This is completely AU. Parts are cannon, but only the parts I liked/fit with the story I wanted to tell. I own nothing, just playing it's J.K. Rowling's world. Biggest au fact you should know: Malfoy was still unable to kill Dumbledore, but instead of Snape Dumbledore jumped off the tower so Voldemort could believe Draco pushed him, but Harry witnessed it all. Prologue in 3rd person, but will alternate perspectives as it goes. Warnings: slavery and slash.


Harry Potter counted down the seconds until it was officially his birthday again. With more glee than he could ever recall having before he let out a cry of joy. It was finally time. Harry Potter had just turned 17 and he was free. In the midst of all the terror from his al too short life being free wasn't much, but as he gathered up his few belongings in his trunk and prepared to leave the Dursley's for the last time he couldn't remember ever feeling happier.

He slipped into Dudley's room and cast a wandless spell to ensure he would stay asleep. Harry plucked a hair from his head and added it to one of the vials of polyjuice he had prepared. He forced a second vial, holding a strand of his hair, down Dudley's throat and took his. He shrunk his trunk and hid it in his pocket. He walked quite loudly to Dudley's friend's house, he was expecting Harry as he had done this frequently through the summer and had asked his friend to leave his door open so Dudley could stay out all night. Not for the first time, Harry was glad Dudley's friends were stupid.

He quickly apparated to Diagon Alley and got himself a room for the night. Harry supposed he shouldn't go to such lengths to avoid the Order, but he couldn't help it. Being free sounded much less appealing when he was being watched by his keepers. He was tempted to continue on. How could he return to Hogwarts this year without Dumbledore? He was also tempted to return to his godfather's house, but he was tired of being haunted. Tired of being surrounded by the people of the Order who wouldn't let him do anything. What was the point of being the "Chosen One" if you were held back from your destiny? If others' were constantly paying the price for your actions?

Harry woke to tapping on his window. He opened it to let Hedwig in, and she was quickly followed by three other owls. He laughed as the Weasley's owl appeared to be even more off balance than normal due to the package he was carrying, and crashed into the bed. He picked up that package and letter first. Inside the package was a sweater with a giant H on it, a homemade cake, and a new set of Wizard's Chess. The box promised that this version was even more violent than before. He smiled softly as he read Ron's letter:


Happy birthday mate! Welcome to adulthood. I can't wait until you get to headquarters. It's been awful being here knowing you're stuck with your relatives. Dad wouldn't let us come spring you out for your birthday, but he's promised if you're not here in a week we'll come break you out. See you soon, Mate!


Harry opened the package Hedwig was carrying next. A letter fluttered down out of the pages from the book. He smiled as he saw it was The Basic Survival Guide for witches and wizards. Only Herminone would send him a practical book for his birthday.


I hope this summer is finding you well. I can't wait to see you, but I know that it could very well be until we arrive at Hogwarts. I know your muggle family is the safest place for you to be, but we do miss you. Please write back so Rom believes the Aurors watching your place when they say that you are fine.


Harry opened the third package and found a slightly squished cake from Hagrid without a note. Harry was suddenly struck with sadness as he realized that Hagrid was easily one of his favorite people in the world these days, but he didn't know when he would ever be able to see him again. Hagrid had too many valuable connections to the creatures of the wizarding world and Harry knew he wouldn't be back to Hogwarts this year.

Harry frowned at the fourth owl waiting patiently for his attention. He held out a Galleon even though he knew it was too much. The owl nuzzled his fingers before dropping the letter and leaving without touching the Galleon. Confused Harry turned the letter over and was shocked to see it was from Gringotts.

Dear Mr. Potter,

Congratulations on reaching your maturity. As you may know, now that you have reached adulthood there are several legacies waiting for you to claim them. You have already claimed portions of the Potter and Black legacy's, but now that you are 17 you need to return to claim the rest, including magical heirlooms, properties, and of course more gold. Please see the attached inventory of each legacy and what you have left to claim.

You may not know that you were also a primary benefactor in the will from Albus Dumbledore. He wished to not inform you of this until you reached maturity. Attached is a letter from him explaining his legacy to you in more detail. An accounting of what he left you is as follows:

-one pensive (please find in vault 427)

-one phoenix (should he outlive the Headmaster)

-one portrait (please find in vault 892)

-one bound slave, Severus Snape

-one magical mirror (please find in vault 427)

We thank you again for you continued business and look forward to seeing you when you come to claim your inheritance.

Harry blinked several times as he re-read the note from Gringotts for the third time. He half expected the pensive and Fawkes. The portrait was intriguing, but he was shocked at the absurdity of Snape either being a slave or belonging to him. His hands trembled as he pushed aside the accountings of the Black and Potter legacies, and he pulled out the letter from Dumbledore.

Harry my boy,

If this letter is reaching you it means that I was unable to cure the poison and was forced to take unpleasant action. I am deeply sorry that I am leaving you to your destiny and I know that you can't possibly understand all of the loss you have been forced to suffer already. I left some memories in my pensive, which I think you will find educational. I also left you the memory of me tasting lemon drops for the first time, watch that one when you need a smile, as I fear you will need often. It is one of my greatest treasures and there is no one I would rather have it.

Please take care of Fawkes for me. He has taken quite the liking to you, and I think you will be able to use his strength for the tasks ahead of you. The portrait is something I ask you to not look at until this war is over and your tasks are done. I know I won't be able to ensure this, but I trust you know everything worth having takes sacrifice.

And I'm sure the thing you are most anxiously awaiting my explanation on. I find myself without adequate words to write. I worry if I tell you too much that you will avoid what must be done. So I leave you with questions that I know must frustrate you. Go to vault 427 and collect the pensive and the mirror. Whisper Professor Snape's name into the mirror and all your questions will be answered. I ask that you be kind to him, I know he doesn't appear to want it, but he could use more kindness.

Please forgive me. I hope you know how proud I've always been of you.

Albus Dumbledore

Harry found tears pouring down his face. He missed Dumbledore, even if he was an infuriating and meddlesome man. Harry was tempted to call Professor Snape on the floo so that the older man could tell him that Dumbledore was a fool and Harry could remain free, but he realized he didn't know where the man spent his summers.

With a sigh Harry determined there was nothing else he could do, but head to Gringotts and hope for the best.