Doing Things Differently

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. I own only the characters that show up when Ash is wondering certain regions and gets certain Pokemon. I own the characters there.

Summary: Ash is given Pikachu in the beginning. What if Pikachu ditches him in his time of need. What is another pokemon takes place of his starter. He takes to the world differently and is colder. He wants to be the best of trainers. Watch out world.


Hi Everyone! Sorry for the very delayed story update. I've been busy with jobs and internship. Really busy. le sigh I'm now gonna try to continue the story and give it regular updates when, I can. I also have some other story plans on the way.

Alright people that are saying Ash has weird tempers and acting to much like a thug. I've told you all before that he is on the borderline of insane. He has weird mood swings. Also with all the baby pokemon deal. He gets many because they age quickly. Togepi is a exception because it's an egg pokemon. But Ash's other pokemon aren't so they age quickly. Remember Phanpy and Lavitar? They could use attacks early. So some pokemon age more quickly then others.

Pokemon Ash has so far:

Fearow:Talon (male)

Gyarados: Mystic (female)

Cloyster: Gem (female)

Arbok: Naga (female)

Primeape: Champ (male)

Pinsir: Spike (male)

Beedrill: Videl (female) mothers pokemon

Sandslash: Quake (male)

Clefable: Tinker (female)

Persian: Bastet (female)

Espeon: Evlon (female)

Nidoran: Queen (female) mothers pokemon

Steelix:Diamond (female)

Poliwrath: Wav (male)

Icysaur: Alpha (male)

Charizard: Torch (male)

Squirtle: Shades (male)

Squirtle: Munch (male) mothers pokemon\

Krabby: Crush (male)

Magmar: Volcan (male)

Gyarados: Triton (male)

Slowpoke: Oni (male)

Kingdra: Spirit (male)

Tangrowth: Fern (female)

Ralts: Rune (male)

Cubone: Rattle (male)

Gengar: Sly (male)

Golduck: Einstein (male)

Muk: Grim (male)

Magnemite: Sparks (male)

Rapidash:Dash (female)

Tauros: Rodeo (male)

Rhyhorn: Pazder (male)

Parasect: Spura (female) mothers pokemon

Doduo: Trio (male)

Venonat: Rura (female)

Goldeen: Koi (female) mothers pokemon

Dragonair: Marine (female)

Pikachu: Small One (female)

Eevee: Ebon (male)

Aerodactyl: Arrow (female)

Kabutops: Shredder (male)

Omastar: Nova (female)

Ash is a ladies man... Has more girls then Brock will ever get. ;)

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Chapter 25

Riddles & Volcano Badges


Last Time on Starting Things Differently:

Misty is now convinced that Ash has got skill. Ash glares, "It took you that long to realize that? Geez for a moment, I thought you knew..." Ash said grabbing his shiny Eevee from Brock. He walks off ahead of them with a huff. Misty looks saddened at this and looks down. Tomo who was beside her looks at her, "Talk to him..." Misty frowns and looks at her friend she considered brother. She walked up to him and taped him on the shoulder. Ash turned to her with a bored look in his face and quirked an eyebrow silently. Misty bit her lip and looked him in the eyes, "I'm sorry. I should have known that you would have skill. You've always did. It was my arrogance and pride that didn't want to think you did... Please forgive me..." Ash just stared at her for a while. Misty thought his answer was no and went to turn back to the others. She was stopped by Ash grabbing her arm and pulling her to his chest. "I forgive you Mist. Sometimes people don't think before they talk." Ash said calmly to her before hugging her. Her eyes watered at being forgiven and hugged him tightly that the boy she considered a brother gave her a second chance.

Everyone was watching this interaction with smiles happy the fighting was done and over with. Todd took a picture of this moment with a smile. Todd's eyes noticed something on the battle field and then went to investigate it.

A short time later after everything was forgiven and the group was in on piece. Everyone said goodbye to the head instructor and Nurse Joy before heading off for Cinnabar Island. Todd comes up to Nurse Joy with one of the two Meowth that got hurt in the Explosion. The Meowth then talks with groaning in pain. This reveals it to be Team Rocket's Meowth.

Meanwhile, as Jessie and James vow revenge on Ash and his friends, they quickly discover that they ended up with the wrong Meowth.


Ash and his friends take a boat ride as they are finally going to Cinnabar Island. "I can't wait to go to Cinnabar! I heard it's beautiful!" Misty exclaimed in glee. Brock went on explaining it was a good place to learn the latest technology. Ash was excited to get his next badge. Tomo was looking forward to Ash's next battle.

