The Daughter of Me

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 1, nix the Finale.

Summary: Instead of Quinn going into labor during Regionals, she goes into labor while having a sleep-over with Kurt and Mercedes. Then, she gives Kurt the gift of life.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Daughter of Me

As soon as the ten seconds are up, Sam pulls back. Kurt stays propped up on his knees as he slowly blinks his eyes open. Sam's eyes are wide as he sits back on his own knees. Only the sober people are quiet, everyone else is giving them cat-calls and cheers. Sam's eyes are stuck on Kurt's, but only showing fear while Kurt shows nothing but understanding. Sam blinks and breaks their connection before scrambling to his feet. Kurt opens his mouth to say something, but Sam has already fled the room. Kurt hears movement behind him and turns to see Puck getting up. Kurt shakes his head at the boy and stands up himself.

"Let me go." Kurt mutters as he steps toward his boyfriend.

Puck gives Kurt a small smile. Kurt smiles back and leans down to take Puck's hand. He places a soft kiss against the tan knuckles before dropping the hand and turning away. The party is still going on in the circle with Brittany latching onto Rachel's retreating mouth with a lot of passion. This makes Kurt crack a smile as he ascends the staircase from the Berry Basement.

He purses his lips once on the main floor. Mr. and Mr. Berry are gone for the night, so the place is dark. Except for one. Kurt quickly makes his way through the living room and stops at the back door. The backyard light detectors have detected movement, hence why they're on and shining bright. Kurt lets out a shaky breath before opening the door and stepping out. He lets his eyes adjust to the dark backyard with the one bright light.

The Berry backyard is nothing less than perfection. One big tree is in the exact middle near the back fence. The fence itself is eight-foot tall, a privacy fence. Two bird baths are set between the back fence and the porch, right in the middle. Everything is very symmetrical. The porch is one made of stone, very elegant in design.

Kurt looks around and spots Sam sitting at the edge, his feet dangling off the porch. Kurt lets out a shaky breath before shutting the back door and making his way over to the boy. He can see the boy tense up as Kurt's shadow shrinks as he moves away from the light. Sam, however, doesn't look up as Kurt sits down by him. Kurt bites his lip as he lets his legs hang over the edge.


"Please don't Kurt." Sam mutters, his voice broken. "I tried. I am trying. But then this."

"I'm not upset Sam." Kurt says gently. "It's just a game."

"But it's not Kurt. It's my heart." Sam looks up at Kurt with lost wet eyes. "Every time I try to get over you, something has to make it harder than it already is. This time it was Santana."

"Santana?" Kurt keeps his voice steady and soft. "What does she . . ." Kurt nods in understanding. "She rigged it." Sam slowly nods and Kurt lets out a shaky breath. "Did . . . did you ask-"

"No." Sam lets out a groan as he looks up into the night sky, giving Kurt a clear view of a few tears falling down the blondes face. "She wanted to give me another chance to prove that I was the one for her. I begged her not to and she agreed, but I guess the alcohol made her go back on her promise. So yeah, the bottle was rigged by her."

Kurt bites his lip before slowly reaching out and placing a hand on Sam's shoulder. Sam suddenly tenses up. Kurt gives him a gentle squeeze.

"I don't blame you Sam, and I never will. This is all on her. You're being so kind, and considerate about this." Kurt tells the boy honestly. "And I don't want you to think that you're going to lose me over this."

"I don't even have you Kurt." Sam lets out a dry chuckle.

"Look at me!" Kurt demands as he raises his voice, making Sam quickly snap his neck to look. "You are my friend Sam. My friend. You're not going to lose me over some little game. It's nothing wrong. You did nothing wrong Sam." Kurt tries to convey his honest feelings. "I want you in my life Sam. You're a great friend to me, you're good with Beth . . . that's someone that I need in my life. As a friend Sam."

Sam's frown breaks and more tears fall from his eyes. Kurt can't help but reach out and wrap his arms around the boy. Sam falls into Kurt's body. Kurt doesn't know if he's crying or not, but he can feel Sam's breathing slowly even out as he holds him.

"Shh." Kurt mutters softly into the boys hair as he runs his fingers through the locks. "It's fine Sam."

"I know." Sam's voice comes out calm. "I'm just wondering when these feelings will go away."

"I don't want them to go away." Kurt mutters, tightening his grip around the boy. "I want them right here. I want to love you, and I want you to love me, but as friends. Best friends, or brothers even." Kurt smiles. "Just like we agreed right?"

