daniel!?"

"Would everyone please be quiet?" one of the Cervello asked. That alone was enough to stop all chatter. "Thank you. Now, would you all please follow me to the Cloud complex?"

Both Cervello walked us over to the other side of the school, where the roped-off minefield that was the Cloud area stood. "You two enter from either side," she said. "If either of you are knocked out of the ring, then you lose. The goal is to incapacitate your opponent."

"SOUNDS EXTREME!" Onii-san shouted, and he leapt over the ropes; missing a mind by barely millimeters. Elizabeta judged her steps carefully but rapidly, and managed to find a spot that wasn't going to blow up in her face.

"Let the match- BEGIN!"

Onii-san took the first blow with a jab, but Elizabeta dodged by a hair's breadth. "So you are a boxer, eh?" she asked. "Zen I vill fight vis no veapons!"

She then tackled him head-on. Onii-san was so taken aback from these turn of events that he did the only thing that he could do-

WHAM~! He threw a punch at her head, knocking her backwards.

"Yes! The stupid boxer did it!" Gokudera-kun hissed.

"No," I said. Something's wrong… she doesn't seem to be trying as hard. Was it because he was Kyoko-chan's brother? That he showed so much faith in her? I wasn't sure. But the fact was, she was losing on purpose…

"Ushishishi… Hello, peasants!" a familiar voice called. Belphegor! Three of the Varia were here! Belphegor, Levi, and Lussuria! Ominously, Levi was carrying a coffin on his back.

"It wasn't the Boss's orders, but…" Levi said with some remorse.

"Why not? It was fun getting him out of the hotel in the middle of the night!" Lussuria said.

Elizabeta got up, and turned to the newcomers. "Who are you?!" she cried.

"You may not know us, but we have a file on you," said Lussuria.

"We did some poking around, and what did we find?" Belphegor teased. "Nothing! All of your files have virtually nothing in them. But since I'm a prince, I gleaned what information I could to my advantage."

"It's for the Boss," said Levi. "If you lose this match, then the chances of you becoming the boss of the Vongola go down!"

"So then the one piece of information came to light," said Belphegor. "The name of your ex-husband- Roderich Edelstein!"

Levi slammed down the coffin and opened it up to reveal an aristocratic-looking man in glasses. He was tied up, and there were whip marks all over him. From what I could see, he was unconscious.

"Roderich!" Elizabeta shouted.

"VEE! Mr. Roderich!" Feliciano freaked out.

"Hey! No vone treats zat stupid aristocrat like zat!" Gilbert yelled. "Only ze awesome me can do zat!"

He tried to leap over the school fence to get at them, but the Cervello stopped him. "No member from either family can touch the other outside of battle," she said, deadpan as usual.

"They're the Varia," said Lovino. "They're also part of Vongola, so you can't touch them as long as you're a Guardian."

"Rrgh," Gilbert muttered, and stepped down.

"How about this?" Belphegor asked Elizabeta. "If you win the match, then your dear ex-husband goes free!"

Elizabeta glared at him with a cold fury that went beyond the petty arguments with Gilbert.

"But if you don't finish this up in five minutes, then…" he waved a knife back and forth.

"SCREW THAT!" Before I could register what happened, the loud man had leapt over the gate, and charged at Levi. Lussuria purposefully got in the way, and had punched him in the nose.

"Not a Guardian, eh?" he said.

"That's right!" Peter shouted, and both handguns were back in his hands. He chose Levi as his target, and shot his guns so quickly and accurately for a kid his age that it was worrying.

"LEAVE MR. RODERICH ALONE!" Feliciano yelled in a burst of strength, and attacked Belphegor with a single rapier. With speed surprising for someone so bubbly, he dodged all the knives thrown at him and-

The next moment was unclear. Lussuria had tried to attack the loud man with his steel knee guard, but the loud man had punched straight through it. Peter had tackled Levi at the exact moment the parabola shot out lightning, and both were electrocuted. Feliciano was crouched behind Belphegor, who was cut at least seventy times.

Belphegor fell. Neither of his comrades were paying attention, however, because of their own problems. Peter headbutted Levi in the nose repeatedly, and I could hear clanging noises. The loud man shook off all of Lussuria's punches easily, and punched him right in the face with the same fist that broke a steel plate five seconds ago. As predicted, both members of the Varia crumbled.