They were interrupted by Gary and his cheerleaders. Gary was bragging to his fan girls and noticed Ash. "Well lookie here. Who let this loser on the boat?" Gary said with a smirk. Ash twitched an eyebrow at this, "Gary..." He tightened his grip on Ebon who yipped at this and licked his hand. Gary noticed the shiny Eevee and widened his eyes at the sight of it. "How did you get your hands on a shiny Eevee Ashy boy?!" Gary asked his rival. Ash snorted, "I got him by breeding Gare-bare..." Ash stated. Gary's eye widened at this, "Your breeding pokemon?!" Ash grinned, "Yeah. It's a good thing to do so." Gary was silent at this and couldn't believe his rival was doing that.

Ash then ignored Gary much to his anger and disbelief. Ash talked to Tomo about getting ready to get a badge at the gym and what pokemon he should use. Gary who was eavesdropping snorts at this. Then started explain to them that Cinnabar Island is a tourist resort. He smirks and states that pokemon trainers have not ventured to Cinnabar Island since the days of his grandfather. Ash almost drops Ebon at this, "What?! That's not cool!" Gary smirks, "Still as clueless as usual." Gary huffed out relaxing as he sun bathed.

Ash glared at him, "Hope you get a sun burn Gare-bare. I remember this one time you did and it was in the most unpleasant place." Ash singed. Gary who heard this froze, "You wouldn't Ashy!" Gary's face started turning red. Ash smirked and turned to look at him with a maniacal smile. Gary and the others watching shuddered. "I would Gary..." He said clicking his tongue staring Gary directly in the eye. Gary and Ash stared at one another till Gary backed off with a huff. Everyone silently wondered what the sun burn issue was.

Tomo walked up to Ash, "What was the issue?" Ash smirked and leaned down to tell him. Gary saw this and yelled at Ash to keep silent. Tomo turned to Gary in question wondering the big issue was. Ash was now leaning against the wall watching his rival get nervous.

Gary was in shock at seeing his rival who, he just just now realized wasn't kidding. He hoped none of his fans ever knew. Brock looked at Ash, "Alright what happened?" Ash smirked at this, "Alright. When we were 6 years old. My mother and Professor Oak took us to the beach. Gary and me were trouble makers all the time and didn't like to listen." Brock snorted, "You still don't..." Ash blushed and coughed lightly, "Anyway when we were there. My mom ordered us to wear sun screen. She grabbed me to do so. Gary on the other hand avoided her and the Professor. He thought he was to cool for that. So all day he didn't wear sun screen. By the end he had to been as red as a cherry and his back was the worst. Mostly near his mid-back..." Ash huffed out then grinned, "He had to always get icy hot and would always yelp at this. My mother was so angry that day with him... He basically took most of the fun out of it." Ash laughed at this.

Gary was in misery in the background for his rival sharing that story. He heard his fan girls giggling and silently vowed to get Ashy back. Mentally shaking a fist in his head at his rival. Ash saw his angry look and snorted, "Want me to tell them about the reason your nickname is Gare-bare?" Ash commented. Gary froze at this as his ears started turning red at the top, "No..." Gary muttered huffing also wondering when did Ash get a dark side.

Ash ignoring his rivals misfortune and discovers that they were indeed on a cruise ship. He sweat-dropped at seeing all the tourists. He sighed and hoped to get off soon. He heard some of the people coming over to check out Ebon. Ebon whimpered at the sight of all the people crowding around him. Ash frowned at this and started to stare at them long enough to get disturbed by his dead eye. Ebon licked his arm after this and Ash gave his baby Eevee a soft smile.

Once they were on the island the group decided to find the Cinnabar Gym. They looked around and sighed seeing all the tourists. "Seems like Gary was right..." Ash stated not liking to believe his rival. "This is a tourist trap..." Misty commented. Brock frowned then shrugged, "Might as well look around." The others agreed.

Ash and the gang walked around the port checking around for the gym. "There's no sign of the gym at all. But there sure is a lot of tourists..." Brock commented. Ash groaned, "If one more asks that they want a picture with Ebon, I swear, I'm gonna scream... Damn tourists..." Ash twitched an eyebrow at this with multiple anger veins. His shiny Eevee yipped at his daddy agreeing with him. Ash was checking out the sights and looked away in annoyance at just the poke merchandise. "They're are so many nice islands everywhere else, but why did this one become so popular?" Brock questioned. The gang was about to question his answer when they ran into a man.

The man had long brown hair with black circled sunglasses. He had a thick long pointy mustache. He wore a long red tunic with blue mixed in and red pants. Around his neck was a green beaded necklace. The local man smiled, "The answer to your question is a riddle. What do tourists think is hot and cool?" Ash frowned at this, "What is hot and cool?" He parroted. Ebon tilted his head in confusion, "Vee?" Everyone else blinked and looked around in confusion.

"I have no idea to this riddle. I've never been good at riddles to be honest…." Ash said nervously with a sweat-drop while laughing sheepishly. The others looked around hopeful for the other to have the answer. Misty frowned, "Hot springs are really hot…. And tourists think their cool!" Misty shouted in glee. Togepi in her arms squealed at her mother's happiness. "That's right!" Shouted the local man. He then grinned, "See kids. Because of the volcano their are a lot of hot springs on Cinnabar Island. And every year more and more tourists come to visit them. Now they've even taken over Cinnabar Island. Trainers don't come anymore! TOURISTS THEY'VE RUIN THE ISLAND!" The man shouted in anguish.

