The Daughter of Me

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 1, nix the Finale.

Summary: Instead of Quinn going into labor during Regionals, she goes into labor while having a sleep-over with Kurt and Mercedes. Then, she gives Kurt the gift of life.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Daughter of Me

Kurt just blinks at the boy. "Date?" The word seems to foreign to Kurt's mouth, at least when it's applied to him. "Date?" He can't help but repeat.

Puck chuckles as he turns around and places both of his hands on Kurt's hips. "Yes date. As in you and me, food and lone time . . . a date. Do you need me to repeat?" Puck asks with a teasing smile.

"Stop it." Kurt chuckles softly as he hits back in the chest playfully, becoming less serious. "I'm sorry that I'm a little surprised at this . . . date. I'm honestly surprised that you would be here."

"It's Valentine's Day Kurt." Puck smiles. "There's nowhere else I'd rather be. Now sit down." He adds as he lets go of Kurt. "The food should be ready soon. Just give me a few more minutes, okay?"

Kurt just nods and steps back as Puck turns back to the food. Kurt narrows his eyes as he sits down at the chair at the island. He watches as Puck moves back and forth. He shakes his head as a small chuckle as escapes his lips. He smiles as he lays his head down on the island, one ear pressed against the cool marble.

Kurt lets out a soft sigh as he watches Puck. "So . . . where's Beth? Where's dad?" Kurt asks.

Puck turns slightly so he can look at Kurt. "Well-" He breaks off with a soft chuckle, loving how Kurt looks. "Um, Beth is with Sarah tonight."

Kurt groans. "She needs a break Noah. She can't be the only one watching her all the time."

"Well she volunteered." Puck explains as he turns back to the food. "She thought it'd be nice if you and I were able to have a date."

"But Noah-"

"And it's not like Sarah's going to have a date tonight." Puck laughs. "She's still got thirty years before that will be even close to being a thought in her head."

Kurt laughs. "You know that's not logical."

"You'll be saying the same thing about Beth in a few years." Puck says as he shoots Kurt a smile over his shoulder.

Kurt scoffs. "I will not. She has at least ten years before I'm even concerned about boys liking her." Puck chuckles and Kurt just shuts his eyes, loving how the cool marble feels against the side of his face. "What about . . . where's dad? Where's Carole?"

"They left about half an hour ago." Puck answers, his back still to Kurt. "I let them leave earlier. I didn't see them complaining."

Kurt smiles. "No, they wouldn't. They haven't had much time together recently, or since they got married at least." Kurt smiles as he shuts his eyes. "Alone time is hard these days."

"We'll manage." Kurt quickly opens his eyes when he hears the strange ton in Puck's voice.

"We?" Kurt questions.

"Yes we." Puck says as he turns around to face Kurt, his face serious. "Kurt . . . I'm going to do everything that I can for you and Beth. You know that, right?"

Kurt smiles at the boy. "I know, but I can't expect you to be here for everything. Things change . . . people change."

Puck sighs before moving close to Kurt. He pulls out the chair next to the pale boy and takes a seat. Kurt watches him from where his head lay on the table. Puck sighs as he reaches out and runs his fingers gently through Kurt's wet hair.

"People may change, but I know that what I feel for you . . . it's not going to change. Same for Beth." Puck says softly.

Kurt smiles and a small shiver runs through his body thanks to Puck's hands. "And what exactly do you feel for me?

Puck just smiles as he stands up. He leans over the island and places a soft kiss on Kurt's temple. He leaves his lips there for a second before pulling back up. Kurt sits up with the boy and stops Puck from going back to the food by grabbing his hand. Kurt squeezes the hand gently and Puck looks back to him, his face a mixture between hope, fear, and various things. Kurt uses his other hand to reach up and cup the boys other face.


"Kurt." Puck cuts him off and lets out a shaky breath. "I-"


The ovens timer goes off and both boys share a nervous chuckle, realizing quickly how serious and deep their talk was getting. Puck smiles into Kurt's hand before pulling away.

"Get ready Kurt. This meal should be one for the record books." Puck proclaims. "I've pulled out all of the stops to give you the best date ever."

Kurt just smiles and nods at the boys back.

Kurt keeps a small smile on his face as he watches the movie on the flat screen in the living room. Puck has been twitching at his side for the past ten minutes, ever since they had relocated themselves to the living room after Puck's rather impressive meal. He glances down briefly. Puck's hand is on his own leg, but it's twitching towards Kurt.

Aw, the poor baby is nervous and wants to hold my hand.

Kurt can't help but keep the smile on his face and do a little teasing of his own, just to make things interesting. His own hand is on his right leg, closest to Puck. For his own amusement, he twitches his hand towards Puck. He watches as the boy looks down from the movie to the hand, hope in his eyes. Kurt twitches his hand again and this time Puck's hand has a major twitch reaction. Kurt purses his lips and tries not to laugh.

He's so adorable.

