The Daughter of Me

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 1, nix the Finale.

Summary: Instead of Quinn going into labor during Regionals, she goes into labor while having a sleep-over with Kurt and Mercedes. Then, she gives Kurt the gift of life.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Daughter of Me

Kurt glances up at the bright red halls of McKinley. So much red, so much hearts, so much-

"Nonsense." Kurt growls as a pair of Valentine heart balloons float in front of him.

He quickly smacks them out of the way and ducks down to continue on, Tina at his heels.

"Really Kurt?" Tina easily keeps pace with the boy. "You don't find it the least bit romantic?"

"No." Kurt wrinkles his nose at a couple sharing nose kisses, a soft plush bear in the female's arms. "It's just a stupid marketing campaign to get stupid and moronic people to spend their hard-earned, or given in some cases, money on something so . . . repulsive." He stops and shakes his head as he looks at Tina. "Plus I'm sure the government created this holiday so they wouldn't have to wait until Easter to get the big checks. Now it's evenly spaced out." He chuckles before reaching down to loop his arm with Tina's.

"Well . . ." He can hear Tina sigh as they start moving again. "Is this all a completely biased opinion since you've never had a boyfriend to celebrate one with?"

Kurt purses his lips. "Perhaps, but I'm still right about the government wanting more money."

"I'm sure you are." Tina says with a small smile. "Now that you have a boyfriend, what kind of date would you like to have?"

"Well." Kurt cocks his head in another direction. "If I'd been with the guy for a while, I'd want it to be a small intimate setting, more personal. A regular meal I guess, I wouldn't want him to go all out unless he wanted to. And . . . just time to be together, holding each other, conveying all of the emotions that you were able to with simple touches."

"Mhm." Kurt narrows his eyes as he hears that small voice. He looks over at Tina and sees the girl staring forward, concentrating on something. "Also, why do you want to know this?"

"What?" Tina snaps out of her concentration and puts on a smile. "I-I-I wasn't. I was j-just thinking of ah . . .umm-Mike. yeah Mike. I want to make our date romantic."

"Ah." Kurt nods. "Okay." He glances at her one last time before looking forward again. "So does that sound like something Mike would enjoy?"

"I'm sure he will." Tina chuckles softly. "He's pretty easy to please, and he won't have to know. I can surprise him."

"Well that's always good." Kurt comments.

"Yeah." Tina says softly before clearing her throat. "So what do you and Noah have planned?"

Kurt sighs as they reach his locker. "Nothing." He swings the small door open and sighs again. "Dad wants to take Carole out, and everyone else that I usually asks has plans, so I'm watching Beth. I mean it's not that I don't mind, but Noah and I haven't been on a proper date in what . . . two months." He stresses as he looks over to Tina. "Not since before school. There's just been no time. Not with Beth. And dads been extra busy at the shop, that's why I've been cutting seventh so much. So I can get home and he can go work."

"I'm sure it'll all work out." Tina says with a soft smile as she places a hand on Kurt's arm. "And there are always other days."She adds quickly.

Kurt nods before letting his head fall into the locker with a groan. "Being a father is hard work."

"Well you're doing just fine." He hears Tina's close voice. "And you have a whole team at your beck and call."

Kurt chuckles before pulling his head out of the locker."And I thank you guys for that. I just feel bad for Noah. I can't really go anywhere or do anything without Beth being there, or having to rush around to keep the house clean. We haven't actually had any us time outside that date since we had that fight after Sectionals. It's just . . . so frustrating, you know?"

"Mhm." Tina gives him a tiny nod before leaning on the locker next to his and leaning forward. "But maybe it's good though, at least in some ways." She quickly adds.

Kurt snorts. "Please enlighten me on that one."

"Well . . . everything will be better, more . . . urgent-" She says slowly with a soft grin. "Since everything's been built-up." Kurt snorts and waves her on. "And plus it's not too bad when Beth is with you guys. She'll get used to having both of you around."

Kurt rolls his eyes. "Tina, you've been alone with me while I have Beth. When do I actually sit down to do nothing."

"Well recently, not at all." Tina sighs. "I guess you're sorta right."

"Yeah." Kurt chuckles as he pulls his books out. "That about sums up the understatement of the century." Kurt smiles as he shuts his locker door before turning to face Tina. "So . . . class?"

Tina smiles and loops her arm through his. "Class it is."

"Stupid witch." Tina mutters.

"Don't do anything stupid." Kurt laughs as he loops his arm through the young and angry woman's. "It's not that bad, at least I don't think. And besides, I didn't even get a solo."

"I know that, and I'm sorry for that." Tina says genuinely with a serious face before becoming angry again. "But Rachel just thinks she can hold up a finger and we'll go singing back-up for her. I mean sure we're up in the energy so we don't think about joining in, but Jesus. That girl is just . . . ahhh." Tina growls and clenches her teeth as she looks to Kurt.

Kurt chuckles as he unloops his arm from hers and moves it to lay over Tina's shoulder, holding her into his body. "Just calm down. Think of the romantic dinner that you'll be having tonight with Mike. Have you figured out where you're going?"

