The Daughter of Me

Author: GleekShip

Spoilers: End of Season 1, nix the Finale.

Summary: Instead of Quinn going into labor during Regionals, she goes into labor while having a sleep-over with Kurt and Mercedes. Then, she gives Kurt the gift of life.

Pairings: Kurt/Puck

The Daughter of Me

Luckily for them, one of the auditoriums at Six Flags had opened its doors for the concert inside. They didn't want to watch a bunch of kiddy songs, so they opted to stay out in the cool hallway, the air conditioning feeling good against their hot skin. Kurt smiles as he rolls his head along the carpeted wall so he can look down at his boyfriend. Puck is lying with his head in Kurt's lap, eyes shit with his face turned towards Kurt's body. He's curled up in a fetal position as he tries to save his strength and get some warmth at the same time.

Kurt continues to run his hands up and down Puck's arm before he looks to his side. Sam has his head on Kurt's shoulder, staring into the distance as he enjoys the moment. Tina has her back against his chest, sitting between his legs, and has her eyes shut. Kurt seems to be the only one to be really awake, mainly because he had slept on the ride their yesterday and refused to run from one ride to the next.

"How much longer?" Kurt asks quietly, his voice barely above a whisper. "My butt is starting to hurt from all this extra weight."

Puck snorts before he hides himself further into Kurt's stomach, making the boy giggle at the extra warm breath that's blowing through his shirt and hitting his skin. "Just a few more minutes. I'm comfortable and trying to cool down."

"Something that never happens when you and I are together." Kurt mutters under his breath, making Sam snort.

Puck eyes the two before he lets out a heavy sigh. "This was a lot of walking today."

"And we still have two more days to go." Tina groans. "Yep. We're doing the water park tomorrow. Lots of sitting down. Relaxation." She rolls her head over on Sam's chest so she can look at Kurt. "I'm hungry now. Can we afford food?"

Kurt snorts. "All of my money went into paying for everyone. If you want food, start paying up."

Puck mutters something into Kurt's shirt before he looks up at Kurt. "I can help with it."

Kurt frowns before he shakes his head. "We can hold out a bit longer. Or leave early if we need to. I forgot to check what time dinner closes at the motel."

"I think it's nine-ish." Tina comments with a frown. "We could leave here early and make a few trips up and down to our room and stock up on food."

"Cheap." Sam mutters.

Tina sneers at him before she sits up. "Well let's go ahead and ride all of the rides that we can today. We'll hit up the other ones on our last day."

"Sounds like a good idea." Kurt mutters, everyone nodding in agreement.

"I don't wanna." Puck mutters as he wraps his arms tightly around Kurt and holds on. "I like it here."

"Big baby." Tina mutters as he and Sam stands up.

Puck shrugs and Kurt moves one of his hands into the boys mohawk. "Come on, Noah. The sooner we get done here, the sooner we can get back to our bed and cuddle."

Puck opens one eye and uses it to wearily watch Kurt. "Not that that's reason that I'm getting up, but I still expect it."

Kurt chuckles. "You've gone soft."

Puck scoffs. "I'm the manliest man that you'll ever meet." He quickly sits up and slides his body up so he's right next to Kurt and their faces are in front of each other. "You hear me?"

"Hear what?" Kurt asks with a small smile as he slides his hands up the boys' body.

Puck reaches up and stills Kurt's hands, removing them from his body. "Tell me that I'm a macho manly man. The manliest man that ever was. Or you'll never touch me again."

"Okay." Kurt shrugs and goes to retract his hands, but Puck holds on.

"You're no fun." He mutters before he leans forward and seals their lips in a small kiss. "Except for that." Another kiss and he puts Kurt's hands back on his body. "And that. You're good at everything except listening to me."

"Oh, Noah." Kurt sighs and gives Puck a sweet smile. "That's because I'm always in charge. Therefore, there's no reason to listen."

Puck chuckles before leaning forward and kissing Kurt again. "Love you."

Kurt hums in agreement into Puck's lips before he pulls back and glances around. "Come on. I don't want to waste time looking for people."

Puck groans at the thought of moving, but nods and stands up. He quickly reaches down for Kurt's hands and pulls the boy up as well. They give each other a smile before they move along the auditorium lobby in search for Sam and Tina.

"In here." Kurt snaps his head to the right to find Tina peaking out of the double doors leading into the main arena. "Everyone already left and they left the instruments behind. Sam wants to play for a bit since his guitar is already packed up with his family."

"He knows he can use mine." Puck offers.

Tina shrugs. "Come on anyways. I doubt we'll be able to get away with this here again."

Puck looks to Kurt with a frown. "But the bed."

"Will still be there." Kurt smiles before he drags Puck towards the doors that Tina just disappeared back into.

Kurt opens the doors and he can hear Sam's voice floating out along with the tune of a guitar.


