Starting Things Differently

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon. I own only the characters that show up when Ash is wondering certain regions and gets certain Pokemon. I own the characters there.

Summary: Ash is given Pikachu in the beginning. What if Pikachu ditches him in his time of need. What is another pokemon takes place of his starter. He takes to the world differently and is colder. He wants to be the best of trainers. Watch out world.


Hi Everyone! Sorry for the very very very delayed story update. I've been super busy with work and going back to school. I just finished school so back to things once more. Been really busy. le sigh I'm now gonna try to continue the story and give it some updates when, I can. I also have some other story plans on the way.

Pokemon Ash has so far:

Fearow:Talon (male)

Gyarados: Mystic (female)

Cloyster: Gem (female)

Arbok: Naga (female)

Primeape: Champ (male)

Pinsir: Spike (male)

Beedrill: Videl (female) mothers pokemon

Sandslash: Quake (male)

Clefable: Tinker (female)

Persian: Bastet (female)

Espeon: Evlon (female)

Nidoran: Queen (female) mothers pokemon

Steelix:Diamond (female)

Poliwrath: Wav (male)

Ivysaur: Alpha (male)

Charizard: Torch (male)

Squirtle: Shades (male)

Squirtle: Munch (male) mothers pokemon\

Krabby: Crush (male)

Magmar: Volcan (male)

Gyarados: Triton (male)

Slowpoke: Oni (male)

Kingdra: Spirit (male)

Tangrowth: Fern (female)

Ralts: Rune (male)

Cubone: Rattle (male)

Gengar: Sly (male)

Golduck: Einstein (male)

Muk: Grim (male)

Magnemite: Sparks (male)

Rapidash:Dash (female)

Tauros: Rodeo (male)

Rhyhorn: Pazder (male)

Parasect: Spura (female) mothers pokemon

Doduo: Trio (male)

Venonat: Rura (female)

Goldeen: Koi (female) mothers pokemon

Dragonair: Marine (female)

Pikachu: Small One (female)

Eevee: Ebon (male)

Aerodactyl: Arrow (female)

Kabutops: Shredder (male)

Omastar: Nova (female)

Ash is a ladies man... Has more girls than Brock will ever get. ;)

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Chapter 26

Battle of the Badge

Last Time on Starting Things Differently:

The gang was now back at The Big Riddle Inn. They were at the front gate getting ready to leave. Blaine smiled at them, "I have one last riddle for you Ash." He said with a grin. Ash blinked at this, "Another riddle?" Blaine nodded, "What is it that is always red, but has no words? The answer is a Volcano Badge!" Blaine said with glee. Ash and the gang sweat-dropped profusely at this, "Ah… I see…" Ash said then perked up at the badge. Blaine walked up to Ash placing the badge in his hand, "And you have earned this one." Ash smiled up at Blaine making his scar seem very faint. "Thanks a lot Blaine!" Ash said in happiness. Blaine smiled, "Thanks for the match Ash. Have a great journey." Ash and crew smiled and thanked him as they went on to continue their quest.

The gang was now back on the road. "So what badge are you gonna get next big bro?" Tomo asked Ash with question. Ash grinned, "Viridian City. I want to get the Earth Badge. I heard the gym leader is a strong trainer. I want to challenge him and get my 8th badge there." Ash stated with a smile. Tomo widened his eyes, "I see. Let's go!" Ash laughed and patted Ebon who all the time in the Volcano slept in Ash's back pack to escape the heat. Misty groaned, "Ah man. We're going all the way back there?!" Ash smirked, "Yep Mist. That's where we're going! Onward!" Ash shouted with glee. The gang ran on the road ready for their next destination.


Ash, Tomo and the gang were currently now in Viridian City. Ash was dead set on trying to earn an Earth Badge.

Ash was grinning up a storm with a content Ebon in his arms. "I can't believe it's been a whole year since we've been here!" He said with awe. Misty smiled, "Yes it has been a while. But that's a good thing." Misty replied with a grin with a cooing Togepi in her arms. Ash smiled at her, "Yeah."

Brock nodded to them and turned to see the Viridian Gym. "Look Ash! The Viridian Gym! And inside is a badge with your name on it!" Brock said with a grin. Tomo blinked in surprise at the big city, "Wow…." Ash smiled down to his 'adopted' little brother.

