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Chapter 1: First Impressions


As my boring Literature Professors continues his lecture on the Bronte sisters with no real facts about their writing styles, or even examples of the use of language, I find myself thinking about my essay. I think he is just jealous about how she captured her character well enough even in death. Once I had my ideas down I decided to go over the material I needed to know for my job interview. I was hoping to get a job to help pay for my schooling, and to keep up with my studies, but everything I looked into wasn't something I enjoyed. I was already in the whole due to not really finding the right place for me. I was lucky that this was my last semester, and I would hopefully find a decent job somewhere in my Literature area. Ah! I can leave this class. As I was exiting the door Kate bumps into me.

"Ah, I bet it was another boring lecture on life and death," she says as she fiddles with her blonde hair. Oh how I enjoyed her little comments. I was lucky not to be swimming in debt. Kate had become a close friend and even my roommate. We shared an apartment that her parents bought for her while she went to college. She had an empty room and I needed a place to stay so that was the end of that.

"Yes, I don't think he really understands that she ahead of her period," I say laughing. She nudges me into our friend Jose. Jose was studying to be a photographer. He was actually really good behind the lens of a camera.

"Hey what are my two favorite ladies doing," he asks as he pulls out his camera and starts taking photos of us and the other students. He can just go into a frenzy with that stupid thing.

"Just Ana's English teacher," Kate says as she walks toward the driver side of her car.

"Oh, he is a dull teacher. I mean no offense Ana," Jose says as he gets into his car. I smile knowing full well he was being serious.

"I know. I just wish he'd spend more time thinking about his lessons, and the impact that he is making with people who enjoy reading," I say lightly smacking Jose as I get into Kate's car.

"So are you prepared for your interview," she asks as she pulls into her parking spot at our apartment complex.

"I was studying the questions, and my answers during Lit." I say with a smile.

"You are a force in need of a life," she says as she playfully nudges me as we are walking into our apartment to only be greeted by her brother Ethan.

"Ethan," Kate says as she gives him a hug, and a small kiss on the cheek.

"Ana," he says as he pulls me into a hug. I quickly thanked him, and went to my room to shower and change before my interview. I was just getting out of the shower when my phone rang.

"Hello," I say answering it on the fourth ring.

"Miss. Steele," comes a man's voice.

"Yes," I reply.

"My name is Mr. Taylor. I am calling in regards to Mr. Grey. You have an appointment with him later, and I am to pick you up so I was trying to get a hold of you top get your address," he says quickly like he seemed nervous about it. I gave him the address, and he told me he'd be by in half an hour. I was just finishing up with my hair as I heard the doorbell ring.

"Ana," she says as she closes the door.

"Coming," I say as I walk out of my room with my purse. My Mr. Taylor was dressed in a full piece black suit, and seemed very uneasy.

"Mr. Taylor," I say as I put my hand out. He gently shakes it and then goes back to the door.

"Are you ready ma'am," he says opening it.

"Yes," I say walking out in front of him. He then half follows half leads me to where a black SUV was waiting. He walks ahead now and opens the door for me. "Thank you," I say as I get in. He then walks around the front of the vehicle, and gets into the driver's side. I want to ask him questions about his employer, but decide against it. The drive is so quiet, in a way it makes me nervous.

I notice we must be at our destination when he pulls into an underground parking lot, and enters a key in the key pad. He pulls into a spot marked GREY along a wall near the elevator, and I notice this Grey guy has several different stalls with his name on them.

"Miss. Steele," he says extending his arm toward the elevator. I again follow him and get in after he does.

"Thank you for driving me here," I say trying to cut the tension. He gives me a small smile.

"You will be meeting with Mrs. Jones. She is Mr. Grey's housekeeper. She will be doing the interview," he says as the elevator lurches to an abrupt stop. I almost jump at the sudden loss of movement. "Just a moment," he says pulling his phone out of his pocket.

"Okay," I whisper and he dials a number.

