The Daughter of Me

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 1, nix the Finale.

Summary: Instead of Quinn going into labor during Regionals, she goes into labor while having a sleep-over with Kurt and Mercedes. Then, she gives Kurt the gift of life.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Daughter of Me

Kurt laughs as his boyfriend twirls him back into his arms. It's the perfect night. The moon is out, the city is full of life, and he's getting so much alone time with Puck. They had arrived at New York earlier that day and Schue had given them the night off and enjoy the city before their next day, which would be full of practice for Regionals.

"What are you thinking about?" Kurt can feel Puck's warm breath against his ear as they cuddle together under the bright lights of the city.

"Just how lucky we are to be here." He smiles into Puck's side before leaning up and pressing a soft kiss against the tan jaw. "It's truly amazing here."

"Well maybe one day . . ."Puck trails off as he looks away from Kurt.

Kurt waits for more, but based on Puck's smirk, he's just doing it to tease Kurt. Kurt rolls his eyes and looks forward to his group of friends about twenty feet ahead of them. Tina had worked her butt off to get people to stay away from them. Mercedes and Brittany were wanting Kurt up there so they could look for good stores while Finn and Mike wanted Puck to goof off with. Tina and Sam were the only ones to mainly leave them alone. Sam had helped a bit as well on keeping the guys away from them.

"So what do you want to do tonight?" Puck asks as he tightens his grip around Kurt's shoulder. "Schue says we're free to separate from the group as long as we have a buddy." Kurt looks up just as Puck looks down so their eyes meet. "You wanna be my buddy?'

Kurt chuckles and nods. "Sure. It sounds like we could have fun. What do you want to do?"

"Hmm." Kurt smiles as Puck's face scrunches up as he tries to think of something. "I'd say dinner and stuff is out. That stuff's expensive and neither of us can afford it."

"Well . . ." Kurt looks away from the boy with a smile. "I don't mind paying for dinner. It'd be fun."

"But I like paying for you." Puck comments softly. "It makes me feel so-"

"Manly." Kurt cuts him off with a chuckle. "That's the point of being in a relationship with two guys. We're both guys."

Puck rolls his eyes. "I was going to say that it makes me feel so needed. By you." He adds as he tightens his grip around Kurt's shoulders. "That's why I like doing it."

Kurt blushes and looks away. He's lucky enough that the cool night air is there to help his blush go down. He reaches up to grab the hand that's hanging off of his shoulder and places a soft kiss to the tan knuckles before he looks back towards the group. They've all been walking for near half an hour, mainly to just sight-see. Mr. Schue said that they had to be together for a bit longer before they could happily skip onto their own directions. The only reason that he and Puck haven't slipped further away from the group as they've went on was because Mr. Schue is keeping a very watchful eye on them.

Kurt internally damns his teacher before he settles more into Puck's side. This is all he needs while he's here. Sure he wants to win Nationals, but that's just a bonus.

Kurt chuckles under his breath as their respective plates of food are set down in front of them. Puck is still a bit upset that Kurt's paying, but Kurt reaches across the table to take the boys hand in comfort. Puck smiles softly before picking up his fork and diving in.

"Thanks, Kurt." He mutters quietly under his breath.

Kurt chuckles. "Don't worry, Noah. I still love you regardless if you can pay for dinner or not. I'm not a girl so I don't expect you to pay for every meal."

"But you need to save your money." Puck butts in as he sets his fork down and squeezes Kurt's hand. "You have so many expenses that come with taking care of Beth that I know it can't be easy for you or your family. Even when Tina or I watch Beth and you get a few hours in at the shop . . . you need that money for you."

Kurt hides his smile by dragging his cup forward and taking a sip of the sweet tea that he ordered. He knows that Puck cares about him, but he sees it as a bit unfair sometimes. He likes paying because it makes him feel needed to. By someone his age at least. That and the fact the Puck turns into an adorable blushing child when Kurt takes care of him.

Kurt looks up from his meal when he hears a laugh. He looks over to see Tina trying to quiet herself while Sam changes his voice into one of his funny impressions. Kurt's happy that they're near his friends, but he hates why. Mr. Schue didn't see it as appropriate for couples to go off together where things could happen, so he had given them Sam to even things out. Tina had joined in so there wouldn't be two couple with her and Mike if they went with Finn and Rachel. Sam and Tina seem to be hitting it off, as they don't hang out as much since Sam works full time plus an ungodly amount of extra shifts, and it makes Kurt happy to see his two closest friends together.

"So, Kurt." Kurt looks back to the boy that's trying to hide a smile. "We have the rest of the night to do whatever we want. What say you to you and I getting everyone out of the room so we can spend some time together?"

Kurt smiles. "As much as I would love that, I doubt Mr. Schue would allow that. There'd be nowhere else for the boys to go and the girls room sure is out of the question."

Puck sighs. "Then we're not going to get much alone time here."