Tina lets out a breathe and purses her lips. "I want to go to Breadsticks because they usually have Karaoke on nights like these for all the couples, but I'm thinking of doing the whole intimate thing like you mentioned the other day."

"You mean you're not sure." Kurt tsks. "You better get on it. Breadsticks might have all their reservations booked. Then, you'd have to hurry and get everything together for that romantic dinner. Then get the parents out of the house. It's a lot of work."

Tina groans. "Please stop making it sound so bad." She groans again and leans her head against Kurt's chest and shutting her eyes, letting him steer them. "So much work for just another day."

"Ha." Kurt chuckles, tightening his grip on her shoulders. "I do believe that you're getting closer to my attitude about this day."

Tina reaches up and hits him playfully on the chest. "Shut up. I blame you and how you are. Your . . . negativity about Valentine's Day."

"I'm not negative, I'm just . . . just . . ." Kurt trails off as someone new enters the hallway.

Karofsky's gaze slowly goes up Kurt's body, making Kurt shiver slightly. As they approach the boy, Karofsky tosses Kurt a smile. Karofsky must think it's sexy, but it's not. Kurt shakes his head before walking faster, dragging Tina along.

"I'm just not enthusiastic about today." Kurt finishes with a slightly less happy and amused tone.

Tina nods and cuddles more into his body.

"Carole." Kurt calls out as he steps out onto the main floor of his house from his bedroom. "Dad?"

His dad was taking a day for Valentine's day, but he and Carole wanted to spend some time with Beth before they went. Kurt had taken a quick shower and realized that he had put them behind five minutes so he rushed upstairs.

He looks around with curious eyes and a concerned face. He shuts his door quietly behind him. He listens closely, only hearing some light noise besides the soft padding of his feet against the floor, but he can't place the sound. Or the smell. Kurt lifts his nose up slightly.

What is that . . . is that garlic? Italian? Why does my house smell like an Italian restaurant? And where on earth is dad and Carole?

As Kurt moves further into the house, he notices that there is only one source of light, besides the bits coming in through the windows. His eyes narrow as he slowly approaches the kitchen, his source of light. As he gets closer, he starts hearing a voice, singing

You got so much love in you

You got so much love in you

Kurt creeps closer, concentrating.

I'm amazed that I'm talkin' to you

You look like the songs that I've heard my whole life coming true

Kurt peers into the kitchen and his eyebrows shoot up. Puck is slowly dancing around the kitchen, singing to no music. Kurt spots the iPod in his pocket and the headphones going up the tan boys ears. The boy starts dancing more as he dances from pots on the hot stove to various bowls on the counter.


Strike all the bells, hit 'em hard make 'em all yell

Kurt stands up on his tippy-toes and sees that there is a pot of spaghetti on the stove.

There's the Italian.

He chuckles as the jock moves to some unheard beat.


Celebrate, infatuate, lock us up yeah incarcerate oh!

Kurt slowly moves to take a seat at the small island, chuckling as the boy starts dancing harder, his head rocking from side to side.


Oh, I swear, I know, I believe it

Oh, I can't stop hearing all the singing

Kurt full-on laughs when the boy picks up a few spoons and dancing along the counter, tapping everything in sight.


Oh, my soul has never had this feeling

and it feels like so, so

Puck sings the words with a smile in his voice, Kurt can hear it.


So much love in you

Kurt's eyebrows go up again.

A love song? Too who?

He slowly stands up.


You got so much love in you

I'm amazed that I'm talkin' to you

Kurt's almost directly behind the boy, but then Puck moves back over to the stove.

You look like the songs that I've heard my whole life coming true


You got so much love in you

You got so much love in you

Kurt reaches out and and grabs onto both of Puck's hips, steadying the boy.


I'm amazed-

"Oh hey." Puck smiles. "What do you think of the song?"

"It's good." Kurt nods with an unsure smile. "But-"

"Really?" Puck cuts in with a nervous smile. "I mean I know it's good, but I was trying to make it different. I mean I know it doesn't really suit my voice, but it's fine either way." Puck shrugs.

"Yeah." Kurt agrees awkwardly. "But-"

"But you should look them up." Puck cuts in again. "Sarah told me about them. They're Rocket Summer. Now unfortunately, I've only listened to one song, this one." He chuckles. "So Much Love. Now you'd think it'd be a bad love song, but it's not too bad."

"That's great Noah." Kurt quickly nods. "But I have another question."

"Shoot." Puck answers as he goes back to stirring the spaghetti.

"What are you doing here?" Kurt asks, not wanting to seem rude.

Puck smirks as he turns in Kurt's arms. "I'm your date tonight." He chuckles at Kurt's expression before leaning down and kissing the boys soft red lips. "Now, I need you to tell me if the food taste's good." Puck smiles before ruffling Kurt's wet hair and going back to his food.

So, what do you think. Now sorry this is late, but college has started this week and I've been busier than usual. So I might only update twice this week. I promise to at least two, but I might get to three this weekend. So let me know what you think.