"John, this is Taylor. I thought you got the elevator fixed. Yes I know that, but it's still lurching. I don't care fix it, thank you," he says ending the call and again beckoning me to follow him. I look around as I see only one door in the small hallway. He punches in a code and opens the door for me. I am amazed at the hugeness of the apartment I am standing in. I mean the living room area is bigger than Kate's apartment.

"Taylor," greets an older woman sitting on one of the plush couches.

"Gail, this is Ana. Ana, this is Mrs. Jones," he says as he moves toward another door.

"Taylor, Mr. Grey would like you in his study," she says and I watch him go in another direction leaving me alone with Mrs. Jones.

"Hello," I say as I reach my hand out to her. She gently takes it, and then pours me a cup of water.

"So, Miss. Steele what do you do," she asks.

"I am currently a college student majoring in English. I would like to go into publishing," I say softly embarrassed.

"Well there's nothing to be ashamed in that. You are very educated then," she replies.

"I have a minor in English right now, but at the end of this term I will have majored in English and publishing," I say taking a sip from the water.

"That is good. The job you have applied for is as Mr. Grey's daughter's nanny. You will have to tend to her fully, and only have your scheduled classes off. While Miss. Grey is in school you will be allowed to do what you need to. This position requires you to live here," she was talking when I cut her off.

"Live here, there was no mention of this in the ad," I say hoping not to have made her upset.

"Yes, well it seems that her other nanny was dismissed for being here late and leaving at odd times. You living here will help you to be here when needed. It is a very relaxed job, but requires a lot until you get it down," she says as the front door opens and footsteps are heard. Mrs. Jones stands up.

"Gracie, please come here," she says as a young girl about 7 walks into the room. She is very cute with curly brownish red hair, and the most piercing grey eyes I have ever seen. She walks over to Mrs. Jones.

"Ma'am," she says as she reaches out her hand to me. I shake it, and notice that a man had followed her in. I see that again this man is dressed in a full suit as well. I wonder why they have to be dressed like that, it just seems a little odd to me.

"Sawyer, Mr. Grey is waiting for you with Taylor in his study," she says as Gracie sits down beside her. She begins to take out some books, and begins looking over a calendar with writing over it. I can see her turning pages and notice that she has begun her homework. I thought it was a good sign of how her schedule probably was. Mrs. Jones moves a plate of fruit, crackers and cheese in front of her.

"Thank you," she says and turns back to what she was doing.

"As I was saying, the hours will be mainly 7ish till 8ish, Sawyer will take her to school, and then you will be here or with him when she gets out at 3. Then watch her till her bedtime at 8," Mrs. Jones says as she moves to stand up.

"Where are you going?" I question in a panicking voice that causes Gracie to look up at me.

"I need to start dinner, and I thought you might want to get to know her if you decide to be her nanny," she says as she walks off. I turn my attention back to the girl seated across from me.

"Are you doing homework?" I question already knowing the answer. She looks up at me, and nods. I stand up walking around the table to sit on the floor beside her. She seems to be working and spelling. I use to love spelling when I was in school, though not so much now.

"Are you going to stay?" Gracie asks without looking up from her paper. Her question takes me by surprise.

"I don't know, I have never worked with children before," she cuts me off.

"You seem to be doing alright," she says with a small smile. I look at her puzzled.

"What do you mean?" I ask really unsure of the meaning behind her words.

"I have met with several nannies, and you're the first one who came over to me and got down to my level," she replies with a smirk. I laugh at that. I guess I never thought about how things would be from a child's perspective. She was sure smart for her age.

I don't know how long we sat there as I helped her with her homework I became aware of how much she wanted someone to be with her. Our attention was called for by Taylor as he walked back into the room followed by a bronze hair man with even more intense grey eyes than the girl who was seated next to me.

"Daddy," she says and makes her way to him. He picks her up, and sits her on his lap. Shit! It was in the small moment of recognizing just who her father was, Christian Grey, CEO of Grey Inc. Damn it, what have I gotten myself into. I am startled though by the fact that he seems to be staring at me in awe or something else.