Kurt twitches his hand again and this time Puck moves his to take it. "Stop twitching your hand. It's distracting me from the movie." Puck says seriously.

Kurt chuckles. "Please. You're hand has been twitching ever since dinner."

Puck rolls his eyes. "You should have told me or something."

"I didn't mind." Kurt smiles. "And I don't smile. I think it's adorable and cute."

"Cute?" Puck scoffs. "I am not cute."

"Well you're many things." Kurt says as he lays his head back on the couch and looks over at Puck. "And you're nervousness is definitely cute."

"Not cute." Puck mutters. "And I'm not nervous."

"Sure you're not." Kurt chuckles.

"Seriously." Puck argues. "I'm not nervous."

"Prove it." Kurt counters with a smirk.

Puck narrows his eyes at Kurt before shifting on the couch. "Lay down with me."

"And why would I do that?" Kurt challenges.

"Because it's what couple do and I want to hold you." Puck answers, a small smile forming on his face.

"And this will prove that you're not nervous?" Kurt asks.

"You'll be able to feel my body, Kurt." Puck says softly. "You'll be able to feel if I'm nervous."

Kurt rolls his eyes and laughs. "That has got to be the worst pick-up line in existence."

"Hey." Puck leans closer so he's close to Kurt. "First, it wasn't a pick-up line, and second, I already have you."

"That you do." Kurt comments softly.

Puck smiles. "Now will you lay down with me."

Kurt sighs and gives in. "Fine."

"Thank you." Puck says with a teasing smirk.

Kurt rolls his eyes and sits forward. Puck moves so his feet are behind Kurt and he's lying up the length of the couch. He lets one arm lay on the couch and leaves the other one open for Kurt. Kurt sighs before slowly lying down.

"What's wrong?" Puck asks as he wraps his arms around the boy and buries his face into Kurt's neck. "Do you not like cuddling?"

"I feel like the girl here." Kurt mutters.

"We're gay Kurt. There is no girl." Puck points out.

"I know that." Kurt rolls his eyes. "But I feel like the girl when I'm cuddled."

Puck chuckles and presses a soft kiss to Kurt's neck. "Then how about you cuddle me next time? And after that, we'll just wing it."

Kurt smiles as he turns his head so he can see the boy. "Why aren't you just adorable."

Puck groans and bows his head down to hide in Kurt's, now dry, hair.

Kurt reaches up and cups the boys face, waiting for Puck to look at him. "I'll have you know that your adorableness is very hot."

Puck gives Kurt a goofy grin. "Really?"

"Yes." Kurt mutters before leaning forward and sealing their lips together.

Kurt smiles as the credits roll. He glances over to his phone on the table and frowns.

"Dad and Carole will be home soon." He mutters.

Puck tightens his arms around Kurt's waist. "I don't want to go."

"And I don't want you to go." Kurt says softly. "But Sarah has school tomorrow, as do you and I. And Finn will be home shortly after dad." Kurt sighs. "We'll have more time Noah. I can have Sarah start babysitting on weekends, or Fridays."

"I guess that could work." Puck mutters.

"It will." Kurt nods to himself.

Even though he's said the words, neither boy is wanting to get up or move. Kurt just relaxes into the boys arms, not willing to admit that it feels really good, at least not yet.

I guess this is what it's like to be in a relationship. I really should put more work into it for Noah, and even me. But Beth still comes first. He knows that. And-

"Kurt." Puck's soft voice breaks his concentration.

"Yeah." Kurt raises his eyebrows, waiting for the next words.

"I love you."

. . . . wow . . . wow . . . He loves me. Noah loves me.

Kurt smiles and goes to open his mouth, but stops.

But . . . do I love him? I mean I really do like him, but . . . God Kurt. Say something.

Kurt lets out a shaky breath. "Um . . . I don't want to say thank you, but I don't know what else to say." He feels Puck tense up around him. "I mean it's not that I"m not. . . that I'm not flattered and honored, but I-" Kurt cuts himself off, afraid to turn and look at the boy. "I do like you Noah. But I think I'm at the point where you were all those months ago and-"

"I guess I shouldn't have expected you to say it back." Puck cuts him off, his voice thick with emotion. "It was stupid to think so really."

"No Noah." This time, Kurt turns his body so he can face the wet-eyed boy. "I'm like how you were. I am so, so close to loving you Noah. So close. And I wouldn't want to say it unless I'm one hundred percent sure. And since I've never loved anyone . . . it might take a while to make sure that they're the right feelings."

Puck cracks a smile. "Really?"

"Yes Noah." Kurt reaches up and cups the boys face. "I'm so close to loving you."

Puck's full on smiling now. "Well I love you Kurt Hummel."

Kurt can only blush and smile. Puck unwraps one arm from around Kurt and brings it up. He lightly caresses the pink-toned face before leaning in for a kiss.

Sorry for the late chapter. A very busy week. So on top of writing, I'm working on a new story, college, two podcasts, and sleep. lol. It's been busy. So please let me know what you think. They'll help me feel tons better.