My first sasuhina fanfic. Enjoy!

The five year old boy was wondering the park with his friend, Menma. Once again his dark haired rival was staring off, while Sasuke was busy talking about how he used Sakura to get his homework done.

"You know Menma, I still don't get why we're here." Nobody was at the park today. It was empty. Everyone was home with their families enjoying their last day of winter break.

Sasuke, on the other hand, was freezing his head off, helping his friend look for something.

The young boy cocked an eyebrow at him. "Hello? Menma, I'm talking to you." But his rival was staring. The odd thing was, his face was red and looked warm.

"There." Menma pointed at something ahead of them. Sasuke followed at his pointing finger and noticed two girls playing by the swing set. One of the girls was Yamanaka Ino. She was shy and would get nervous easily. The other girl had short purple-blue hair. Sasuke didn't know who she was.

"That's Hyuuga Hinata. I need your help talking to her." Sasuke blinked. He looked at the girl and back at Menma. Then he smirked. "You like her?"

Menma nodded. Sasuke didn't understand why he would. She had short hair and looked shy, like Ino. She didn't even look like a girl from behind. But this was for Menma. Bros never let bros down. Sasuke shrugged and calmly walked towards the girls with Menma not far behind.

Ino noticed the two boys walking towards them and hid behind Hinata. She didn't do well with boys, especially not Uchiha Sasuke. Hinata, on the other hand, just stared at Ino. The weak one couldn't be that terrifying.

Sasuke inhales and exhaled. Hinata cocked an eyebrow at him and Menma was wondering what he would do. The unbelievable happened. "Hi~na~ta~!"

Yup, she had enough. Before Sasuke could even think about continuing, his nose met an ungrateful fist. Ino and Menma watched as the five year old went flying towards the seasaw. Hinata put her hands on her hips and walked away, dragging a terrified Ino with her. Menma forgot about Hinata and ran to Sasuke's aid.

"I should have warned you." The young Uzumaki said when he saw the bleeding Sasuke. "She's known she punch any boy. Well, annoying boy"

Sasuke jerked his head. Worst warning ever. "I hate her." With that Sasuke went home with his bleeding nose.

Itachi and Mrs. Uchiha asked about his nose problem. Later that day Mr. Hyuuga got a call.

"I still can't believe Sasuke-kun got beaten up."

"I bet Menma's making it all up."

"I heard he got beaten up by a girl."

"Her name was Hinata, right?"

"Daddy said to stay away from her."

It was all they talked about. Kindergartners were gossipers. But Sasuke didn't mind. He was being treated like a king. "Menma, are you sure you don't want juice?"

The boy looked up at his friend. Sasuke had the girls serve him and and keep the boys away. Menma scoffed. "No thanks. You seem to have your hands full."

Before Sasuke could say anything Kiba came, pushing the girls out of his way. "S-Sasuke. Hinata is looking for you."

"H-Hinata?" Kiba nodded ferociously."Yeah. She said about 'paying you back'. I don't know. She said if you don't find her, she'll find you first." Kiba gulped before leaving the classroom in a hurry.

"Don't worry. Sasuke-kun will win."

"Yeah. Sasuke-kun won't back down."

"Sasuke-kun won't give up. He's too cool for that." All the girls squeeled at the last comment. That's right. There beloved Sasuke-kun was going to destroy the Hinata Hyuuga.

It was ashame that he was turning purple though. The thought of that cruel girl destroying his amazing face didn't seem right. It actually seemed unhealthy. Just hearing her name sounded unhealthy as well. The boy turned to look at his best friend who was smirking at him. Even Menma knew he wouldn't survive.

Hinata was impatiently tapping her foot while Iruka-sensei continued on with the lesson. She wasn't happy with the Uchiha. He told on her. Hyuugas weren't the kind of people to let things like this go. She smirked at the conversation her father and her had last night.

"Hinata." the young girl turned around. He was sitting on his favorite chair reading the newspaper. Who read the newspaper? "How was your day?"

That was weird. He never asked. Her father never asked about her day. "It was okay. I went over to Sakura's. Then went to play with Ino at the park." Her father nodded when she finished.

"I received a call today from Mrs. Uchiha. She said that Sasuke came home with a bleeding nose." This time he looked straight at the little girl's eyes and nodded. Hinata nodded back and went to her room. Her daddy was proud.

Hinata's feet started to tap faster. All the students in the classroom noticed that she was getting impatient. Ino started shaking, while Choji just stared at her from afar. Shikamaru had his usual goofy grin on his face. yup. Sasuke was going to a funeral today.

Once Iruka-sensei dismissed the class everyone was out. Today was a special day. It was the fight of a lifetime: Hyuuga vs. Ichiha. Two kindergartners, who knew nothing of each other, were going to fight the fight of the school year.

Once Hinata got outside everyone was there. Even the upper classmen. 'Where are you Uchiha.'

Sasuke was terrified. He wasn't a fighter like his brother. he preferred piece, tranquility and girls. All girls except Hinata. What if she took his soul? What if she was the grim reaper himself?

Sasuke swallowed. She could be. Or might be. Sasuke walked past the students who were waiting for the fight. He gulped when he saw Hyuuga Hinata in all her glory. Behind her Ino, was trying to talk her out of it.

Hinata pointed an accusing finger at him. "Ready to lose Uchiha."

"Now Hinata. Let's be professional about this." One of Hinata's eyes started to twitch and he noticed. "Violance is no good and-" And once again her fist collided with his nose.

Everybody watched in awe as the little boy went flying towards a car. Hinata's victory was soon over when Mrs. Hyuuga got out of the car and ran towards the Sasuke. Hinata grabbed Ino's hand and they silently left. No one noticed they were gone until Mrs. Uchiha demanded to know the person who did this to her little boy.

Menma walked towards Sasuke's room. The halls were empty and everyone was sleeping. Once he got to the Uchiha's room, he slowly opened the dark room. His best friend was sleeping in his room.

Menma noticed all the get-well cards and the dead flowers everywhere. Sasuke wasn't dead, people! He was recovering from a close-to-death nosebleed. If he was dying, Menma wouldn't be here right now. Either way he was and he came to visit. Not to admire dying plants.

He pulled the curtains up and pushed Sasuke off his bed. Of course it came with a price. "What was that for?" Sasuke was rubbing his face in pain. Worst awakening ever. What happened to the pretty nurse from yesterday?

"I'm not your maid." Sasuke chickled and stood.

"Of course not. If you were you would be attractive and not hideous." BAM! Sasuke found himself on the floor once more.

The boys spent the rest of the day catching up. Sakura and the rest of the girls were asking for him. The boys were happy not to have him back. Everything was Sasuke-less. Then Hinata's name came up and Sasuke was all ears.

"She's getting in trouble more."

"Hey Menma." the dark-haired boys was looking at his friend. "Do you still like Hinata?"

Menma placed a finger on his chin and looked upward. "No. Not anymore."

A grin slowly crept Sasuke's face and he stood up. "Then, that's that!" Menma jumped up and stared at his best friend. "Until I die, I'll get Hyuuga Hinata to go out with me!"

This was going to be a one-shot. I'm happy it isn't. I don't see many RTN Sasuhina fanfics. I don't think I've read one yet. So I decided to do this!