I wrote this chapter for a very important reason. I only read stories were Hinata cross dresses to attend school. Why hasn't Sasuke cross dress yet? It would be interesting in my opinion. Somebody out there. . . Please write something like that one day!

Sasuke thought fishing was lame. But once Kakashi, Sakura, Menma, and him got the opportunity to take an old man back home, it wasn't that bad. He learned the Sharingan. Now here he was showing it off to all the girls in the school.

"Stop it." He turned around to see his rival scowling and with his hands crossed across his chest.

Sasuke smirked and put his hands on his hips. "Jealous Menma? It's not my fault that you didn't inherit your family's genes. Oh, wait. You don't have any."

Menma rolled his eyes, while Sakura nervously giggled. It was another day with these two. Just arguments and nothing more. Sasuke inhaled air through his nose and looked expectantly at his teammates.

"Well. I'm off to find Hinata and show her my wonderful eyes." Sasuke walked away, with his fangirls on his trail. The pinkette rolled her eyes at him.

"Aren't you going to tell him Hinata moved to a different school?"

Menma chuckled. "I'll find it more hilarious when he finds out she's no longer here."

The rest of the day, said Uchiha looked around frantically for said Hyuuga. By the end of the week he no longer went to school. Which, of course, caused Itachi to worry.

He knocked on his little brothers door on an early morning. Itachi slowly opened the door. His eyes widened at his brothers, once clean room. Ramen cups. Everywhere.

Sasuke never ate ramen, unless he was out with his teammates. This caused Itachi to worry even more.

"Sasuke. . . ?" He saw his brother's sheets move and Sasuke slowly sat up."Hinata?"

Itachi's eye twitched. This was the cause of Sasuke's depression. A girl. And not just any girl. THE Hyuuga Hinata.

Konoha's best female martial arts fighter. Sasuke's bully. Even though Sasuke would never say that. A girl with super human strength, along with Sakura.

"If I tell you were she is would you go to school?" Sasuke quickly nodded. " She goes to a private school. You know? The one mom went to when she was younger?"

Sasuke quickly jumped out of his bed. "I'm off to school, Itachi. Now leave. I need to change." The older Uchiha sighed and closed the door. His brother was complicated.

Menma couldn't understand how this happened. One minute he's walking to school. An hour later he's walking to an all girls school, with Sasuke. But he was ditching school, which was great,

"So . . . Why?" Menma wasn't gay. But an all girls school, and with Sasuke, it was bad news.
"Because Hinata's at that school."

Of course.

Sasuke looked up at the school, which looked bigger than his school. Then he saw it. Pair of white eyes staring at him. The eyes of a Hyuuga.

As Sasuke examined her, he concluded that it was in fact Hyuuga Hinata. Sadly he couldn't look up at her anymore. Her cranky old teacher came up to her desk and pulled the shades down. "Did you see that?!"

Menma turned his head to him. He wasn't amused. Hinata had just flipped them. And she was three stories up! He didn't want to reminisce. But something in his large brain couldn't help but ask. "What?"

"Hinata and I had eye contact for more than five seconds!" Sasuke hugged himself with glee and skipped to the front of the school. Menma stood there with a twitching. He was seriously going to get Hinata to kill him. He would do it himself, but he didn't blood on him for dinner.

"No." Sasuke's perfect eyebrow twitched. It couldn't happen to him. He was so close and an old cow was standing in his way.

"There sure are a lot of girls outside the office." Menma turned to Sasuke who was standing outside the principal's office."Just give them Hyuuga eye contacts, a blueish purplish wig and call them Hinata. Easy! Now let's go home."

"It's not them same!" Sasuke was on the ground crying. Hinata was powerful. But there was something different about her that no other girl had. Sasuke didn't know what though. Then his head quickly shot up. "I got an idea!"

Menma didn't like the look in Sasuke's red eyes. The girls in the hallway shrieked in happiness. Sasuke grabbed Menma by his arm and they jumped out the window. Menma was thankful they were on the first floor. If it was the fourth or fifth floor, Sakura would be burying her friends while Hinata would be laughing for joy. No more Sasuke.