Ash and the crew walked steadily to the main entrance of the gym. They gazed at the front. It had huge pillars supporting the gym with two double doors. Beside the doors were two armored guards with spears. The guards were staring straight at them. Ebon whimpered at the stares, but felt better after feeling a encouraging pet from Ash. Ebon licked his arm in gratitude.

"I already have seven badges. I just need one more to get into the pokemon league! I'm totally gonna get it here!" Ash said with a smirk. Tomo grinned, "Yeah brother!" Misty giggled, "I see." Brock shook his head and snorted. Ebon yipped in agreement with his daddy. "Veeveee!" Ash smiled, "I know little man. I'm really looking forward to this!"

Tomo frowned, "Do you know what pokemon this gym is gonna use?" Ash grinned to Tomo, "Yep!" Everyone looked at him in shock. "WHAT?!" Ash flinched at this, "Yeah. I read that the leader likes to use earth/fighting types." The others blinked at this and looked at the style of the gym. They sweat-dropped, "Oh yeah. Now I can see the picture…." Brock stated. Misty nodded, "Just like my gym…." Brock sighed at this, "And mine…." Tomo looked at them in question, "Huh?" Ash just laughed at his friends expressions. Ebon smiling all the way with Togepi doing the same in Misty's arms.

Just then while they were getting ready to walk up to the double doors they heard obnoxious laughter. Ash froze and face-palmed, "God damnit…. I thought we lost him at Cinnabar Island… He's like a pair of cheap sunglasses you just want to lose…." The others sweat-dropped at this and nodded, "True."

They looked over to see a convertible car pull up with Gary Oak sitting in the back seat. His fan club surrounding him with pure looks of joy on their faces. Ash grimaced at this and whispered to Brock, "Gee… I wonder if this compensates for anything." Brock turned to Ash in shock, "Ash?!" Said boy blushed, "What? Just my opinion…. Why would you want that many girls around you?" Brock snorted, "There's lots of good reasons. You just don't care." Ash blinked and shrugged, "True that." Ebon just tilted his head in confusion.

Gary turned to see Ash and his party looking at him. Gary saw Ash looking at him while petting his shiny Eevee. "Still playing with your cute little poke pals? Right Ash?" Gary said with a smirk. His fan club cheered behind him shouting their support. "Gary! Gary! He's the best!"

Ash frowned at him, "Nice to see you too Gary…. Even though it wasn't to long ago." Gary snorted, "I thought you gave up trying to catch and train pokemon. I figured you went back to Pallet, but here you are still at it!" He said with a rhythm.

Ash sweat-dropped and growled, "Oh really? Who has a shiny?" Gary froze at that. Ash smirked, "Who has a Ralts?" Gary glared at him. Ash started to pet Ebon with a smile, "Hmmm… Not you."

Gary glared then snorted, "Hmph. I bet you don't even have enough badges to get into the pokemon league yet." Gary snarked. Ash growled, "You a-" Brock placed his hand on Ash's shoulder, "Calm down." Misty and Tomo nodded to him. Ash snorted and said softly, "I only have one more to get in." Gary laughed, "You have some catching up to do!"

Gary pulled a gold badge case out of his shirt and opened it. Inside the blue cushions were 10 badges shining brightly in the sunlight. Ash and the gang widened their eyes. "See! I already have 10 badges! Do you still have what it takes to be a pokemon master?" Gary said with a smirk looking at Ash knowingly. Ash frowned, "I answered this to you before. I want to be a well known trainer. Not master!" Ash growled out.

Gary ignored his rivals answer, "Well I stopped by on my way to Pallet to see if the leader of this gym wants to battle a real pokemon trainer!" He said getting out of his red sports car.

Ash was glaring daggers behind Gary's back. Ebon gave his own glare matching his dad's. The gang all looked annoyed by the Oak boys attitude.

Gary walked up to the Viridian gym and shouted, "I'm Gary Oak from Pallet and I hereby request a battle with a leader of this gym!" The guards grunted and tapped their spears down as one. The doors in the front of the gym opened. Gary smirked and walked forward. His fangirls giggled, "Let's go in!" "Gary will always win like he always does!" The gym doors closed when the whole party entered.

