The Daughter of Me

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 1, nix the Finale.

Summary: Instead of Quinn going into labor during Regionals, she goes into labor while having a sleep-over with Kurt and Mercedes. Then, she gives Kurt the gift of life.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Daughter of Me

If Puck were to ask Kurt right now about how he was feeling, he would lie. Completely and flat out lie. He was a nervous wreck.

It's Prom! Prom! I'm a nervous wreck right now. I can't go to Prom sweating. He wouldn't want to dance with me then.

Kurt turns to look for Beth, his comfort for stressed situations, but quickly remembers that she's already upstairs with her grandfather. Everyone was already upstairs. They were waiting for him, mainly because they were all going together.

Kurt closes his eyes and takes in deep breath.

It's alright Kurt. He loves you. He won't care if you stink a bit. if anything, he'll tease you about it and probably drive you somewhere to fix it. Plus since we'll be going to the hotel . . .

Kurt gulps. That hotel and the whole idea of it was grating on his mind and nerves at this point.

It's okay Kurt. Noah's not expecting you to do anything. We'll just be there for some us time outside of everything else. All couples need it to maintain a good relationship. That's all. Just some cuddling and talking. He's not . . . we're not gonna go further than that. Neither of us are even ready for that.

Kurt lets out his breath before he stands up. He reaches over to the jacket hanging from his chair. He quickly and carefully slides the jacket on. He smiles at the well-fit jacket before walking over to his floor length mirror. His eyes run up and down his body, quite proud of his look. He's considering buttoning up the jacket, but decides that her looks quite well with the unbuttoned jacket and loose tie around his neck.

And I'm sure Noah will love this look. If he wants me to look more proper, then I can do that as well.

Kurt smiles at himself on last time before walking across his room, flicking the lights off, and making his way upstairs. Unfortunately the higher he ascends, the more his nervousness grows.

Just calm down Kurt. This can be a great night if you just remain calm.

With one last shaky breath, he steps out onto the main floor of his house. As he makes his way to the family room where everyone is gathered. The first person he sees is Finn. The boy is bouncing his leg nervously as he sits on the edge of the couch. The whole Jessie thing has him stressed and dateless.

Peering more into the room finds Kurt looking at more of the glee club. Mike sits semi-awkwardly next to Finn, never having been in the Hummel house much before. Tina has Beth on her lap. Kurt watches as Tina has to keep preventing Beth from touching her dark dress. His daughters head swirls towards him when he enters. He smiles at her and goes to make his way into the room, but a hand on his wrist stops him.

He looks down to the chair closest to the entryway and sees his boyfriend looking up at him with loving and warm eyes. "Yes?"

"Are you ready?" Puck asks as he runs his thumb over the back of Kurt's hand. "We're just waiting for you."

"I'm ready." Kurt nods.

Both Finn and Mike shoot up, ready to leave.

"Go ahead you big babies." Tina waves them away as she stands up.

Both boys quickly nod and retreat from the room. Tina chuckles as she makes her way over to Kurt with Beth.

"Say goodbye to daddy." Tina holds Beth's little hand up and waves it for her.

Kurt smiles before leaning over and kissing Beth on the forehead. "Come on baby girl. Give your daddy one last hug."

Tina helps Kurt transfer Beth from one set of arms to another. Tina gives Burt and Puck a small smile before retreating from the room as well.

"Now dad." Kurt shifts Beth in his arm, his other hand still being held by Puck, so he can look at his father. "Are you sure you can watch her? This is an all night thing and you haven't-"

"We'll be fine Kurt." Burt chuckles as he holds his hands out for his granddaughter. "I woke up almost every night you did for Beth and I still do. Besides, Carole will be home from her shift soon and we'll have a night in. Just the three of us."

Kurt hesitantly hands Beth over to his dad. "Call me if-"

"I'll call you if it's necessary." Burt cuts his son off as he holds Beth to his chest. "Otherwise I don't want to see or hear from you until tomorrow. Go have fun." His dad gives him a smile. "Be a teenager while you can."

Kurt sighs before smiling and nodding. "Fine. Thank you dad. It was nice of you to do this."

Burt chuckles before his gaze moves to meet Puck's. "You take care of my boy."

"Yes sir." Puck quickly nods as he stands up.

"And make sure you keep him having fun." Burt adds on. "And take away his phone if he looks like he's about to call."


"Will do Mr. Hummel." Puck laughs. "Trust me, I'll make sure he has fun."

Kurt rolls his eyes at the two men and pulls on Puck's hand. "Come on Noah."