Ash sweat-dropped at this. 'Pretty much. The tourists are really bad and this is my first time here…' He thought agreeing fully with the local man. "So is the pokemon gym still here? I have to earn that volcano badge." Ash questioned to the man showing his curiosity.

The man turned to look at Ash. Misty smiled and said, "I heard that the gym leader was a guy named Blaine." The local man looked at them stern and a gleam entered on his sunglasses. "His gym is right where you put your glasses." The man riddled. Ash groaned, "Damn…. Not another riddle…." He said with a sigh. Tomo laughed at his brother's misfortune. "Glasses? Glasses?" Ash said to himself. Tomo looked thoughtful for a second hoping to help. Brock was thinking, "Hmmm… That's tricky one…" Misty looked deep in thought then perked up, "In front of your eyes?!"

The man grinned again, "Right again!" He said with a smile to Misty then gave a stern look to them all, "Blaine's gym is right in front of your eyes!" He said then pointed to a building wreckage. "WHAT?!" Ash shouted in alarm seeing the destroyed gym. Tomo was in awe at the old gym. "That's it?" Brock said in shock seeing a gym in this shape. "It's a wreck…" Misty said in surprise.

The man frowned and stared at the gym with a grim look. "Blaine got tired of battling tourists who cared more about postcards and t'shirts then about pokemon. That's when, he abandoned the gym." The man stated. Ash frowned, "That's not fair! I'm not a lame tourist! I came all this way to battle Blaine with my strong team! I heard, he was a great gym leader!" Ash said with fire in his eyes. The man noticed Ash's scar with a frown and noticed the shiny Eevee in Ash's arms. "I can see that you are different from other trainers. But I'm afraid you came to the wrong place my friend." The man said with a grim smile. Seeing Ash's saddened look, "Here's my card. Come by when you want to kid. Sorry that your plans didn't work out." The man said patting Ash on the head and then walked off.

Ash looked at the card in his hand, "The Big Riddle Inn?" The gang peered over his shoulder. "An Inn? How can you run a hotel and blame tourists for ruining the island? That doesn't make any sense to me." Misty ranted in question. Tomo nodded agreeing with her logic, "He was weird…" Everyone nodded, but knew that you should never judge a book by it's cover.

The gang was now walking around the island. "Well since we're here might as well look around." Ash said with a shrug. Ebon yipped in his arms agreeing fully with his daddy. "We could check out the lab?" Tomo said wondering what a lab was. "Or maybe not…" Misty said stopping and pointing in front of them.

Looking in front of them was the Pokemon lab. "Ah man. That's not a lab it's another tourist attraction…" Ash groaned out. Ebon's ears drooped hearing his daddy's annoyance. Then twitched hearing growling. Everyone turned to the sound and looked at Ash. Said boy blushed," Whoops… I guess all this disappointment is making me hungry?" Ash said with a sheepish grin. Tomo nodded also feeling hungry.

Misty smiled, "We should call it a day. Why don't we check out the pokemon center?" She stated. Brock grinned, "Good idea." Ash and Tomo nodded agreeing. "Let's go." They made their way over to the Pokemon Center.

The gang look at the Pokemon Center in wonder and annoyance. Nurse Joy looked at the gang sadly, "I'm sorry, but we're totally full. We even have some people sleeping in the lobby. This is that time of year. Try to come back at another time."

The group left in sadness. Brock was frowning, "I think out of all that people in the building we are the only people who exactly have pokemon." Brock stated with annoyance. Ash nodded, "I agree. I thought Pokemon Center's were for trainers?" Ash questioned. Misty nodded, "They usually are. I guess we could just camp out again in our sleeping bags." She said with a sigh. Ash and Tomo grinned, "I'm fine with that." Brock saw some hotel in front of them, "Let's try those hotels and see if we can get a room?" The gang looked at each other and then to Brock, "We can try…."

They checked the first hotel. The lady looked at them in disbelief, "You must be joking. We've hadn't had a opening in weeks." They went to the next one. The stern lady looked at them, "No room in this hotel. We're booked up to a year. Try to come back in the summer or maybe the fall." They went to another hotel and the man looked saddened, "Umm… Sorry nothing here." They tried every hotel and every place was the same.

Ash groaned, "I'm hungry and tired. I'm down with just crashing in the woods tonight." The gang agreed with his statement feeling dead tired and hungry. Just when they were about to leave, Ebon heard music playing and went to one of the sliding doors. "Vee veeee!" Ebon yipped hoping to get some food and music.