**********************Fifty Shades Nanny**********************


I hated the thought of having to interview yet another nanny. I mean why the hell isn't their one person out there who doesn't just want to meet me. I have sat through at least 15 different interviews, and each of the women would like to crawl into my bed with me. I sure didn't think any of them were my taste especially when I have a submissive to keep me busy. Really are there no decent women out there.

Ugh! The next interview is with an Anastasia Steele, 22. She is currently enrolled at the local University majoring in English. Good God, she is going to be the most boring person so far. Let's see what is on my schedule, nothing. I know I'll have Mrs. Jones do it. I walk into the kitchen and sit down next to Gracie at the island. She is currently eating her breakfast.

"How's my baby girl?" I question as I steal one of her grapes. She looks up from her breakfast at me.

"Daddy," she says as she smiles at me.

"Are you going to have a good day?" I ask as I tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"I plan on it. I just hope Macy isn't on one of her trips," she whispers the last bit. Right Macy Lindsay was a mean girl in her class. Her family was of old money, and they spoiled the girl more than anything else. I thought that they would be friends, but no Macy drives her crazy.

"Mrs. Jones, I would like you to interview Anastasia Steele today. I would, but I am tired of the women drooling all over me," I say trying to sound very serious.

"Daddy, if you rub some mud on your face the women wouldn't look at you anymore," Gracie says as she crunches on her toast. I look to Mrs. Jones then to Taylor who both have huge smirks on their faces. Of course Gracie says the strangest things at times.

"I'll try to remember that the next time I have a problem," I say as I bend down to kiss her. There isn't a day that goes by that I would turn without her. I know I work long hours, go out of town for business, but wouldn't trade anything about my life because I wouldn't have this little girl right now without it. Yes, my life sometimes hinders me from being the best dad, but it also helps me to cope with the need for control.

"Mr. Grey, I would love to interview her for you. What time is it?" she says picking up Gracie's dishes.

"Taylor will be brining her around 2:30; hopefully she'll last long enough to meet Gracie," I say sarcastically.

"Oh, Mr. Grey, who knows she might just be the one we have been waiting for," she replies with a smile.

"Not going to hold my breath. Gracie you ready," I ask as I grab my briefcase and her bag.

"Yes," she says as she jumps down from the barstool.

"Come on, Sawyer," she calls out as she races by the security room. Sawyer peeks out the door just in time to see her fly by him. He is out the door following close behind her. I laugh at the fact that she keeps that man on his toes.

"I think she needs another person to keep her under control," Taylor says as he pushes the call button for the elevator. We just missed Gracie and Sawyer.

"I agree," I say as we get on the elevator. As it comes to a halt it lurches. I look to Taylor who is already on his phone talking fast and harshly toward someone. I look over to him and he just shrugs.

"Gracie, come on, and get in the car," Sawyer is saying to my daughter as she stands her ground. God, that child loves to drive that man crazy, but it does bring very funny remarks and endearing comments from him. I think though it's a game they have created without even knowing it.

"Grace," I say. She turns toward me smiling sweetly as she jumps into the SUV. Sawyer looks over at me, and then gets into the passenger side of the SUV. I give a little chuckle knowing Grace loves to drive him crazy. Taylor shuts the door as soon as I climb in. I strap Grace in her seat and then buckle myself in.

"Daddy, will I be going to grandma and grandpa's afterschool," she asks as she turns toward me.

"No, there is one more nanny coming today. I was hoping for you to meet her. So Sawyer will be picking you up and bringing you back Escala," I say as I reach for my phone.

"Grey," I snap.

"Mr. Grey, I just got off the phone with HR services and it seems that a Rosa Nelson and she is filing a suit with you," Ros says. I hate when people think suing me is going to get some cash from me.

"Ros, send the details to Andrea and I'll talk with HR after I looked over the file," I say ending the call.

"Sawyer get me the info about Miss. Nelson, I think she was Gracie's nanny a few months ago," I say

"Sir, she was the one that was let go for sneaking her boyfriend into the apartment," he says. That was what I thought, but wasn't sure. Gracie's nannies don't tend to last very long because they don't get along wither or just nag the hell out of me.