The whole gang looked dumbfounded at this and snorted as one. "Can you believe that jerk?" Misty snarled. Tomo nodded, "That purple loser is a jerk." Brock sighed, "I can't believe someone who's related to the great Professor Oak is that much of a-" Misty slapped his head, "There are children present!" Brock and the boys snorted, "We all think he is one though…"

Ash gave a harsh glare, "I was going in first but I guess he can cut in line…. Figures." He sighed at that. Ebon whimpered in his daddy's arms and licked his cheek showing he cared. Ash's eyes warmed at this, "I know. Thanks for your support my little man." Ebon yipped, "Veee ve!"

Ash sighed, "Well guys sense the gym is going to be busy for a while do you want to do anything?" Tomo blinked, "I dunno brother…." Misty frowned, "Well we could always get some supplies and maybe get some lunch!" Brock smiled, "That's a great idea!" Ash gave a grin, "Yeah let's go do that."

The whole gang started to walk away laughing at what supplies they could get at the local pokemart.

Unknown to them all something wicked was coming.

(Everything is going to happen like the original with Gary fighting and losing. Mewtwo leaving Team Rocket building for the boss. Jesse and James being gym leaders because their boss just left. It too much a hassle at the moment to write.)

Ash was currently staring hard at the super potions in the pokemart and poke vitamins. "This here says this will increase growth, but this one will give it a better immune system…" Ash said to himself in thought and promptly sighed. He picked up the immune vitamins and placed them in his cart. He peered over his items he currently had and nodded his head at the purchase. He almost walked away before seeing a pair of black and silver goggles. Ash grinned at this, "Yeah these will come in handy." He tossed them in his cart.

Ash looked over his shoulder to see Tomo looking at all the unique supplies in the store, but making sure not to touch anything. Ash sighed at that, "After the last time we went in here, I thought I would turn into a cherry."


Tomo turned to Ash and the crew, "Wow! Look at all these things!" He started to run around the store grabbing everything in sight. Tomo grabbed it and started to sniff them. Ash looked horrified, "Stop!?" Tomo peered at him and saw the poke snacks. He grabbed one and started to eat it.

Ash saw everyone staring at him and blushed hotly. "Heh heh… He is a little new to cities… Heh heh." Ash glared and marched up to Tomo. "What are you doing?! You can't act this way in the store! Especially in the public!" Tomo blinked at him innocently, "But why?" Ash growled, "Because we can't!" Ash shouted out and everyone swore they saw flames. Tomo gulped, "I see…" Ash growled at that remark.

End Flashback:

Ash face-palmed at that remembrance, "Good lord that was bad." Misty and Brock laughed at this, "Yeah. That kinda was." "I thought we couldn't feel any smaller there." Ash snorted, "I agree it didn't help that the manager looked ready to murder us there. Thankfully he was kind enough to hear our reason for Tomo."

Misty giggled, "Yeah it's not everyday a wild boy comes into a pokemart." They all laughed at that. Tomo looked over at them and tilted his head curiously. They laughed even more at this action.

After they were done at the pokemart they all sat down for a quick lunch. Everyone was doing good, but kept an eye out for the clock because of Ash's gym battle. Ash sipped his Sprite in content looking at the clock. "Do you think it's enough time to go back?" Brock frowned, "I think so. We have been out for a few hours." Misty nodded, "I think we can. We took a long time in the pokemart and the clothes store." Brock nodded, "Also at the laundromat." Tomo nodded, "I think we can go big bro!" Ash grinned alright!" The group got up at that and left a good tip at the restaurant they were at.

The group were in front of the Viridian gym staring at the big doors. Ash was opening and closing his hands in nervousness. Ebon yipped at this feeling his Daddy's nerves for the upcoming battle.

Brock saw Ash biting his lip with a worried expression and smiled to himself. "You're gonna be fine Ash. You come along a long way to get here." Brock said softly to someone who became a temporary little brother in his eyes. Ash looked over at Brock, "You sure. I just feel so nervous this is my last battle to get into the Indigo Plateau." He said with a shake. Brock smiled once more, "You'll be just fine. You have me and Misty watching your back. Same with little Tomo here." Brock said placing his hands on Ash's shoulders to show support.

Ash looked at his friends with misty eyes, "Alright. I believe you guys." They all smiled and hugged him to get his spirits high for this battle. "Let's do this!" Ash shouted with a grin as he hopped in the sky with a fist pump. The group laughed at his antics. Ebon yipped at this action in alarm but found it also fun while in his Dad's one arm.