"Right." Sam chuckles before slowly pulling back.

Kurt looks at the wet face and gives the boy a sad smile. Kurt reaches up and holds Sam's face. He uses his thumbs to wipe away his tears. Sam bites his lip nervously.

"You doing this isn't helping at all." Sam admits.

Kurt just smiles at him. "Well this is how I am. There's no point in toning that down just for me to be like this again when you no longer have romantic feelings. You'll just get used to me being like this and it won't seem like anything soon enough."

Sam chuckles. "I guess you're right."

"And it's about time you learned that." Kurt teases before dropping his hands. "Come on. You're staying with me tonight."

"What?" Sam's eyes go wide.

"Well you've drank a bit, and I don't want you going home when you have your brother and sister around." Kurt says with a serious face before smiling. "Plus I know a few people will be coming home with me or Finn so their families don't know."

Sam nods and smiles. "Sure. It'd be fun."

Kurt smiles before leaning over and placing a kiss on Sam's cheek. "Come on."

As soon as they set foot on the staircase leading to the basement, Kurt lets go of Sam's hand. The boy gives him a small smile. Kurt manages to hold his breath until his feet touch the cold floor. The party seems to be settling down for most. Finn, Artie, and Mike are still goofing off while the girls are just talking and laughing. Kurt's flick over to his boyfriend.

Puck seems to have taken up residence with Tina. She's at one end of the couch with Puck laying across it, his head in her lap. She's talking to him quietly. Kurt's eyes narrow when he notices that Puck seems to be angry, a scowl on his face.

Sam moves past Kurt and makes his way over to the other empty couch. Kurt purses his lips before looking back to Puck with a frown. He lets out a shaky breath before making his way over to the duo.

"Hello." Kurt puts a smile into his voice as he carefully sits on Puck's chest.

Puck shoots him a quick smile before morphing his face into one of mock-pain. "Ah Kurt. Too heavy. Crushing . . . my . . . chest . . . death." Kurt raises an eyebrow and bounces on the boy, making Puck laugh. "Alright. Stop it. I was just teasing."

"You better had be." Kurt says with a straight face before grinning. "And I'm not heavy."

"You're perfect." Puck smiles before taking Kurt's hand and pressing a soft kiss against the pale knuckles. "And you're mine."

"A little possessive I see." Kurt teases.

"Very possessive." Puck says with a low growl.

Kurt chuckles before looking up an amused Tina. "So . . . what happened while I was gone?"

Puck grumbles to himself.

"Santana." Tina answers. "As soon as the game was up and you were gone, she pounced."

"She what?" Kurt goes to get up but Puck quickly wraps his arms around the smaller boy. "What are you-"

"Just leave it." Puck says softly. "We've already dealt with her."

"Yeah." Kurt says with doubt. "And how'd she react when you said no?"

Puck sighs before looking up at Kurt. "She said that I should at least be getting sex from her since I can't with you."


"And-" Puck cuts Kurt off. "I told her that that was fine. You and I don't want sex right now. We're waiting until we're ready."

I am ready.

Kurt smiles at his boyfriend. "Good. So are you ready to go? We have quite a rag-team of misfits coming with us."

"Who?" Puck asks.

Kurt smiles as he looks to Tina. "You want to stay the night? I'll take you home in the morning to get clothes."

"I still have some at your place." Tina answers with a nod. "So sure?"

"Who else?" Puck asks, his eyebrows furrowed.

"Well you." Kurt says with a smile.

"Is Burt fine with this?" Puck asks hesitantly.

"Yep." Kurt smiles down at the boy. "As long as you sleep on the floor."

Puck scoffs, making Tina and Kurt laugh, before focusing on Kurt again. "Who else?"

"Well . . ." Kurt bites his lip. "I invited Sam. To show him that I do want to be friends with him." Kurt quickly adds. "Is . . . is that okay with you?"

Puck slowly licks his lips as he thinks it over before answering. "Did you talk everything out?"

"Everything." Kurt nods. "And he knows that this is how I am. So he's going to work with his feelings, but he respects you and me too much to ever try anything."

Puck cracks a smile. "Good."

Kurt lets out a relieved sigh. "So come on Noah. We still have to lug Finn into the car."

So a long chapter. Yay. I hope you enjoyed this. It was fun to write the many scenes. The next chapter will be a continuation of this, as they all are, but we'll see more before the night is up. So let me know what you think. I hope you continue to enjoy this because it has been a joy for me to write. :)