A few days with red: the cannibal

"red I love you" said yellow

"but yellow I cant make love to you" red said with a mournful face

'da fuck is this' thought gold

This all ended when yellow ate crystal

"crystal why! Why!" cried gold as he laid over the remains that yellow didn't eat

"rooooooaaaaarr" said the rancor who was drinking tea with blue

"I love crack!" cried silver as he took another breath

"silver you have problems" I said too him as the smoke took over the area

So yellow ended up in a cage with red feeding her crystal's remains every 8 hours

"soooo…yellow wanna go switch stories?" said red

"maybe" said yellow


"roooooooaar" said the rancor

Blue pulled out her ak-47 and shot but instead of hitting the rancor she hit yellow

Red it is time for diamond dust

(I cant do it on the real diamond dust day so we will do it today)

The snow pounded at us

"run!" shouted red and we all had to take refuge in the cave

And that was a bad idea very bad

Once we walked in the cave we were ambushed by various kinds of pokemon

"gold…" said silver

"yeah" I said to him

"is your pokegear radio on" he asked me

I nodded

"what channel is it on?" he asked me again

"well its Friday so it is on the sinnoh and hoenn lullaby" gold said casually

"WELL TURN IT OFF!" everyone screamed at me

"ok fine geesh" said gold as he turned off the radio

And then all the pokemon started decreasing

Gold its all your fault

"fuck you!"

"where did blue go?" asked silver as he looked around

We all looked at yellow she had blood all over her mouth