The Daughter of Me

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 1, nix the Finale.

Summary: Instead of Quinn going into labor during Regionals, she goes into labor while having a sleep-over with Kurt and Mercedes. Then, she gives Kurt the gift of life.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Daughter of Me

Kurt can't help but laugh as he wipes the whip cream off of Quinn's stomach. "Well it was fun while it lasted." He chuckles as he looks up to Quinn's blushing face.

"God." Quinn groans as she throws her head back against the couch from where she sits on the floor. "I can't believe you dared her to lick that off my stomach."

"She'll be fine." Kurt says as he waves her off.

They both laugh as they hear Mercedes make a show of mock-throwing up down the hallway in the bathroom.

"There you go." Kurt says as he gets the last of the whipped cream off of Quinn's pregnant stomach. "You're little girls house looks normal again."

"Don't call my stomach a house." Quinn mock pouts as her arms wrap around her huge stomach.

"I can't call it that much longer. You're ready to burst any day now." Kurt teases. "I'm going to call your stomach a little house until I see a baby in your arms."

"I still can't believe you decided to keep her." Mercedes says as she returns to the living room and sits next to Kurt on the floor. "I mean, you were so against it for a long time."

Quinn shrugs as she looks down to her stomach, her fingers tracing circles over her bare skin. "I fell in love." She slowly smiles. "I can't help but love her. She's a part of me now."

"Well we're here with you through it all." Kurt says with a smile as he takes on of Quinn's hands in his own.

"That's right." Mercedes adds with the same happy energy as Kurt.

Quinn gives them a smile of relief before blushing. "Well . . . there was actually something I wanted to ask you. Mainly you Kurt." She gives an apologetic look to Mercedes.

"Is everything okay?" Kurt asks as he glances at her stomach briefly.

"No." Quinn shakes her head. "I just have something to ask you."

"Yes I can give you a make-over once you lose the baby fat." Kurt says with a teasing smile.

Quinn rolls her eyes. "Actually, this is a bit bigger than a make-over."

Kurt raises his eyebrows, but stays quiet. Quinn bites her lip before looking Kurt in the eyes.

"I want you to be her godfather." She says firmly so there's no mistakes made.

Kurt's eyes widen. "What?" He gives her a small shocked laugh before pointing at himself. "You want me . . . to . . ."

"I want you to be her godfather." Quinn repeats with a smile. "Kind of like the father since she won't have one, but without technically being one. You get to buy her stuff, and spoil her." Quinn's face is bright with all of the possibilities. "And you can even choose when she dates and stuff."

"But . . ." Kurt shakes his head. "What . . . what about Puck?"

Quinn's smile vanishes and she sighs. "I can't let him be a father. He's not ready."

"So am I a substitute then?" Kurt hates asking.

"No." Quinn squeezes his hand. "I just want my baby to be fine. Plus, I can let you buy all her clothes and not have to spend a cent."

"This is true." Kurt says with a small chuckle.

"So you're really considering this?" Mercedes asks. "This is a big deal."

"I know." Kurt looks to Quinn. "Why not ask Mercedes to be godmother?"

"I would." Quinn gives Mercedes a smile. "But she has her sister to be a role model for. And I don't want it to be weird for her to have two mothers. Or a mother and another mother-like-figure."

Both Kurt and Mercedes nod at this explanation.

"I'm fine." Mercedes adds in. "I'm not sure I'm baby mama material yet."

Kurt smiles at her before looking to Quinn with an even wider smile. "Sure." He laughs. "Why not?"

"You're serious." A smile is slowly growing on Quinn's face.

"Yes. I will be the godfather to your child." Kurt says for the first time.

Quinn squeals and throws herself into Kurt's arms. He's ready and wraps his arms tight around her. He sighs with content, thinking about what life means for him from that moment on. He and Quinn both jump when they feel something hit them.

Quinn pulls back and looks down at her stomach. "She . . . she kicked me."

"I felt it too." Kurt says with a soft smile.

"She likes-" Quinn breaks off with a shriek of pain. "Oh dear god."

"What's wrong?" Kurt asks as he and Mercedes move closer to the pregnant girl.

Quinn's hands snap to her stomach. "Oh god." She looks up at her two concerned friends. "It's time."

"It's time?" Kurt and Mercedes say in unison, both in shock.

"It's time." Quinn confirms as she looks down to see the clear liquid seeping out of her.

Both of her friends move faster than she thought possible. Kurt is moving with her, helping her to stand up. Mercedes is moving around trying to get the three of them dressed.

"We need to go now." Quinn hisses.

"Mercedes come on." Kurt says as he leads Quinn to the door, both of them barefoot. "We don't have time."

"But we still need to call-"

"On the way." Kurt hisses as he flings the front door opens and he leads Quinn out into the night.

So what do you think. I know it's a bit early to be doing another pregnancy story, but I swear to you, this one is vastly different. And I've had this one stuck in my head longer than Santana's Request. Now I'm hoping the chapters will be longer than this one, but they may be around the same. I'm just aiming for cliffy type endings. They keep me getting lovely reviews and keep me on my toes. So let me know what you think so far with a nice long review.