Ash went wide-eyed at his naughty pokemon, "EBON!" He shouted in surprise and anger at his normally well behaved Eevee. Ebon lowered his ears hearing his daddy's angry voice. "Veee ve…" He walked over to his daddy looking all innocent when he froze at the sliding door opening.

"Hmm…" Said the male who was to the surprise of all, Gary. He saw the gang looking at him frozen like deer in headlights. "Hey what do you know. Nice to see you again Ashy boy." Gary smirked. Ash glared at his rival. Ebon looked at Gary and knew his daddy would be angry with him leading him to his rival. The smell of good food hit the gang and they saw the feast Gary's party had. They're stomaches growled at this.

Gary saw their actions and smirked, "I know. How about this. I'll give you my leftovers if you spin around 3 times and say Pikachu." Gary grinned. Ash's eyes darkened at the word Pikachu, "Not on your life. And never with that pokemon. I'll die of hunger first!" Ash growled out then froze when his stomach growled. He blushed at this. Gary looked, "Ha! You should let your stomach do the talking!" Gary cackled at his rival. Ash glared hatefully at Gary. Ebon looked at Gary and started to spin around 3 times and was about to yip. "No Ebon!" Ash shouted grabbing his baby Eevee. He looked at his baby with softened eyes, "We'll never be that desperate that we'll have to sink to Gary's level." Ash stated to his Eevee then froze once more at hearing his stomach growl. Ebon lowered his ears, "Veeee…."

Gary laughed at this scene, "Even your Eevee feels sorry for you Ash! I've never seen anyone pathetic!" Gary stated with a smirk. The gang glared at the Oak boy in anger. Misty snorted, "Have you tried a mirror?" Brock gave Gary an disgusted look, "Let's go Ash." Tomo pulled at Ash's arm to get him away from his rival. Ash's eyes darkened to the point of glowing blue. Misty saw this and knew if they didn't act soon, Ash will use psychic on his rival.

Just then the door opened. Gary instantly turned around not seeing Ash's eyes starting to glow. "Great that must be the entertainment." The entertainment revealed itself to be Jigglypuff. The gang froze at the sight of her. Ash's eyes died down in seconds. "Ah! Jigglypuff!" Everyone shouted out and booked it out of there. They covered their ears, "Quick hurry!" Ash shouted. The gang followed shortly after disappearing in the forest.

Gary watched his rival and his gang fled at the sight of Jigglypuff and shrugged, "Heh. I don't know what's up with Ashy, but's he missing some real good entertainment." He ordered Jigglypuff to sing to his party and the balloon pokemon did. She made the whole party fall asleep to her singing and she got angry at this. Jigglypuff managed to draw scribbles on the whole party and Gary's face.

Ash and the gang were panting up on the top of the mountain cliff that was overlooking Cinnabar Islands touring hotels. Beside them was a playground. "That was a close one. Jigglypuff almost got us." Ash panted out with petting his distressed Eevee. "Veeee…" Tomo was panting and laying on the ground catching his breath from the long run. Misty nodded, "Yeah, but at least those guys are sleeping now." She said sadly.

Brock frowned, "Ash. What about that card that guy gave you?" Brock questioned remembering seeing the man give Ash a card. Ash blinked and then perked up. He got up and checked his pockets in his vest, "Found ya!" Ash said with a smirk. He pulled out the card, "Must be directions to his inn?" Brock looked closely at the card, "Huh? That's strange. If you look me near the swing. You'll see my hands or at least my face." Brock commented. Ash frowned, "Oh not another riddle! I can't win…." Ash groaned in sadness. Tomo patted his big bro's back to give him a break. Ash smiled at his little brother's action.

"There's a swing other there. But, I don't see anyone's hands or face." Brock stated looking over at the swings beside them. Ash, Tomo and Brock looked to the swings for the answer. Misty went to staring and pondering thought. Then she jumped up realizing that she knew the answer. "I got it! He means a clock!" Misty said with a grin. All the boys blinked at her in confusion. "Wha? A clock?" Ash questioned in surprise.

Misty nodded, "Yeah. Look up there!" She said pointing to over behind the swings. There above them was a clock. "See there's the clock! That must be the Big Riddle Inn!" Misty said in happiness. The gang realized that it was true. They ran towards the Inn happy to know that it was there.

"Once again the winner is Misty! With the correct solution." The local man said with a smile. He grinned at the gang in his Inn. Misty smiled, "That one was a easy one." The local man nodded and gave a pout. "And for the prize, I'll give you free rooms for the hotel." He stated.

Ash perked up at this and grinned, "Really? You'd do that?" The man nodded to Ash, "For answering my riddle. That'll be my prize to you my friend." Then he stopped at the sound of gurgling. Ash blushed at hearing his stomach growl. The man looked at him in question. Ash went red, "Ummmm…. Sorry… I guess, I'm a little hungry…." Ash stammered out. Tomo's stomach growled soon afterwords. It was almost as bad as Ash's was. Tomo blushed at seeing everyone's stare on him. The local man grinned, "I'll go get you all some food. You kids must be starving." After saying that the answer to his question was stomach growls and red faces from the gang avoiding his eyes.

