Kurt was having one of those moments; the ones where the emotions swell up inside him, ready to blow. The train is more roomy than he oils have though, but he's not complaining; not after all the effort that his friends had went through to pay for him and Beth. Otherwise he wouldn't be able to accept his position at Nyada.

With Beth in her car seat, he makes his way down the train aisle until he was standing by two spacious seats with a large window. He moves her seat carefully into position onto the seat before strapping her in. While she claps her hands, he turns to grab heir luggage and puts everything into place. He sighs before settling down by the happy child and looks out the window. Since it was already summer, Kurt wasn't receiving the grand goodbye that Rachel had, but he did have a few supporters: Finn, Sam, Tina, and Artie.

Luckily for him, Finn doesn't leave for training for a few days while the other three are sticking around for the summer, ready to go back to school in the fall. When he glances at Sam, he smiles. He would have thought that having the boy live with him would be awkward, but it had been nothing short of amazing. It really brought them close.

The only downside of today was the Puck wasn't there. Kurt was sad that he hadn't seen him since Graduation, almost two weeks prior, and Puck was still not answering any messages. It was sad, but Kurt made his decision for their relationship so many weeks ago.
Kurt sighs before waving out the window one last time before he looks over to Beth. "Well, baby girl. Looks like we're on our own now. You . . . me . . . and New York."


So yes, that's the end. I wanted to put it off longer, but it's been 9 days and I hate doing that to you guys. I just didn't want the story to end. It's sad because this had been my baby for almost a year now. A year! That's insane. So thank you to all of you who review every chapter, and to the ones that don't. Just thank you for reading, believing in me, and giving me advice, kindness, and even the hate. Everything makes me a better writer.

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