Then Ebon felt a presence behind the doors of the gym. He didn't like the feeling those the doors and area gave. He whimpered and growled staring at the doors.

Ash frowned hearing his Eevee's whimpers. "What's the matter Ebon? What's got your nerves shaking?" Ebon growled and pointed his paw at the double doors. Ash clicked his tongue at this because nothing really spooked his Eevee.

He turned to his companions and they looked just as tense as him. They never really saw Ebon act this way either so they were ready to see what the fuss was about. They noticed now that the guards that were originally at the doors were no longer there. Ash didn't like this sudden feeling.

Ebon then growled and yipped in Ash's arms wanting to be let down. Ash dropped him and Ebon ran to the doors. The Eevee whimpered and looked to his Dad with question. Ash nodded, "We need to get these doors open!" The others jumped into action.

The group pulled the double doors with two on either side of the doors. Ash and Tomo on one side. Misty and Brock on the other. Ebon yipping the whole time with his ears twitching about. "All together!" Brock shouted.

They got the doors opened after a while pulling. The sudden blackness that came out of the doors surprised everyone. Then they saw shapes on the ground in the darkness of the opened gym. They widened their eyes in shock.

"Look over there!" Brock shouted in alarm. Everyone saw Gary's cheerleaders and Gary all over the gym floor unconscious. "It's Gary!" Ash ran over to his rival in alarm.

"Gary! Gary! Can you hear me?! Wake up!" Ash shouted out scared. He picked up his unconscious rival by the back gently to see what was wrong. Gary weakly opened his eyes hearing Ash's voice. "I-itss… here…" Gary said broken up. Ash widened his in alarm, "What are you talking about? What's here?" Gary looked at Ash with cloudy eyes, "A pokemon we never seen did this. There's something different about one. This pokemon isn't just powerful it's evil." Gary said nervously. Ash frowned at this, "Evil? There can't be an evil pokemon." Ash said softly in shock.

Gary cheerleaders were up and watching their main trainer down in the hands of his rival. "I can't believe it…. Gary lost!" They all started to cry at once.

Ash flinched at this, "Oh for the love of god!" Ash snarled out. Gary widened his eyes at his rivals distaste. Tomo and Misty frowned at this, "Guezz…. You would think they would be mature about this. A loss is a loss." Misty said with a snare. Just then the whole group of heard laughter.

They looked around hearing the laughter coming from the other side of the gym. Ash frowned hearing that familiar sound, "Who's there?!". The laughter continued, "Prepare for trouble!" "Make it double!". Ash face-grimaced at this, "Oh just shoot me…" Gary quirked a brow at this action.

The lights came on while they heard the motto happening. The floor to the opposing side opened up. A platform was raising from the ground to show Jessie and James on it. "To protect the world from destination!" "To unite all peoples within our nation!" "To denounce the evils and truth and love!" "To extend our reach to the stars above!" Ash and Brock face-palmed, "It's them!" They shouted cutting off the motto. Much to Ash's group's happiness.

"Gah!" Team Rocket shouted in anger. "Why do you little twerps always interrupt us before we get to finish!" Jessie snarled out. Ash looked at her unimpressed, "Because it's lame. That's why." Ash snorted out. His grouped nodded at once behind him. "We know what you're gonna say! It's never any different!" Misty shouted out. Gary and his cheerleaders awkwardly watching in the sidelines.

"Ah! But it is really different!" Jessie said with a grin. James smirked, "Something's happened to make you very jealous!" As he said that a balloon popped in the ceiling showing Meowth. "Let's celebrate!" The cat pokemon said jumping in front of Team Rocket. "We just gotta big promotion! Now we're gonna get the respect we deserve!" The cat pokemon said with a smirk. Ash frowned at this. "That's right Meowth! Because the new leaders of this gym are!" James stated. "The three of us!" Jessie shouted in glee.

"What the h-!" Ash shouted before Brock covered his mouth. Ash glared at Brock and growled. "You people are gym leaders?!" Ash shouted surprised and angered.

