The Daughter of Me

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 1, nix the Finale.

Summary: Instead of Quinn going into labor during Regionals, she goes into labor while having a sleep-over with Kurt and Mercedes. Then, she gives Kurt the gift of life.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Daughter of Me

Kurt can practically hear the rumor mill buzzing around him. According to sources, AKA Tina, everyone was either all the way in, or all the way out. The three Cheerios that had spotted him and Puck at Breadsticks were known for their extreme gossiping, hence the reluctance to believe. And so far, Puck and Kurt weren't giving them anymore incentive. They really didn't mind not showing off. Puck still walked with Tina and Kurt to class, still talked and laughed with them. Only Tina got to see the soft kisses they shared when the three were late to class.

Then giggled and hovered over us.

Kurt chuckles to himself.

I guess it is cute in a fantasy type way. The underdog, former victim, finally gets with his tormentor, top dog.

He looks around, loving the attention that he's receiving, and it being positive for once.

See Kurt. This isn't so bad. You get to have Noah, and Beth. School is fine again with no problems. The only thing that would be better is . . . impossible. She'll never come back.

Kurt gulps and looks to the ground. He looks in time so see a pair of sneakers standing still in front of him. He stops and looks up the tracksuit until he reaches the stern face of one Sue Sylvester.

"Coach." Kurt smiles. "How are you this fine d-"

"Can it Porcelain." He's happy to hear the amusement in her voice. "I have a bone to pick with you." All of that happiness disappears as she starts circling around his still body. "Would you like to have this conversation for the ears of this rat-infested school, or shall we have a seat in my office?"

"Where would you like to have it Coach?" Kurt's learned to not back down. "I'm sure these rats would love to hear anything you have to say and you shouldn't have to hide how wise anything you say is."

The woman stops in front of Kurt with a small smile and a proud twinkle in her eye. "You know if you were a girl, and went blonde like the rest of the world, you'd remind me of a young Sue Sylvester. You even have my bone structure." Her hand goes up to tilt his face to the side. "Have you ever thought about getting a gender swap Porce? I'd love to have a mini-me running around this place."

"I'm fine as a man Coach." Kurt nods. "Plus I can look in the boys bathrooms and locker rooms without looking like a pervy old woman wanting some action."

Sue lets her head fall back and an obnoxiously loud laugh comes out before she beings her head back down and we see that she's frowning. "Oh you think you're so funny Porcelain. Thinking you can insult me."

"Just like you taught me Coach." Kurt tosses back, secretly enjoying their little game.

Sue's face drops at she stares Kurt down. Kurt holds his smirk in place, no matter how much his skin feels like crawling.

Maybe I pushed it to far. Dang it Kurt.

"Choose Porcelain." Sue speaks. "My office, or the hallway. Either way, I know you're going to say yes."

Guess we're doing this now.

"And what will I say yes to Coach?" Kurt looks up at the woman, trying not to sigh in her face.

"To be my head Cheerio Porce." The woman smiles again as she goes to circle Kurt again. "You see, now that Quinn is gone, I need someone new. Sure it's almost Nationals time, but none of my current Cheerios can match the . . . the Sue Sylvesterness of a routine by Sue Sylvester." She stops back in front of Kurt. "Only two people have ever achieved that, you . . . and Quinn." Kurt gulps and looks down at Sue's nose. "Hey hey hey." She reaches forward and tilts his chin up. "No doubts allowed mister. You're my new head Cheerio and that's that." She gives him a smirk, and a small slap on the cheek before turning and walking away.

I can't.

"No." Kurt calls out after her.

He immediately gets looked at by everyone in the hallway. No matter what the conversation is about, no one, absolutely no one says 'no' to Coach Sue Sylvester. Kurt straightens his back up as the insane woman slowly turns around.

"No." Her slow and doubtful-toned voice rings through the hallway. "Did you just . . ." Her mouth gapes open as she marches back to Kurt. "No one tells me no Mister."

