Fully summary: Hybrids were an ancient race killed off by Humans. Two scientists successfully created two hybrids hundreds of years later, one beta and one alpha. The beta was taught to fear alphas while the alpha was left to think what he wanted. What about the scientists? One of them has a plan for something much darker than what the hybrids were re-created for in the first place. Grimmichi, ShiroGin, RoshiGin, mpreg, OOC.

It was a peaceful morning in the Urahara shoten. Then there was a rather loud knock on the front door. Two figures stood outside on the porch of the resident. One was a brown haired male with a clean suit on. The other was more crouching than standing and looked more animal than human, especially since he had twitching cat ears and a swaying tail, both a darker blue than the male's sky blue messy hair.

The door swung open, a blonde male with a green and white striped hat greeted his guests, letting them in. The cat eared creature growled at the blonde, not trusting him. He swung his tail back and forth as they entered the house. "I see you created one as well." the blonde chuckled, smiling behind his fan.

"Seems so." The brown-haired man chuckled.

The blonde chuckled again as he waved them in more, closing the door behind them. "I will get some tea, make yourselves at home." he stated before leaving the room towards what was probably the kitchen. The bluenet cat man listened, hopping onto the comfortable couch and curling up on it. The brunet watched him for a moment before sitting down on the couch as well.

A few minutes later, the blonde came back with a tray. He served himself and the other human male tea. The brunet quietly thanked him. The blonde nodded as he sipped his tea. The cat man stole a biscuit off of the tray, tearing it apart with his mouth as he ate it.

"Where's yours?"

"He's probably eating in the kitchen. He's a bit shy around new people." the blonde replied with a slight shrug.

"I would have thought you would have made one like I did." He chuckled.

"I couldn't resist making him a bit cuter though." the blonde chirped.

"I couldn't say that I'm surprised. You've always like weak, little things."

"I wouldn't say weak. He's a bit shy and smaller but he is a tough little guy."

"Well let's see him."

The blonde nodded. "Ichigo!" he called. A few moments later, someone peeked out of the kitchen, hiding half-way behind the frame. The creature had bright, orange hair and gold-brown eyes. There were small, dark orange cat ears on either side of his head. He seemed to be about 5'7. "Ichigo, come in." the blonde requested, patting the couch next to him. After a few seconds he nodded, slowly edging out from behind the doorframe and walking over.

The other cat man glanced up from his snack and stared at the other younger creature. The oranget edged over to them, quickly curling up next to Urahara. The blonde smiled and ruffled Ichigo's hair slightly. "Can you say hello to our guests?" he asked.

The oranget huffed a little and set his chin on Urahara's leg. "Um. ... Hi."

The bluenet continued to stare at the smaller cat-like creature with new emotions he hadn't ever felt before. Ichigo glanced up at him, their eyes locking for a few seconds before the oranget blushed and looked away, nuzzling into Urahara's side. Urahara chuckled softly, petting the oranget's head. Ichigo purred at him, continuing to hide his face. Urahara smirked lightly before turning his attention back to his companion so they could speak and discuss, maybe a bit of bragging too.

"He seems to be a bit more shy than you said." the brunet chuckled, eyeing the orange-haired creature.

Urahara chuckled, waving the comment off. "New people." was his simple reply.

"So you say." he shrugged and leaned back.

Urahara ignored that. "About yours? What's he like?"

"Quite bluntly, he's hard-headed and strong willed." the brunet glanced at the blue-haired male next to him. "Short temper too." The bluenet growled softly at his creator, he wasn't short tempered.

Urahara chuckled. "Interesting combination." he replied.

"Be nice, Grimmjow." He sighed, though he still had that odd little smile. The bluenet growled again, slinking down from the couch. He circled around and started to prod Ichigo curiously. The oranget jumped a little, turning to look at him. He blushed and tried to scoot away. Grimmjow's ear twitched and he got back on the couch, continuing to prod Ichigo.

"Stop it," Ichigo whined softly, growling a little and trying to push him off of the couch.

"Make me then." the bluenet huffed back, claws ready to drag the smaller down with him. Ichigo dug his claws into the couch when the other's claws held tight to his shirt, though he slowly slid off of the chair anyways "Stop!"

Urahara couldn't help but laugh at them. It was cute, them bickering like this. Grimmjow obviously wanted Ichigo's attention while Ichigo just wanted to escape. The bluenet growled before yanking rather hard and the two cat-like creatures went tumbling to the floor with Ichigo on top of Grimmjow's chest.

It only made the orange-haired creature blush and push up and away, not bothering to try and keep his claws from pricking him. He tried to climb back onto the couch. Grimmjow grabbed Ichigo, pulling him back down. He rolled them over so he was on top of Ichigo, growling as he tried to secure dominance in this relationship. Ichigo stilled, still blushing before he curled up and went quiet.

Grimmjow frowned, expecting something different. He released the oranget, huffing as he went back to the couch angrily. He tried to have some fun with the other creature and he just submitted easily. Ichigo gave him a small, wavering glare before he climbed onto the couch as well, though he made sure to hold onto Urahara tightly. Urahara chuckled and started to pet Ichigo's head. He purred and closed his eyes.

Urahara was in his lab. Ichigo was laying on the couch in the lab, watching his creator work. Urahara was trying to copy Ichigo's genes but tweak them so they wouldn't be identical. "Ichigo... do you want siblings?" the blonde asked, curiously.

"Siblings?" Ichigo asked curiously.

"Yes. Like brothers and sisters. A family," Urahara explained.

"...Family.." Ichigo looked down, staring at his hands. "... Yeah."

"Do you want brothers? Sisters? What do you want them to be like?" Urahara asked.

"... Why?" he asked. "Well... I dunno what I would want them to be like... but I think I'd want brothers... An Onii-san and otouto." he didn't really seem to realize that he was speaking out loud.

Urahara smiled softly. "I can make brothers for you Ichigo." the blonde stated. "It might take a bit of time but I will make them for you, okay?"

"Y-you will?" Ichigo asked, wide-eyed. "But... how can I have an older brother?"

"You may technically be the oldest since you are my first living creation, but he will be the oldest in body. It's a bit confusing but you will have an older brother, simple as that." the scientist replied. After a second Ichigo nodded and set his head down on the arm of the couch. Urahara patted Ichigo's head.

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