The Daughter of Me

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 1, nix the Finale.

Summary: Instead of Quinn going into labor during Regionals, she goes into labor while having a sleep-over with Kurt and Mercedes. Then, she gives Kurt the gift of life.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Daughter of Me

Kurt lets out a low sigh as he slowly wakes up. He keeps his eyes shut so he can get used to the small amount of light in the room from the small basement window. He goes to stretch his arms, but finds that they're restrained with another set of arms. His eyebrows furrow as he moves his hands to feel the arms. His jaw clenches when he feels a muscular arm with hair.

That's not Tina.

Kurt blinks his eyes open and internally cringes at the morning light the brightens the room. The first thing his eyes dart to is Beth's crib. He can see through the white netting of the crib and see Beth sleeping comfortably, a small smile on her face. Kurt smiles before looking away. His eyes next land on Tina. The girl is lying on Puck's blanket-made bed from the night before.

If she's there . . .

Kurt cranes his head slightly and is met with the morning breath of his boyfriend. He crinkles his nose before smiling at the blank look on the boys face. His smile gets even wider when he hears a quiet snore coming from those lips. Kurt chuckles to himself as he starts to turn in the protective arms. He stops when he feels something hard and long pressed along his butt and against the bottom of his back.

Is he . . . oh yes he is. And he's very big too.

Kurt smirks as he glances down and spots Puck's bulging appendage in some very tight basketball shorts. Kurt shifts his butt again and watches as the basketball shorts twitch. Kurt's smile grows.

Now this is the part of the relationship that I've been wanting to get into.

Kurt smiles as he continues to turn in those tan arms. He's almost turned around when Puck's eyes fly open. Kurt freezes his movements as Puck smiles at him.

"Morning." Puck breathes out before leaning forward the short distance and kissing Kurt on the corner of his lips. "How'd you sleep?"

"Better once I realized that you had been holding me for an undetermined amount of hours." Kurt chuckles at Puck's guilty smile. "So could you explain why you're up here and why Tina is on the floor?"

Puck chuckles. "Well I don't know about her, but I got up about an hour after everyone fell asleep. I couldn't sleep." Puck shrugs. "So I crawled up here and held you. I tried not to wake Tina up, but I guess she moved after I fell asleep. But do you mind? I figured you wouldn't mind waking up to your loving boyfriend."

"Oh, I don't mind at all." Kurt grins. "Especially when I wake up to . . . certain surprises." Kurt glances down briefly before returning to his boyfriends horrified eyes.

"Geez Kurt. I'm sorry. I didn't-"

"It's fine." Kurt laughs. "If anything, I'm flattered. But I'm also smart enough to know that this is natural reaction for guys in the morning."

"I know, but . . . I know you're not comfortable with this." Puck frowns. "I'm sorry for that."

"Noah." Kurt reaches up and presses a hand against Puck's bare chest. "I am more than fine with this." Kurt glances down to his fingers and slowly started dragging them along the broad chest. "Really. I think it's quite fun."

Puck shivers and snorts before reaching up and stilling Kurt's hand. "You don't have to lie Kurt, but thank you anyways. But don't worry; I'll go take a shower."

Kurt barely opens his mouth before Puck's lips are on his. Kurt groans lightly into his mouth as their lips move together. Then suddenly Puck's mouth is gone. He leans back in for one last kiss before unwrapping his arms from around Kurt.

"I'll be in the shower." Puck comments as he carefully climbs over Kurt.

Kurt just nods as the boy steps onto the floor. While he loves the view of Puck's manhood in those shorts, Puck's not having it. He uses both hands to cup himself before running off to the bathroom. Kurt sighs and drops to his back on the bed.

So I guess hinting doesn't do the trick.

Kurt sighs again as he roles his head over. His eyes go to the last person in his room: Sam. The blonde boy is curled up into a small ball, his hands flat against each other on the underside of his face. His faced is scrunched up slightly, making Kurt's eyebrows furrow. Kurt pops his back before letting his feet swing off the bed and land on the floor. Kurt stands up and lets his toes clench in the carpet, popping them in unison.

He steps over Tina's limp body as he makes his way over to Sam. As he gets closer, his nose wrinkles.

Smells like poop over here.

Kurt nods in understanding as his eyes drift to his daughters crib near the couch.

That's why you're smiling you little turd.

Kurt chuckles to himself as he steps up to the crib and holds his breath.

A father's job is never done.

Kurt's eyes are practically undressing his boyfriends as he looks him up and down. They had just finished their Blame It on the Alcohol number for Mr. Schue and now they were just lounging around, waiting for the bell to ring for lunch. He couldn't help but bite his bottom lip as he took in the tight black jeans on his well-built boyfriend. And that black jacket with those shades . . .

Control yourself Kurt.

Kurt lets out a breathy shiver as he lets himself fall back onto the rotating couches. They had the couches until noon before the workshop class took them back. Kurt stretches out and shuts his eyes.

God Noah. You need to wear those pants more often. And those glasses. And . . . oh god everything.

"Kurt." Kurt blinks his eyes open to see Sam.

"Hey." Kurt smiles. "You were good today."

"You weren't so bad yourself." Sam chuckles as he takes Kurt's legs and pushes them off the couch.