The gang was all happily content eating their meal. While that was going on the Riddle Man went to check his ringing phone. While he was answering it the gang was talking animately to one another about having some food. "Why aren't you eating Misty?" Ash asked eating some white rice. Misty groaned, "I just want to go to bed…." Seeing her drowsy look, Ash agreed.

"That's awful!" Riddle Man shouted. The gang looked up at his yelling. "What's wrong?" Ash questioned. "The pokemon center is being robbed by people in a hot balloon!" Riddle Man responded. Ash froze at this then his eyes hardened, "I just know the losers who would do this sort of thing. Let's go!"

They ran out of the Riddle Inn and towards the Pokemon Center. They saw a huge net filled with fighting pokemon. Ash could all sorts of pokemon in there and looking saddened in the net. He looked up to see the gleeful faces of Team Rocket. "Those assholes…" He turned to Riddle Man. "I'll stop them." He went to his poke belt, "Let's go Sly!" Ash shouted throwing his poke ball. His Gengar came out, "Genn garrr…" Sly turned to his master. "Give them a Shadow Claw to cut the net and pop the balloon!" Sly nodded and flew towards them.

Sly slashed the ropes and saw the trapped pokemon land on the ground with a groan, but were free. Sly looked towards the now sweat profusely Rocket agents. "Give them a Shadow Punch!" Ash shouted to his Gengar. Sly nodded as his right fist glowed. "GEN GAR!" Sly shouted and punched the balloon. It went flying out of Cinnabar Island.

Sly flew down towards his master. Ash grinned and hugged his Gengar. "Good job Sly. You didn't have to give them a scary face." Sly smirked at this response. Ash heard the callings of the fighting pokemon on the roof. They looked to him and his Gengar with a smile. Ash grinned and gave them a thumbs up. Riddle Man saw all this happening and gave Ash a smile. "Thanks for saving the pokemon Ash. You deserve a big reward. So, I'll let you on a little secret. Blaine built a gym that the tourists never see." Riddle Man said calmly.

Ash's eyes widened, "Really?! He did!?" He shouted in glee happy to get another chance at the volcano badge. The man nodded, "Mmmmhmm. It's in the place where firefighters could never win." The man Riddled. Ash groaned, "Not another riddle… What kind of reward is that?" Ash said with a pout. Everyone laughed at his misfortune and pouty face.

The gang was back at The Big Riddle Inn. They decided to go into the hot springs. They were happy to see it divided. Brock, Ash, Tomo and Ebon went to the boys side. Misty and Togepi went to the girls.

Tomo had this huge grin on his face seeing the huge hot spring, "WOW!" The wild boy grinned and jumped in. Brock snickered at the wild boy's joy. He grinned at seeing Tomo's attempt at doggy paddle.

Ash gave a soft smile at this sight while holding Ebon in his arms. Brock went into the water and relaxed. Ash was more hesitant to do so. Ash glanced down at the towel wrapped around his waist and the towel covering his top half.

Brock saw Ash's look of reluctance and called out to him, "Come on in Ash. The waters great. Tomo's not gonna be scared." Tomo looked up at hearing his name in curiosity and saw his big brothers nervous face. Ash bit his lip and looked at the floor, "What will he say about seeing my scars? He's seen only a little of them…." Ash whispered with his unbound hair covering his eyes. During the travels his hair had grown past his shoulders.

Brock gave a small smile and placed a hand firmly on Ash's shoulders, "It'll be fine. I'll be here for you." Ash looked up at Brock sharply after hearing that statement. He stared intently at Brock to see if he would stay true to his word and gave a sigh of relief seeing the truth in Brock's actions. Ash smiled at this and nodded to Brock. He stood straighter and walked towards the hot springs.

Tomo glanced over at his big brother and saw him slowly making his way into the water. He was about to say something when he saw Ash take off the towel covering his torso. His words died the minute his mouth opened. Tomo's eyes widened at seeing the scars covering Ash's left body. Ash was calmly walking in the water and sighed in relief at the hot water soothing his scars.

Tomo glanced at his brother and saw Ash's eyes avoiding his own. Tomo frowned, "Look me in the eyes bro. I don't care about the scars. To me your still my big brother." Tomo said softly. Ash's eyes widened and glanced at Tomo with surprise. He saw the truth shining in Tomo's eyes and Ash's eyes softened. "I see. Thank you…." Ash whispered. Tomo smiled and gave a smirk.

Ash quirked an eyebrow at Tomo's smirk then frowned seeing the safari boys lifting towards the water, "No….." Tomo grinned and Ash glared, "NO!" Tomo splashed the hot water at Ash with a grin. Ash yelped and was drenched. Tomo laughed at seeing Ash's hair plastered to his face. Brock snickered at this. Ash glared, "I fail to see how this is funny…." Ash said with a sneer. His travel companions laughed some more as Ash sighed.