Jessie smirked, "That's right! Just moments ago we were put in charge of this gym and the earth badge." She said showing in her fingers the gleaming feather shape badge. Ash stared at it hard, 'The earth badge…'. Misty frowned at this, "You mean to tell me that this gym is controlled by Team Rocket?!" She shouted in anger. Brock frowned, "Why would they want a gym?"

Jessie laughed, "Oh you little dweebs couldn't understand the complex of an organization like Team Rocket." She said with a snare. Ash snorted, "Oh yeah? Try us?" Gary and his crew just watched the presitions in surprise and kinda pity. 'This is what Ashy-boy has to deal with… I don't know if I pity him or think it's kinda creepy that a these adults are following him….'

"That's for us to know and you to find out!" James said with a grin. "What are they?" James then whispered to Jessie. She blinked in surprise at this, "Those plans are classified information!" Jessie said sternly. Meowth smirked at this and laughed, "She don't know them either!" Jessie growled and punched Meowth. James frowned at this and turned to the group with a smirk, "If you want that earth badge. You'll have to come and defeat us!"

Ash glared, "That's just what, I'm gonna do!" He snarled out shaking a fist. Jessie smirked, "Well step in the ring we prepared just for you!" Ash blinked at that as did everyone else. They watched as the platform for their side opened and lifted up. Ash swallowed seeing the platform. Jessie laughed, "Now get into the trainer's box little boy!" Ash growled at this. Misty frowned at this, "Don't Ash. It's a trick." Brock nodded, "They must have booby trapped it some how." Tomo nodded, "Yeah big bro."

"If you run away now you wouldn't get the earth badge!" James sang out. Ash growled at this and sighed, "I'm not running anywhere!" He got up and climbed the ladder the trainer's box.

Ash stood glaring with his arms crossed towards Jessie. "We'll begin with a three-on-three pokemon match! No time limit!" She stated. Ash frowned and nodded, "Fine let's battle!"

Jessie threw her pokemon, "All three pokemon go!" She shouted with a smirk. They all opened at once. Ash narrowed his eyes at this. "Machamp!" "Kingler!" "Rhydon!" "Hah! This should be a snitch!" "Hah! Don't forget it!" Meowth laughed, "Ha ha ha! Our secret weapons!" Ash didn't like this.

Down on the ground floor everyone watched this battle with nervousness. Brock glared, "Be careful Ash… They are up to something." Misty and Tomo nodded, "Big brother…." Misty smiled placing a hand on Tomo's shoulder to give him support. Gary watched on nervous for his rival and also curious for Ash's pokemon choices.

"Right…" Ash nodded hearing Brock's response. "Let's go Marine!" Ash shouted out pulling out his Dragonair. The dragon pokemon roared, "Naaaair!" Ash smirked. Jessie flinched at this, "Oh that beast…. Let's go Machamp! Karate chop!" The fighter ran into the field and punched the Dragonair. Ash then heard sparks, "What the -!" Ash screamed in panic and pain after being electrocuted. "What?!" The whole group shouted. "Oh that one of the custom features in our gym. In that box the trainer feels all the pain the pokemon feels." James said with a grin. Jessie smirked seeing Ash whimpering in his box, "Not so eager to battle now are you?!" She said with a laugh.

Gary watched shocked at this disgusting battle and also couldn't believe seeing the dragonair. 'What other pokemon do you have Ashy?'

Ash glared and winced getting up, "Oh you fight dirty but, I'm not out yet. Let's go Marine. You too Evlon and Alpha!" Ash shouted in anger. His Espeon came out, "Espe!" His Ivysaur came out, "Ivvysaur!" Evlon turned and saw her injured trainer and hissed at her opponents. "Psybeam!" "Aqua Tail!" "Razor leaf!" Ash snarled out! The two girls and boy pokemon growled at once and ran into the battle. Jessie show them coming and smirked, "Let's do this little boy!" Ash glared, "Beat the snot out of them guys!" His pokemon growled at once. They began beating the Team Rocket pokemon with vengeance. "Wine whip!" "Slam!" "Shadow Ball!" Ash shouted out. Jessie screamed after being shocked, "Ahhh!" Ash smirked at this, "Who's the loser now!"

Jessie screeched, "James! Why did you set it up to give shocks on both sides!? Ah! Turn it off! Turn it off!" She yelled in anger. James looked at Jessie in shock, "I didn't think it would matter! It never acquired to me that we would lose!" He shouted out. Meowth smirked holding a button switch, "Luckily I made this little gadget incase we did lose! All I do is hit this button and goodbye compantain!" Meowth said with glee.