"WERE ARE WE GOING?" Sasuke was now running through Konoha with Menma hitting the ground while he ran.

"My house. My mom won't mind use borrowing her old school uniform and two wigs." Menma could do nothing but scream in horror. He didn't have the legs to be wearing skirts!

Sasuke made a pretty girl. He walked around the school as if he owned the place. Menma made a very interesting girl. He walked like a guy still. "You're doing it wrong."

"What. Are. you. Talking. About." Sasuke laughed and walked like most of the girls in the school. "It's like this!"

"I thought you were looking for Hinata!" He was pissed. Hinata was this Uchiha's priority, not showing off his legs. But Menma would agree Sasuke had the legs for the school's skirt.

Sasuke nodded and they continued there search for the bluenette.

Hinata was not amused. Everyone was talking about two new students. One looked like she could be related to Sasuke Uchiha. The other had terrible legs. "Uchiha Sasuke."

Once the lunch bell rang Hinata began her search for her prey. Hinata ran as if the world was about to end. She pushed a teacher out of the way when she heard something disgusting. The she saw it.

Uchiha, dressed as a girl, flirting with another girl. "Uchiha!" This made Sasuke flinch. He recovered once he processed whose voice it was.

Hinata was walking towards him, veins, and death, bulging out near her eyes. Sasuke's eyebrow arched at this. "What's wrong with your eyes?"

Hinata wanted to slap him right there. But she couldn't. Too many witnesses. Not good for the Hyuuga name either."Byakugan. . ."

They stared at each other. Menma was looking back at them waiting for Hinata to kill Sasuke. It never came. Instead they were being surronded by other girls.

"Are they gay?"

"Do you think they're going out?"

"But she's a Hyuuga while the other is an Uchiha."

"I think the Hyuuga was the one who beats up the Uchiha Sasuke."

Menma wanted to cry right there. The suspense was killing him. The grisl in the background were torturing him. He only had one option. He quickly pulled off Sasuke's wig and pushed him to the ground. Then took off his own wig.

"Sasuke's gay!" All the girls were staring at him with wide eyes. Sasuke. Was. Not. Gay. Hinata was laughing behind him. "Awesome."

Before Menma could process anything, he was surronded by the student population. "Menma!" Hinata wouldn't let him get hurt. she jumped into the crowd. Sasuke was still on the floor.

Then he noticed that Menma thrown up. He landed next to the Uchiha. The Uchiha smirked at his friend. "What?"

Sasuke calmly pointed towards Hinata who was fighting the female population and throwing them out the window. "I'm going to marry her one day." Menma chuckled at his idiot friend.

"What're you talking about? She's going to cause your funeral. And not go." Sasuke stuck his tongue out at him. Suddenly they were both pulled up.

"Get up. We're leaving." The boys noticed they were being pulled up by Hinata and leaving the school. "The cops are going to be here soon."

Once they were far from the school, she let go of their hands. "Thank you. . . " Sasuke laughed and ran up to her. Hinata had expected him to try and flirt, but to her surprise he came up and hugged her. Hinata blushed. She was hardly hugged. But he sadly ruined the moment.

"Of course! Anything for my future wife." Menma ran for the hills, while Sasuke flew towards the mountain. Hinata walked home with a blush on her face.

She no longer went to that school. First off she was expelled. And she did cause some girls to be scarred for life. Thank goodness the cops never found out it was her.

However, Hinata was thankful. Sasuke, surprisingly, saved her from literally destroying the school. Instead she just destoryed some people.

"Onee-chan?" Hinata noticed her little sister near her desk. She looked worried. "Are you okay? You're blushing."

Hinata touched her face. It couldn't be possible. She was just thinking about the Uchiha brat. The idiot. The one who made her blush.

I was trying to make this more romantic. It's time to get serious, while adding humor here and there. I hope it worked. Other than that, I was rereading this story and trying to picture our own serious Uchiha and sweet yet timid Hyuuga. It was hard.

The next chapter will feature Neji. Why did he have to die! Thank goodness we have fanfiction.