Later while still in the hot springs, Ash was relaxing calmly in the water. Tomo relaxed placing his head on a rock feeling the good hot temperature. Brock was doing the same as Ash. Who was relaxing with his back against the rock and the water. Ebon was yipping happily swimming around in the water while Ash glanced at him time to time.

"I can't figure it out…." Ash groaned leaning back towards the hot rock. Tomo looked up, "We'll find the gym bro." Tomo said with a promise. Ash's eyes softened, "I believe what you say Tomo." Ebon yipped showing that they will and also hoping to make his daddy happy. Ash smiled and picked up his wet shiny Eevee. "It's where a firefighter could never win…." Brock commented slowly to test out the answers. Ash shrugged with that and lifted his happy Eevee in front of him. Ash smiled and hugged him to his chest.

"Hmm… Where a firefighter could never win?" Misty calmly said to herself. She and Togepi were enjoying the hot spring. She smiled hearing the splashing her baby egg pokemon was doing. "Maybe some place that doesn't have enough water?" Misty commented then blinked not hearing Togepi's splashing noises. "Huh? Togepi?" She looked around and stopped her baby egg pokemon on the ledge. Togepi was staring at the Gyarados statue. "Huh! Togepi get away from that statue it's pouring boiling hot water!" Togepi ignored her mother's pleas. She hops right on the top jumping in glee. Then freezes when the statue moves. Her actions activated a secret switch that moved a boulder to the volcano. It exposed a cave which had Misty staring at it in shock. Then widened her eyes as it was knocking down the hot springs' gender divider.

The boys stared at the sight in shock. Then realized their wasn't a divider anymore. Everyone's eyes widened and blushes appeared on the faces of those present. "AHHH!" They all screamed and dashed for their clothes.

Ash and the gang are now exploring the secret cave. They went down the steps and noticed how hot the cave was getting. "Is it just me? Or is it getting hotter down here?" Brock turned, "Oh it's getting hotter alright…." Ash moved his bandanna and wiped some sweat away, "Damn it's hot…" Ebon was panting his arms, "Veee.." Ash gave a sad smile, "Sorry Ebon." They finally reached the bottom of the stairs and found a metal door in front of them.

Tomo blinked, "It's a door?" He went to go open the door that he found was boiling hot to the touch. "OWW!" Tomo shouted in pain shaking his hand. Ash looked his little brother's hand over, "It's fine. There's no mark." Tomo nodded rubbing his eye from a lose tear appearing. Ash ruffled his hair. Then froze when the doors opened.

Beyond the door, that they could see was a clear battlefield. It was in a volcano much to everyone's shock and surprise. The battle field they noticed was suspended over the Cinnabar Island volcano. "Blaine's gym." Ash said in wonder. "No firefighter could win in this place." Brock stated. "There's sure not a lot of water to put out a volcano." Misty said with a blink. Then the gang froze when the lights came on.

"I guess you solved my riddle." The Riddle Man said suddenly appearing before them. Ash blinked at this, "What are you doing here?" He questioned. The Riddle Man smiled, "It's not a hat, but it keeps your head dry. If you wear it. It's only because you lost it." Ash groaned and face-palmed to himself. Making the Riddle Man laugh at his misfortune. Tomo blinked, "An Umbrella?" "An umbrella keeps your head dry, but you don't wear it to keep your head dry…" Tomo blushed, "Whoops…"

Misty suddenly smiled, "It's a wig!" The gang blinked at her comment. "What do you mean?" Ash asked turning to Misty in question. Ebon tilted his head also confused. "A wig isn't a hat, but it keeps your head dry in the rain. And the only reason you wear a wig is when you lost your hair." Misty said with a chirp. The Riddle man nodded, "And Misty's done it again! Wig is correct!" He said taking off his wig, mustache and sun glasses. The Riddle Man showed himself revealing that he was Blaine.

Blaine smirked, "Fooled you all didn't it I? Cause, I'm the gym master Blaine." He said with a grin. Ash and the gang sweat-dropped, "Yeah…." Blaine nodded, "So who wants to battle me? 3 on 3?" Ash perked up at this response, "I will!" Blaine nods accepting Ash's challenge. Brock and Misty tell Ash to be careful. Tomo looks a Ash, "You can win this big bro." Ash smiled, "Thanks Tomo." He got on the platform and stared down his opponent.

The Gym Battle begins as a three-on-three battle. Blaine smirks, "I already got my first pokemon in mind. Go Ninetales go!" He called out showing a beautiful cream nine-tailed fox. Ash was in awe at such a beautiful pokemon. "Wow. Pretty." The Ninetales preened at that response then went to stare him down for his pokemon to be her opponent. Ash grabbed his pokedex.

Pokedex Ninetales: Ninetales, the Fox Pokémon. The evolved form of Vulpix. It has nine tails and a shining golden fleece. Ninetales are said to live very long lives.