"Well I just did Misses." Kurt snaps back. "I have a life outside of school and it's much better than one that you could give me." Kurt lets out a shaky breath as the blonde woman's nostrils flare out. "I will not, nor ever, return to the Cheerios. I know you won't be happy with this, but this is my decision, no matter how delirious you'll get about the entire thing by saying that I have no choice."

The woman in front of him looks so far beyond flustered that Kurt can't help the small chuckle that bubbles from his lips. This doesn't help his case anymore.

"How dare you." She takes another step closer to Kurt, leaving only a foot left. "You're saying no . . . to me. I'm giving you this amazing opportunity and you're wasting it so you can suck Rooster-head off behind the bleachers."

"Ah." Kurt lets out a small smile and gasp of understanding. "So you've been listening to the rumors of McKinley. Well I'm afraid that I really do have to go. I think I have cock breath. What do you think?" He leans forward and breaths heavily, making the woman stumble back. Kurt mock pouts. "Really? I tried to get rid of it, but his cock is just too big and I can't reach back far enough down my throat to get rid of the taste or smell." He smirks at the gaping woman. "I better go brush again so I don't burn the last prepubescent hairs off of all of your Cheerios. Later." He flips the woman a peace sign before strutting past her.

Oh my god.

Kurt is struggling to keep the smirk in place, laughing on the inside. He can hear the gossiping pushed up to another level in the hallways as his most recent display had been watched closely.

That was great. The only bad part is now that everyone thinks that I'm sucking Noah. I mean, I'm sure I will eventually, just not now.

Kurt feels his smile as he walks into the stairwell. He looks around, relieved for one second that no one is around, before loud laughter escapes his throat.

"That was so much fun." Tina squeals as she jumps on Kurt's back.

Kurt quickly catches her legs and holds her up, directing them towards the dressing rooms.

"Best. Show. Ever." Rachel announces as she skips past them, still carrying the high energy of their Thriller/Heads Will Roll mash-up and winning the football game.

After their performance, Kurt had been casted to the side while all of his friends played the game.

I don't mind sitting this one out. It looks rather painful.

So he had watched from the sidelines, but he was never bored. The adrenaline and excitement of the half-time show was still coursing through his veins. The only time he had left the benches at the side of the field was to rush to Tina's side when the poor girl had been tackled. She had assured everyone that she was fine as she took her helmet off. She quickly gave Mike, him, and Puck quick kisses, Kurt and Puck receiving theirs on the cheeks while Mike got one in the more central region of the face. Kurt was quickly ushered off the field.

"Woo!" Tina cheers as she thrusts her arm in the air.

Kurt chuckles and moves quickly with everyone else. He spots Mike and gives him a smile. Mike taps the imaginary watch on his arm and Kurt snorts before nodding. Mike is quickly blended away into the other football players.

"Faster Kurt." Tina urges as she wiggles her feet into his pelvic region. "This zombie make-up is itchy and I want it gone. Gone." She sings.

Kurt nods and makes his way to the dressing room. He's a hallway away and he can already see that the room is packed with cheering and excited McKinley high students. He just shakes his head and pushes through.

Dressing rooms were not created for a show choir and an entire football team. It just doesn't work like that.

As soon as they're in the room, he starts feeling more uncomfortable, and it's not just him. Tina seems to tighten her legs around him and leans close so her chest is flat on Kurt's back. Kurt turns his head and gives her a small smile once she places her chin on his shoulder. He lets out a small sigh of relief when he sees his other girls in the corner of the increasingly smaller dressing room. He quickly approaches Mercedes and Rachel and smiles.

"Hi girls." He smiles as he turns his back towards the small counter that rounds the room.

Tina's grip loosens around his neck first before she lets her legs drop. Kurt turns and smiles at the giddy girl that's sitting there on the counter, swinging her legs.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" He asks with a smile as he takes a seat, leaving a spot between him and Mercedes for Tina.