Kurt grips Puck's sweaty hand to support the boy as Figgin's taps the microphone. "Will the candidates for king and queen gather on the stage?"

"Good luck Noah." Kurt gives Puck a quick kiss on the cheek.

Puck smiles at him before making his way up to the stage. Once he's with the ranks of the nominees, Kurt looks around. Overall, the entire night had been successful. He had danced so much. Mainly with Puck, but he had shared a dance with Tina, Sam, and even one with Finn. It had been a night to remember.

"The votes are in." Kurt is pulled out of his thoughts by the monotone voice from his principal. "This is the moment you've all been waiting for, where we announce our Junior Prom King and also Prom Queen. Roll the drum, please."

I'm so happy that he's nominated. He doesn't have to win. He's already my king.

Kurt blushes at the corniness of his own thoughts as Figgins continues. "This year's Junior Prom King is-" The room is silent as Figgins opens the envelope containing the results and holds it up to read. "David Karofsky."

Kurt joins the crowd with a round of applause as Karofsky steps up to receive the plastic scepter. Kurt catches his boyfriend eye and smiles. Puck shrugs and blows an air kiss at Kurt. Kurt smile and blushes before looking back to the principal.

Figgins waits until the applause ends to continue. "And now, your 2011 McKinley High Prom Queen . . ." Kurt looks to Santana and sees the proudful smirk of hers. "With an overwhelming number of write-in votes is-" Santana looks like she's about to step up while the other girls look hopeful. "Kurt Hummel."

Kurt's eyes are wide as he hears the winner.


A few cat calls and whistles are heard. A lone clap. Kurt feels his bottom lip quiver ever so slightly. He can feel all of the stares on him, but he's too shocked to move.

What . . . I . . . I can't win . . .

Kurt's legs are suddenly moving and he's running through the crowd. He sees Rachel's surprised face . . . Tina's sympathetic one . . . only his friends seem to care . . .

"Kurt!" He hears his name called out, but he doesn't stop. "Stop!"

Kurt keeps running. He's thankful that all of the doors leading from the large room are already open and out of his way. He just runs through.

"Kurt!" There it is; his name again. "Move you douche bags." And that would be his boyfriend.

Kurt just rounds one more corner of the school and he can hear is boyfriend close behind him. He slows into walk, hearing the same of Puck. Within seconds Puck is in front of him with his loving hands and warm eyes.

"Come on Kurt." He wraps his arms around the boy. "We can leave right now if you want. We don't have to deal with those morons."

"Why Noah?" Kurt hides his face into Puck's chest. "Why do they have to keep proving themselves to be cruel time and time again?"

Puck sighs and wraps his arms tighter around Kurt. "Just because they think they can. No one in this school ever does anything to stop them." Puck pulls back slightly so he can look down at Kurt. "Come on Kurt." He brings one hand up to help dry a few tears from the boys face. "Lets go ahead and leave."

Kurt starts to nod, but then he suddenly shakes his head. "No."

"What?" Puck wipes away the tears from the other side of Kurt's face.

"Someone needs to stand up against them. I can stop them by not shying away from this." Kurt nods to himself as he speaks the words. "I'm going to go back in there and get coronated."

Kurt looks up at Puck for any sort of indication on the rating of his idea. Puck slowly grins. He leans down and presses his lips softly against Kurt's. Before Kurt can think about the surprise kiss, Puck pulls back.

"That's my boy." Puck is grinning wide with pride. "I love you so much."

Kurt smiles before pressing a soft kiss to to Puck's hand, the one still on his face. "Lets go then.

Kurt gulps as he makes his way down the aisle of people with Karofsky. The boy doesn't look like he wants to be there in the slightest.

Great. I'm going to have to dance with this oaf. I don't even know if I can stand to touch him.

As they come to a stop and turn to face each other, Kurt suddenly doesn't have to think about dancing with Karofsky. Puck has moved forward and gives Karofsky a slight shove.

"Sorry bud. I'm the only one that gets to dance with Kurt tonight." And without waiting for the music or Karofsky to react, Puck pulls Kurt into a dance.

Puck smirks at Kurt's surprised face. First off, Puck had actually positioned their hands so Kurt was leading the dance. The second reason was pushing Karofsky away. Kurt smiles and hides his face into Puck's tux.

"Thank you Noah."

He can hear the skip of a heartbeat in his boyfriends chest at his words. He smiles even more. Kurt slowly watches as his friends join them on the dance floor. It really was a night to remember.

And we still haven't made it to the hotel room yet.

:) Woot. So back with another chapter. I hope you've enjoyed this bit. Let me know.