"Hey." Kurt mock-glares at him. "My feet belong on this couch."

"And now they belong on the floor." Sam chuckles as he flops down beside Kurt and sighs. "So . . . thanks. For last night I mean. You didn't have to let me stay over."

"Well you certainly wouldn't like to go home to your family drunk." Kurt chuckles.

Sam's eyes widen as he nods. "I'm sure mom would strangle me."

Kurt snorts as he sits up. "That's true." Kurt shifts so he's pressed into Sam's side. "So what do you have planned for this weekend?"

Sam lets out a shaky breath as is thinking, but his eyes are darting back and forth. "Probably time with the family. Order some pizza or something."

"Mmm." Kurt smiles. "Pizza does sound good."

Sam chuckles. "Well I wouldn't order in. The pizza out here sucks. The only reason I'll be getting it is because it's cheap and I don't want to have to hear the little ones begging for me to check the oven every two seconds."

Kurt chuckles softly as he looks down to his lap. "Well you can always come and hang out if you need a break or two. It'll just be me and Beth all weekend. Noah's trying to get a job, but I'm sure he'll be around if you want to play video games with him and Finn."

"Sure." Sam nods and gives Kurt a soft smile. "I'll have to see if I have time, but sure."

"Cool." Kurt chuckles as Sam stands up. "Where are you off too?"

"These clothes." Sam motions to his ensemble outfit that went with everyone else's. "I had to borrow this from the drama department."

"Ah." Kurt sighs quietly before nodding to the boy and waving him off. "Go. Go and I'll see you at lunch."

"Save me a seat." Sam smiles before hoping off of the rotating platform and disappearing into the shadowing wings of the stage.

Kurt purses his lips as he watches the boy vanish.

That boy is becoming odder and odder. And not in the way like he still loves me. More . . . more like he's keeping a secret.

Kurt's thoughts are cut off as his handsome boyfriend steps onto the rotating platform. "Hey." Kurt opens his arms for the smirking boy. "You were looking pretty hot out there."

"We're?" Puck's smirk rises in the corner along with his eyebrow as he steps into Kurt's arms and looks down at the pale boy. "I'm pretty sure I still am."

"That's true." Kurt mutters as he lets his hands trail down Puck's back until they're resting comfortably above Kurt's favorite part of this side of the jeans.

His favorite part of the front of the jeans is the part nearest to his face. Puck doesn't seem to feel has hands drifting lower as he runs one hand gently through Kurt's brown locks.

"You looked great too. And those jeans . . . well you should where those more often." Puck grins.

Kurt decides to risk it and lets his hands drift down and grip his boy's firm butt. "Same to you."

Puck chuckles awkwardly as he reaches down to take Kurt's hands off of his body. "Thank you Kurt." Puck bites his lip as he steps back. "I should go. See you at lunch?"

"Yeah." Kurt nods. "See you at lunch."

Hush, little baby, don't say a word.

Papa's gonna buy you a mockingbird

Kurt bounces Beth lightly as he walks around the room.

And if that mockingbird won't sing,

Papa's gonna buy you a diamond ring

Kurt purses his lips.

What's wrong with Noah? Does he . . . does he not want things to go further with us? Is he not interested in a relationship like that? Or is he just nervous because I'm a guy. Heck, even if he did want to go further, I don't know if I could. I just want to know that he wants me.

Kurt sighs before starting on the next verse.

And if that billy goat won't pull,

Papa's gonna buy you a cart and bull

Beth's smile slowly droops from where she lays in his arms.

And if that cart and bull turn over,

Papa's gonna buy you a dog named Rover

Kurt carefully slows his bouncing down as he walks over to her crib.

And if that dog named Rover won't bark

Papa's gonna buy you a horse and cart

Kurt lifts his arms up so the almost-asleep girl is near his face. He presses kiss to her forehead with a smile of his own.

And if that horse and cart fall down,

You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town

Kurt leans down and lays Beth carefully in her crib. He reluctantly lets her go, loving to hold his child, before he wraps her thin blanket carefully around her tiny body. Kurt lets out a shaky breath as he stands up. He had been home for two hours and Beth had been drying for three of him. He's pretty sure his dad let out a cheer as he shut the door behind him on his way to work.

"Nobody said it was easy." Kurt mutters to himself.

Kurt takes in a deep breath as he turns around and looks toward his bed. Puck is laying there, a happy and content smile on his face with his eyes shut. He had been listening to Kurt sing, but kept quiet for Beth's sake. Kurt makes his way over to the bed and lets himself fall on top when his legs hit the bed, his arms going out to prop himself up. Puck barely opens his eyes and they go straight to Kurt. Kurt smiles as he crawls over before dropping himself softly on his boyfriend's chest. Puck's arms quickly go around him.

"I love you." Puck breathes into Kurt's ear as he runs his finger up and down the thin back. "I love you, I love Beth, and I love this life that we can have."

Kurt cracks a smile. "I think I can love it too."

So let me know what you think? Sorry it took so long. Life is hectic, but I'm still working on this. I'm not giving up, not that I ever would. But I'm sticking to my plan of updating twice a week. So as long as you continue to enjoy, I'll continue to write. :)