With those three out of the way, Elizabeta had relaxed slightly. But neither she nor Onii-san was giving each other any quarter. Fist against fist, body against body, they were on another level of intensity than… than…

BOOM! BOOM! BBBBBBBOOOOOM! Landmines blew up in a chain reaction, both fighters dancing backwards in time to attack one another once again.

"MAXIMUM CANNON!" Onii-san roared, and his right fist fired like a missile. Elizabeta didn't stand a chance. She was out.

"The match is over!" shouted the Cervello. "Victory goes to the Vongola!"

"TO THE EXTREME!" Onii-san added with a yell.

Lovino looked unhappy, but that was to be expected when he was going to be kidnapped if we won two more matches. After the brief celebrations were over, he glared at me. Somehow, my Hyper Intuition picked up something… a voice. A voice that resonated with my very psyche… "Look under the bush on the right as you leave the school. Don't let anyone see you!"

The Cervello stepped up. "Since all of Lovino's Guardians have assembled, the matches will be randomized again." She shook a box around, and withdrew a piece of paper. "The next match is: Rain!"

Yamamoto stiffened. Lovino's group, however, was lax. "So, are you coming with us?" Antonio asked Elizabeta as if they were talking about a party.

She shook her head. "I can't. If I did, I vould be ze only girl. I'm crashing at Kiku's place tonight."

Hibari narrowed his eyes at this. His expression, normally impossible to read, had changed into a subtle 'No… she can't be talking about him… there's more than one Kiku in the world'. Yeesh… that was scary. I could read minds now?

There was a cough. A simple sound like that was all it took for everyone in the area to turn around. I had exactly one second to register that Elizabeta's ex-husband was awake. After that, both she and Feliciano crowded around him, weeping. I couldn't understand a word they were saying, since they were speaking Hungarian, German, and Italian hand signs rapidly.

At last, Roderich stood up, and said something in German. He walked right over to the rest of us and said in heavily accented Japanese, "You are fighting Lovino?"

"H-hai…" I said nervously.

Roderich gave me a Look. "Vell, it is not your fault," he said at length. "Feliciano told me everysing. Ze mafia eeiz as harsh as ever… But vatch out. You vill be fighting ze Rain Guardian."

"Of course!" Gokudera-kun shouted. "That's what she just said!"

Roderich gave him an annoyed look. "Zat eeiz not vot I meant!" he yelled. "But anyvay, I know [gender neutral pronoun] vell… Vot vas zat?"

"Zantetsuken Reverse must haf left ze filter out again," said Gilbert. "[Gender neutral pronoun] does zat to hide [possessive gender neutral pronoun] identity." I couldn't really tell what was wrong with the filter, since the pronouns in Japanese were all gender neutral, but something must have happened.

"Anyvay, he may appear to be a placid young [gender undisclosed] on ze outside, but ven [GNE] is angry… You haf made [GNE] angry. Very, very angry. Und now, you must deal vis [GNE]."

"Is that supposed to be a threat?!" Gokudera-kun yelled.

"Nein. Eeit eeiz a varning," said Roderich, and he followed his ex-wife away.

I looked at Yamamoto-kun- and shuddered. His expression was completely serious, just like with him facing Squalo. But who was the Rain?

There were two members of Lovino's family who I could call placid: Emil and Tino. Maybe Antonio was the Rain guardian, and perhaps that guy with the eyebrows since I never saw him sober. Peter, the loud American (I just knew he was American somehow), and Feliciano were not part of the family, so that ruled Feliciano out. Not to mention the fact that there might be others that I didn't know, since Lovino said that they were in Japan, which is quite a broad area.

Hibari stalked off. Where was he going…?

Unnoticed, I picked up the note Lovino indicated for me. 'Don't think you've won,' it said. 'Elizabeta was holding back. No, she was using her full strength, but she didn't have any weapons. If she had… your friend would have been killed.' [3]


Hibari arrived at the gates of Honda's house. He leapt over the gate as he did the last time, and landed neatly on top of a conveniently placed pole. Looking out for another place to jump, he was interrupted by a loud shout.

Elizabeta, the Sun Guardian, was standing between the masked man and the sleepy man Hibari saw the day earlier. In her hands she held a frying pan, poised to strike the masked man.