Dear pain, oh, it's been a long time

Remember when you were holding me tight

I would stay awake with you all night

Kurt and Puck stop at the back of the auditorium, Tina having already stopped halfway down the short walkway between the aisles. Sam sits on the edge of the stage with a guitar, looking off with his glazed over eyes.


Dear shame, I was safe in your arms

You were there when it all fell apart

I would get so lost in your beautiful lies

Kurt looks over to Puck when the boy nudges him. He nods towards Sam and steps back so he can rest in the doorway. Kurt sighs before he starts his way towards the stage.


I let you go but you're still chasing

Sam starts strumming the guitar harder as he opens he looks out into the empty theater.


Go ahead, you're never going to take me

You can bend, but you're never going to break me

I was yours, I'm not yours anymore

You don't own me

His eyes suddenly find Kurt's as the boy reaches the front row, Tina only a few rows behind him.


You tempted me to look back

But everything that we had together was a lie

Kurt's eyes narrow as he takes in the lyrics.

Does he still love me? Is that what this is?

Kurt watches with a frown as Sam looks away and down to the floor.


Go ahead, you're never going to take me

You can bend, but you're never going to break me

I was yours, I'm not yours anymore

You don't own me

Sam stops his angry strumming on the guitar until its simple notes in repetition.


Go ahead, put a target on my forehead

You can fire, but you've got no bullet

I was yours, I'm not yours anymore

You don't own me

Kurt finds himself at a loss for word as the auditorium is filled with a loud silence. His heart pounds in his head as he tries to figure out what Sam means. Surprisingly, it's not him who breaks the silence.

"Do you promise?" Puck asks as he makes his way to the stage, his hands shoved into the pockets of his jeans.

Sam locks his jaw as he sets the guitar down on the stage before he gives the tan boy a swift nod. "Yeah." He quickly nods as his breath shakes. "Yeah, I do."

"What are-"

"Can you guys go ahead?" Puck cuts in as he moves to the stage to look at Tina and Kurt. "I'm just gonna hang here with Sam for a bit."


Kurt is again cut off, but by Tina this time. "We'll meet you guys at the Pandemonium."

Kurt goes to interrupt again, but Tina grabs onto his hand with a pleading look. Kurt sighs before glances to the boys. Sam looks away, but Puck gives Kurt a small smile.

"See you there." Kurt mutters under his breath before he lets Tina pull him along.

What's going on?

It wasn't until they were standing in line for their next ride that Tina looks to Kurt. "It's just one of those things, Kurt. Nothing you should be worried about."

"But what promise?" Kurt asks in annoyance. "I just . . . am I missing something?"

Tina shrugs. "I know that they've hung out a lot when Puck's not with you and Sam's not at work. They've become good friends. It's kind of like how you and I seem to have non-existent conversations at times. Just let them have their talk."

"Fine." Kurt grumbles. "But I'm asking Noah later."

"And he'll probably answer you, but keep the details vague." Tina continues on with an encouraging smile. "Just wait for him to talk to you. Can't you be patient for awhile?"

Kurt rolls his eyes. "Fine. But it's not that I want to know, it's just that I'm slightly worried. The lyrics . . . it felt like he was trying to say something."

Tina shrugs. "He probably was."

Kurt glares at her. "You're not really helping."

Tina smiles at him before she looks to the front of the line. Kurt glances away and smiles when he sees his boyfriend and Sam making their way down the hill to the ride. The line is too long for them to ride together, but at least they'll get to ride.

And I think this ride gets out by that pizza place if the map is right. Gah. It's going to be so tempting to get food there. Just focus.

Kurt shakes his head to focus on the ride.

Kurt groans as he lets his face hide into Puck's neck. "So tired."

The boy chuckles before he shifts slightly to accompany Kurt's weight. After they had all met up, Kurt and Tina were tired on their feet. So they had each climbed onto a boys back, uncaring against their opposing requests, and wanted to be escorted out. Kurt was quite happy straddling Puck this way.

"We're almost there." Puck smiles as he ignores the looks from surrounding people.

"Can we switch?" Sam complains.

"Is that a fat joke?" Tina asks with a glare to the back of Sam's head.

"No." Sam quickly states to the amusement of Puck and Kurt. "It's more of a boob joke. They keep jiggling against my back."

Kurt chuckles. "Bouncy bouncy."

Puck chuckles before he sighs. "I think we're almost to the exit. Then we'll be able to eat and sleep to our hearts desire."

"Sounds nice." Kurt mutters before he lets his head fall to rest on Puck's shoulder.

"Hey." Kurt glances up as Puck's whispered voice reaches his ears. "Maybe we can sneak out tonight and spend some time alone in the pool."

Kurt smiles before kissing the boys cheek. "Sounds necessary."

Both boys smile at each other before looking forward to the end of their first day at the park.

Sorry for the shortness of the chapter, but more is coming soon. The song is "Dear X, you don't own me" by Disciple. Let me know what you think about the chapter. I love criticism.