Gary heard Meowth's remark and growled, "Oh no you don't! Gimme that thing!" He shouted jumping Meowth for the gadget. He punched the cat pokemon in the head with a snare. "Cowardly little thing…" He growled out.

Jessie glared at Ash, "All pokemon attack at once! Go Arbok! Go Weezing!" She shouted with a smirk. Ash glared daggers at her while Misty shouted, "You can't use new pokemon now! It's against the rules!" Jessie leered at them, "I make the rules for this gym!" She said with a grin. Ash growled, "Well if those are the rules! Let's go Sly and Rattle!" He shouted. His Gengar and Cubone came out. "Shadow Claw!" "Round!" The pokemon roared in once. All of Ash's pokemon started beating all of Jessie's pokemon on the field. Jessie screeched in pain from the electric shocks. After the last one she up dizzily, "You….little….twerp….." The fell down.

Ash smirked, "Oh yeah!" He climbed down off the trainer's box and grinned widely at all his pokemon. "We did it! We won the match!" He shouted in glee. All his pokemon turned to him with smiles. "Ivysaur!" "Espe!" "Aiiirrr!" "Cuuu!" "Gennn!" They ran to him at once and dog piled him. "Thanks everyone! You all were just great!" He said laughing petting his team with happiness. Marine and Evolon licking his face while he laughed at the affection. Rattle hugged his leg in glee along with Ebon yipping happily.

Everyone was watching the event take place with glee. Misty, Brock and Tomo smiled at the victory. Gary's cheerleaders were shouting, "He's the winner. He's our Ash! Let's all have a victory bash! He's our victor! He's our man! No can win them like Ketchum can!" Gary smiled at his rivals win, "I hate to admit it, but that kid's a pretty good trainer. But still nobody's ever gonna beat the pokemon that I saw…" He whispered while watching his rival covered in all those pokemon.

James sheepishly looked over at Jessie in the trainer's box, "Jessie? Can you hear me?" He whispered. Meowth looked spooked, "Can you move?" Jessie glared and beat up her teammates, "You're lucky that I can breath! After what you did to me! Why did I get the sh-" She huffed before turning to the twerp who interrupted her. "Hey!" Ash shouted. She leered at him.

Ash glared at this, "I won the match! Fair and square! So know, I want the earth badge I earned!" He shouted. Jessie growled, "Well you're not getting it! Bleh!" She said sticking her tongue out. Ash twitched, "Why you b-" Brock grabbed Ash again, "Hey that's cheating!" Tomo shouted in anger at Ash's win.

While they were shouting Meowth got up after Jessie's beat down and saw Rattle over the switch button. Rattle was curiously looking at it. Meowth looked horrified, "Gah! Stop! Get away from that thing!" Rattle grinned and pushed the buttons.

Everyone watched scared to see the trainer boxes blow up. They watched as Team Rocket's going to blew up, "I may have wired this one too…." Meowth said with a stupid grin. They blew up and went sky high. Jessie screamed and realized with a jolt she dropped the badge, "Oh no!"

Ash watched the badge falling and grinned leaving his hands out. The badge fell right into his hands. Ash smiled, "Yes! I did it! I got my final badge!" He shouted turning to his team which they were roaring in glee. Just then the building shook. Gary ran towards them, "The building's collapsing! Run for it!" Everyone got horrified and ran for it.

They all made it out of the destroyed Viridian gym and watched the wreckage in silence. Gary turned to Ash, "That was some battle Ashy-boy. Maybe there is a good trainer in you after all. Well smell you later…" Gary remarked and walked away with his fangirls behind him. The group watched his departure.

Brock frowned while Gary was gone, "I wonder if we'll ever see the pokemon Gary was talking about?" Ash shrugged, "Right now I'm more excited about my final win. I can now get into the pokemon league!" His friends nodded, "Yeah!" Ash smiled, "I think it's high time to go home. The professor can tell me more for the league and I know my mother is going nuts to see me again!" He laughed out. Tomo looked at the ground sadly and Ash saw this and smiled, "Also she can't wait to meet my new little brother as well." Tomo looked up sharply at that. Ash smiled and patted Tomo's head.

End Chapter 26