"H-hey!" the masked man shouted. "Why the heck are you attacking me!?"

"Face it, Sadik," Elizabeta replied angrily. "If you and Heracles are fighting, zen I am more inclined tovards him zan you."

Heracles was silent, but glad for the interference.

"Aw, come on," said Sadik. "You still haven't forgiven me for that?" [4] Elizabeta glared at him. "Point taken."

At that moment, the doors rattled open. (A/N I assume that Japan's house is a traditional Japanese one). Honda himself ran outside, and tried to separate the three. "Please calm down, this is a home," he said. The three troublemakers reluctantly sheathed their metaphorical weapons. "And you, Hibari-san."

Hibari narrowed his eyes. He knew he was there? He was sharp…

"Are you here to train again?" Honda asked.

Hibari responded with a tonfa to the face—which was blocked quickly by a frying pan and deflected out of his hand. Elizabeta stood there, fuming. "So you break in and attack Kiku-kun!? Vot kind of a person are you!?"

Hibari didn't respond. "E-Elizabeta-chan, please calm down!" Honda said nervously. "He came here to fight me to train!"

"Oh," said Elizabeta, and she more or less sheathed her weapon. "Zen I von't interfere."

"Not crying over fights? As expected from the manliest-"

"Shut up, Sadik!"

Clang! Steel landed upon steel as sword and tonfa connected. Honda was a skilled swordsman, and Hibari always had the impression that he was always holding back. His greatest desire was to drag his full strength out at all costs…

At length, both combatants were weary from sheer exhaustion. Honda finally dropped his katana and said, "It had been several hours. Shouldn't we go to bed?"

Hibari narrowed his eyes and lunged for the fiftieth time that night—

"Come off it!" Elizabeta shouted, and tackled him head-on. The next moment, she gripped him in a wrestling position. "You should be sleeping right now! Have you eaten dinner?! You must take care of your body—you're going to regret being like zis! It is vone sing to be reckless in combat, but another to be so stubborn! Go home, wash up, brush your teeth, and GET SOME SLEEP!"

Her voice resonated with Hibari's psyche like his mother's, the hard, commanding side of the love. Fifteen minutes later, he found himself in his room, fully dressed in pajamas and brushing his teeth, having eaten a nutritious dinner with a lot of vegetables. It took a woman like Elizabeta to do something like that to Hibari Kyoya…


Greece and Turkey stalked off to separate corners of Japan's house, leaving him alone with Hungary. "Japan," she said in Hungarian. "Romano never asked you to do his thing, did he?"

"What thing?" he replied.

"He needed help in his fight with the mafia; specifically, six other people," Elizabeta explained. "It was a tournament, like, and you would have fought-"

"Against my own people," said Japan. "I know how Romano is. While he is ill-tempered and prone to cursing, he has his own honor. I do not think that he would have asked me to fight my own citizens."

Hungary thought at this. "But you fought that kid-"

"He came to me," said Japan. "That was training. Romano may not particularly like me, but he must have thought that I would not want to. I could if it is in self-defense, and I cannot refuse when something is asked of me."

"So he decided to respect that?" Hungary asked. She sighed. "Even if he is an angry person, he is nice in his own way, isn't he?"

"H-hai," said Japan, who couldn't really argue with anyone.

"Well, I hope that whoever that Vongola kid's Rain Guardian is is prepared. After all, he would have to fight…"

Japan and Hungary exchanged dark looks. "Him."


[1] Finland and food: I previously said that Finland was a good cook, until I found strips that contradicted this. I reconciled the differences by saying that while Finland is a good cook, his traditional food is horrible.

[2] Prussia forcing Poland to strip: Yes this happens.

[3] The match, Hungary holding back: I don't think that Ryohei is a match for Hungary, or any nation, at her full strength. Hibari so far is the only one to win a match with a nation.

[4] That which Hungary has not forgiven Turkey for: Wars between the two of them. Ottoman Empire anyone?

I'm not saying that Japan is stronger than Sweden, but Japan can predict Hibari's moves.

I-Pin's speech doesn't actually conform to how Chinese is actually structured, but I don't know enough Chinese to really have more than one way of speaking, and frankly, it would be boring.

Who is the Rain Guardian? Why is everyone so afraid of him? And when will Hibari snap out of his 'good son' trance?