Ash grinned, "Shades! I choose you!" His Squirtle came out with his signature sunglasses. Blaine grinned, "I water pokemon. So predictable. Ninetales Fire Spin attack!" "Rapid Spin!" Ash shouted. Shades nodded and went into his shell. He started to spin a dodge the massive fire spin attack. It still burned his shell, "Squirtle!" He stopped spinning and hit the Ninetales, but groaned placing a hand on the base of his shell. Ash frowned at knowing his Squirtle was hurt, "You want to rest?" Ash asked and Shades shook his head, "Squirt."

Ash nodded, "Alright. Give them a water gun!" Shades fired a water gun and it hit the Ninetales with a yelp, but not enough to knock her out. Shades growled at this, "Squirtle…." Then groaned when he hit the ground. Ash widened his eyes and checked his down turtle pokemon. He gently patted his back, "You did good Shades. I'll see that you get more training." Ash nodded knowing that he couldn't train Shades so well because of not listening to him when he was training his pokemon.

Ash glared, "Alright let's go with my next pokemon. Let's go Marine!" Ash shouted throwing his poke ball. It released his Dragonair. Blaine was in awe at the sight of the serpent dragon pokemon. "Give it a Twister and a Slam!" Ash shouted pointing to the Ninetales. Marine slithered to the fox and fired her twister attack. The fox pokemon yelped at this getting blasted with the twister attack and was down on the ground when the Dragonair body slammed it. Ninetales was out like a light. Blaine went wide-eyed at this, "Ninetales…" He returned his pokemon. "Good battle strategy Ash. I didn't know that you had a Dragonair. They are very rare." Ash grinned, "I'm very unpredictable." Marine roared giving a haunting melody.

Blaine nodded, "Alright then. Let's go Rhydon!" He released a strong rock pokemon. Ash frowned and took out his pokedex.

Pokedex Rhydon: Rhydon, the evolved form of Rhyhorn. It is known as the Drill Pokémon. Its large horn gives it formidable attack power.

"Let's go Marine! Show that Rhydon your power!" Ash shouted. Marine nodded and slithered forward. "Rhydon Fury Attack!" Blaine shouted. Rhydon nodded and drilled his fury attack on the dragon pokemon. She dodged each one with her serpentine body. "Aqua Tail!" Ash shouted. Marine turned around and swatted the Rhydon in the face with her Aqua Tail attack. It roared in pain and was down. Blaine was in shock. "Rhydon!" He returned his drill pokemon. "Very strong pokemon you got there Ash. But is that Dragonair a match for my last pokemon?" Ash frowned at that, "She can take anything. Marine is strong." Ash ranted. Marine nodded happy to hear her trainers strong belief in her.

Blaine grinned, "This pokemon is to hot to handle. And it has a power that should interest you because it turns all it's opponents into ash." Blaine riddled out. Ash glared, "I don't like riddles. No can solve them. And it's to damn hot for riddles…." Blaine smirked, "I choose Magmar!" Coming out of the volcanic lava was a Magmar. Ash grinned, "A Magmar huh? I think we can handle that. I know everything there is to them." Blaine quirked an eyebrow, "Oh is that so?" Ash grinned, "Well if you hand raised a baby Magby to a Magmar then your bound to handle another Magmar in a battle right?" Ash stated. Blaine widened his eyes at Ash's response.

"Marine use your Ice Beam!" Ash shouted. Marine roared and fired her attack. Magmar dodged the incoming ice beam, "Use your fire punch attack Magmar!" Blaine shouted. Magmar jumped and sucker punched Marine in the cheek. Marine roared in pain with her cheek burning. "Fire Blast!" Blaine shouted. Magmar blew a fire blast and Marine froze. "Marine use your Dragon Rage!" Ash shouted in alarm. She roared and fired. The 2 attacks hit each other with an explosion. Ash and Blaine covered their eyes at once. "ASH!" Misty, Brock and Tomo shouted in alarm. "Veee!" Ebon yipped from Tomo's arms.

Ash opened his eyes to see vapors from the explosion clearing. His eyes widened when he saw his Dragonair on the ground unconscious, "Marine!" He shouted and ran onto the field. "Are you ok?!" Ash said in panic lifting his Dragonair's head to his lap. "Draaa…" Marine moaned out in pain. Ash petted her to sooth her pain, "You did great girl. I think it's time you took a long rest." She looked up at him and saw his proud look. She nodded afterwords and nuzzled his face before, he returned her.

Ash turned to Blaine, "You may have beaten Marine. I still have another pokemon that, I want to use on that Magmar. My pokemon and my own Magmar, Volcan are rivals. Let's see how your Magmar will go against him." Ash said with a straight face. Blaine looked interested at that statement, "Hmmm… That'll be interesting. Let's see how it'll go. My Magmar is to hot to handle." Ash smirked, "Let's see if he'll handle Torch!" Ash shouted throwing his poke ball. His Charizard came out with a roar. "A Charizard? This battle just got more intense." Blaine said with a smirk.