"I like riding you Kurt." Tina pouts as she swings her legs to rest on Kurt's lap.

He hears a few snorts behind them and he just rolls his eyes. He reaches over and grabs Tina by the hips. He carefully moves her along the counter, above him, and in front of the chair that he left for her.

"Sit." He says firmly. "You need to get that make-up off and then if you're good, you can come back to my place and you can stay over."

"Are you serious?" Tina's smile drops and her face becomes serious. "Please tell me you're serious. You, me, Beth and Noah. Oh yay. This will be a fun night."

"But Noah-" He stops talking as Tina slides off the counter and runs off. "Can't stay over. He's a guy." He mutters.

Probably off to find Mike.

Kurt sighs as he reaches for some wipes on the counter. Now that this is the last time they're wearing the zombie make-up, Kurt is free to just drag everything off. he doesn't have to be careful about keeping the big wounds intact. He just wipes it all off with the first wipe, well except for the finer details on his skin that would require an extra two hours on his moisturizing routine.

"Hey." Kurt looks up at the mirror to see Puck approaching him..

"Hey." He gives the boy a soft smile. "How does it feel to finally win at football?"

"Hey." Puck scoffs and hits Kurt playfully on the arm as he sits on the counter. "We've . . . won games. Not many, but we've won."

"Mhm." Kurt smiles as he continues to take the make-up off.

"Well I'll have you know that I've won other things beside some silly football game." Puck brags.

Kurt raises an eyebrow and looks up at the boy through the mirror. "Like what?"

Puck chuckles as he snaps his gaze away from the mirror Kurt's in exchange for the real one. "I won you."

"Oh you sap." Kurt scoffs and looks to the mirror to continue taking off the make-up.

Puck is ignoring his own process so he can look down at Kurt. "I'm serious. I mean, what are the chance that I could ever get with you? And no matter what you say, besides Beth-" He lowers his voice for her name. "You're the best thing in my life."

Kurt blushes and just continues to look at his face in the mirror. He can hear Puck go on and on about each thing he won with Kurt. Kurt just smiles and his gaze slowly drifts up to see someone behind the mirror on the other side of the room. He frowns when he sees Karofsky glaring at him, well him and Puck. Kurt realizes the close distance between him and Puck and sees realization dawn across Karofsky's face. Kurt locks his jaw and stares him down.

Suddenly, Karofsky is staring above Kurt's head in the mirror. He looks up to see Puck staring the boy down.

"Hey." Kurt mutters, getting the boys attention. "Leave him alone."

"Not until he stops being a creep." Puck leans down. "So can I kiss you to prove that he can't have you?"

Kurt tenses. "You do know that it's only a rumor right now? If . . . if you kiss me, things will change for you."

"So is that a yes?" Puck mutters with a smile as he leans down.

Kurt shakes his head.

What did I do to deserve you you amazing boy?

Kurt leans forward and presses their lips together. They're barely together for a second before they hear a crash on the other side of the room. Puck breaks their lips and they look over to see Karofsky standing up, his floor and several others flipped over. This gets the attention of the other jocks and they look over to where Karofsky was staring. All of the eyes widen as they see the close proximity of Kurt and Puck.

"Back off guys." Sam steps up between the two divided groups. "If you want them, you mess with me, and everyone else here." He motions towards Finn, Mike, and even the girls.

Sam looks back and gives Kurt a small smile. Kurt gives him a watery smile and a nod as the blonde looks back forward. The jocks don't seem to like the situation for their resident Running Back, but sit down anyways, accepting that it's the wrong situation to deal with it.

Kurt nods to himself before looking back to Puck. "Do you wanna go ahead and leave? I can take this off at home."

"Sure." Puck nods sliding off of the counter. "You sure you won't scare Beth showing up at your house like this?"

"I'm sure." Kurt chuckles before biting his lip. "Let me get Tina and we'll be off."

Puck nods and slides his hand down Kurt's arm and takes him by the elbow.

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