Kurt smiles at the boys pout. "That's why we sneak away a lot. There will be tons of opportunity's thanks to our little minions." Kurt tilts his head in the direction of their friends. "And we can sneak away when we get a break between rehearsal tomorrow. I'm sure we can find a small little diner near the hotel instead of-" Kurt looks and motions towards the fairly expensive restaurant that they're in at the current moment. "Something this grand. I'm sure we can find a pub or something."

Puck scowls at the mention of the expensive place. "That sounds fun. It'd be nice to have a break from all of the crazy." Kurt chuckles. "That and I'm pretty sure Rachel is gonna blow since we don't know our set list."

Kurt nods in agreement. "She's not the only one for that. Maybe someone needs to take her somewhere to relax or something. Maybe . . . I don't know." Kurt has an idea in his head, but he's not sure if he could pull it off, at least tonight.

Puck raises an eyebrow at Kurt. "What were you just thinking about?"

Kurt smiles. "Just Rachel."

Puck chuckles. "Well lets not. This night is about you, me, and our love for each other."

Kurt raises his glass of soda. "I'll drink to that."

"That only works with alcohol." Puck comments with a smirk as he raises his own glass of soda as well.

Kurt rolls his eyes before clinking them together.

Kurt hangs back as everyone steps out of the elevator. At the last second, he grabs Puck by his hand and pulls the boy back into the elevator. He quickly hits the button to go up.

"Kurt." Puck yelps as he fumbles back in and the door shuts.

Kurt smirks at the curious and shocked eyes of their friends at Kurt's sudden moves. "It's fine, Noah. I'm just not ready for our alone time tonight to end yet."

"Oh." Puck says before grinning. "So-"

Kurt cuts the boy off by pushing him up against the wall. Puck is surprised, but grins as Kurt leans up to attach their lips. Only a second passes before Kurt has his hands on Puck's sides and slowly moves them around so they're pressed to the muscled plane of Puck's back. One hand of Puck's comes up to thread into Kurt's hair while the other goes to his waist.

Puck opens his and Kurt's mouth at the same time before slowly pushing his tongue in. Kurt moans softly into Puck's mouth as his hands move slower. He can feel Puck jump slightly in their kiss when Kurt's hands enter and inch or two into the back of Puck's jeans, touching the tan skin of his backside.

Kurt slides his hands further and squeezes the soft skin that he can reach. Puck breaks their kiss and rests his forehead against Kurt's as a breathy moan leaves his lips. Kurt's lips try for another kiss, but Puck is breathing too hard from Kurt's touch so it only lasts a few seconds. Kurt continues to push his hands into Puck's jeans until he's able to squeeze Puck's butt. Puck groans before he re-attaches their lips. Kurt smirks into the kiss and squeezes the boy again.

Oh yeah. Him moaning in my mouth is a thousand times hotter.

Kurt jumps and breaks their kiss as Puck's wandering hand slips into the back of his jeans. The touch of his boyfriend has him hard and pressed against the front of his jeans. He takes the last few inches between them and combines their chests. Puck's hand drops from his face so it can rest on Kurt's waist.

Kurt moans into Puck's mouth when he feels that the boy is as hard as him, both of their pants tighter than usual. Kurt pushes their activity a bit more by slowly moving his crotch forward until both hard crotches are forced together, throbbing and leaking under their clothes.

Puck groans as he breaks the kiss. He drops his head on Kurt's shoulder as he lets out a series of shaky breaths. Kurt moans at the warm heat on his body as he presses soft kisses along Puck's jaw and eventually his ear.

"You are so hot, my love." Kurt keeps his voice breathy, not even trying to be sexy, but being sexy anyways. "Only you can do this to me. Get me this hard, feel this loved, it's all from you, my Noah." Puck lets out a small moan. "One day, Noah. One day we'll be able to take the next step."

Puck turns his head on Kurt's shoulder and kisses the pale neck before him. "We'll get there when we're ready."

"Oh I'm ready." Kurt smiles as he cranes his neck so Puck can kiss more. "We just don't have time."

Puck slowly pulls back and sees that the doors have already dinged on the top floor. That and the fact that Schue's probably already upset at them for being late. He looks back to Kurt and smiles.

"You are perfect, Kurt." He gives Kurt's backside one last squeeze before pulling his hands out of Kurt's tight jeans. "And this between us, it doesn't need sex. You could make me cum just by talking to me."

Kurt chuckles. "I plan to."

He gives Puck's backside one last squeeze, eliciting a moan from the boy, before removing his hands from Puck's jeans. They both smile at each other before they turn so they're side by side. Puck reaches forward and hits the floor button before he connects his hand with Kurt. Even thought the making out and groping had made them hot, a simple connection of their hands had continued it and their love for each other.

Kurt lets out a sigh of content as he settles into Puck's side as the elevator takes them down.

So I hope you enjoyed. Again, sorry for the late chapter. I'm in my test weeks at college and I'm busy. But enjoy this and I'll try to have another chapter out soon. :)