"Let's go Torch!" Ash shouted and Torch roared flying towards the battle. Blaine glared, "Show them who's boss Magmar!" Ash grinned, "Show them your strength Torch!" Ash's Charizard roared agreeing with his trainer. "Flamethrower!" Ash shouted. "Flamethrower Magmar!" Blaine shouted. The 2 fire attacks hit each other dead on. "It's a tie… They are evenly matched…" Ash said with a frown. "Fire Blast it Magmar!" Blaine screamed. Magmar fired it's powerful fire attack. Ash glared, "Hold your ground Torch!" Torch growled, but held still and lifted his claws. When the blast came towards him, he grabbed it with his claws. He growled in frustration with the force and held the fire ball. Torch growled and shoved the attack into the air which hit the side of the volcano with force. He roared at this and smirked at his opponent.

"Goal Bash Attack!" Blaine shouted. His Magmar ran with great force and smashed into Ash's Charizard. "Torch!" Ash shouted in worry. Torch growled in pain as he was on the ground panting and glaring at the Magmar. Torch opened his wings and looked to Ash for another attack. Ash grinned, "Yeah let's do that! Grab Magmar!" Torch growled and grabbed the surprised Magmar with a tight grip. "Show them your Aerial Submission Attack!" Torch roared and took to the skies in the volcano. Torch started spinning around with Magmar getting dizzy from the speed. "Torch use your Seismic Toss!" Ash shouted with a smirk. Torch grinned and held Magmar tighter. He took Magmar with another few spins and flew Magmar downwards to the ground with great force.

Ash watched this calmly with a giant grin, "Yeah show that Magmar who's boss!" Blaine watched his Magmar fall downwards in worry, "Magmar!" Blaine's Magmar fell right into the lava pool beside the gym. Torch landed back on the battle ground and stared intently at the lava waiting for the match victor. Just then to the surprise of all, Magmar came flying out of the lava. It landed in front of Torch with a smirk. Torch growled and glared at the Magmar. The battle was now a stare off. Magmar and Charizard were smirking at each other. Then a groan left Magmar's mouth and he soon fell. Torch blinked at this in puzzlement then realized he won. Torch roared with happiness and gave a thumbs up to Ash.

Ash smiled in happiness and ran onto the field. He jumped onto his surprised Charizard and hugged him around his long neck. "You were awesome Torch! I'm so proud of you!" Ash shouted in glee. Torch's eyes softened and roared in happiness. Ash and Torch then fist bumped each other with their win. Blaine returned Magmar with a smile, "That was a great battle, Ash. I haven't had such a great battle like this in a long time." Ash grinned patting his Charizard on the chest, "I couldn't have won this without my great companion Torch." Ash's Charizard roared agreeing with his trainer fully. Misty, Brock and Tomo all smiled at this in happiness. "Great good bro!" Tomo shouted looking at Ash with awe. Ash smiled, "Thanks Tomo. I couldn't have won without Torch here." Tomo looked at Torch in question. Tomo remembered it being very disobedient, but was happy to see it what it once was. Tomo walked over and very reluctantly held a hand out to touch the Charizard. He was afraid it would flamethrower him. Torch saw this and gave a grim smile. He bent down and butted the small wild boy showing he was friendly. Ash smiled and whispered into Torch's ear, "Good boy." Torch grumbled at that in happiness.

The gang was now back at The Big Riddle Inn. They were at the front gate getting ready to leave. Blaine smiled at them, "I have one last riddle for you Ash." He said with a grin. Ash blinked at this, "Another riddle?" Blaine nodded, "What is it that is always red, but has no words? The answer is a Volcano Badge!" Blaine said with glee. Ash and the gang sweat-dropped profusely at this, "Ah… I see…" Ash said then perked up at the badge. Blaine walked up to Ash placing the badge in his hand, "And you have earned this one." Ash smiled up at Blaine making his scar seem very faint. "Thanks a lot Blaine!" Ash said in happiness. Blaine smiled, "Thanks for the match Ash. Have a great journey." Ash and crew smiled and thanked him as they went on to continue their quest.

The gang was now back on the road. "So what badge are you gonna get next big bro?" Tomo asked Ash with question. Ash grinned, "Viridian City. I want to get the Earth Badge. I heard the gym leader is a strong trainer. I want to challenge him and get my 8th badge there." Ash stated with a smile. Tomo widened his eyes, "I see. Let's go!" Ash laughed and petted Ebon who all the time in the Volcano slept in Ash's back pack to escape the heat. Misty groaned, "Ah man. We're going all the way back there?!" Ash smirked, "Yep Mist. That's where were going! Onward!" Ash shouted with glee. The gang ran on the road ready for their next destination.

End Chapter 25

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