"Right, send me the videos of her in the apartment so I can view them and then speak with HR," I say just as we pull into Gracie's school.

"I'll see you later daddy," she says as Taylor opens her door, and she kisses me bye. I watch her as she walks around the car.

"Sir," Taylor says as he renters the SUV.

"Grey House," I say as I look over the information that was sent over to me about Anastasia Steele. She seems like a well rounded woman; especially considering her childhood. I mean she lost her dad early in life, mom remarried several times till she finally decides to live with her step-father Ray Steele. She has a small about of debt, and very little cash. She lives with a roommate; Kate Kavanagh. That name sounds so familiar. I am deep in thought as Taylor pulls the SUV into my parking spot at Grey House.

I get out of the SUV and make my way to the elevator. Several people get on and off during the course of the 21 floors. I hate that I wanted to be normal when there really isn't anything normal about me. I should have had a private elevator put in so that I wouldn't have to watch the women drool over me as we share the elevator. Luckily for me the no on gets on after the 18th floor and I have the space all to myself. I jump at the sound of the doors opening as I see Andrea standing close to her desk holding out the offending file.

"Anything new for me," I ask as I slip into my office and she follows closely.

"Yes, Mr. Sawyer said he would have videos sent to your email for you to view. He also said that he went back to Gracie's school, that he had a strange feeling," she said as she placed a cup of coffee on my desk. A strange feeling always meant something to Sawyer. I know from experience that he is totally right for my daughter because the feeling is probably her getting into trouble.

"Thank you, let Ros know I am in if she needs anything, but if not don't interrupt me," I say opening up my desktop. I see that Sawyer indeed sent several videos to me. I spend the next four hours watching the videos, and making notes of all the different this Miss. Nelson did or didn't do. I am about to view another clip when my phone rings.

"Grey," I snap not even looking at the caller ID.

"Sir," Taylor says trying to gage my reaction.

"What Taylor," I question.

"Mrs. Jones has called to say Mrs. Lincoln is at the apartment throwing a fit to see you and refuses to leave," he says. Then again this could be the feeling as well. God, I hate it when she invades my space, but she helped me out of a hard time in my life.

"Alright, I'll be done in 5 minutes," I say hanging up. Damn it can't I catch a little slack once in a while. The drive from Grey House to Escala wasn't long enough because before I knew it Taylor was pulling into my spot. Great! The ride up the elevator went a little better than it had earlier this morning, but still wasn't as smooth as it should have been.

I could smell her perfume before I even saw her. I hated it when she came over, and began to make me feel so out of control. She thought she owned me even when I told her otherwise. Ugh! What did I have to do to get her to understand I wasn't hers?

"Christian, darling," she purrs as she sees me enter the living room.

"What do you want?" I snap. I know she is just lonely, but God can't the woman take a hint that I didn't want her. Sure, there was a time I thought I was in love with her, but I out grew it as I outgrew her.

"Oh, not in a good mood. Well maybe I can help with that," she says as she walks toward me.

"No, I don't need your help. I will only ask once again, what do you need Elena," I snap again. I notice that both Gail and Taylor have disappeared, those traitors.

"Well I was wondering how the search for a new nanny was going. I mean you seem to let each one I have tried to help you with go," she says as she comes closer to me. Yeah, I have only because they have tried to get into my pants instead of doing their job. I mean they were hired to watch my daughter not me.

"Elena, I have no time for you other than business. So tell me does this have anything to do with the Saloons because if it doesn't don't let the elevator close on you," I say as I walk toward the wine bottle on the counter.

"What has happened to us?" she snaps as she perches herself on the counter. Mental note have Gail clean it before we eat on it again, I really don't need this right now.

"There is no us, and there hasn't been for 6 years. You helped me during a time in my life when I needed it, but all that is over now. I have a life and it doesn't involve you," I say as I walk out of the kitchen and into my study. I flip on the computer and watch her gather her belongings and leave. I hated it. I just wasn't into her the way she was in me. Ugh!

I watched a little while later as Taylor left. He would be going to get Miss. Steele from her place. Gail must have sensed I wanted something because there was a soft knock on the door.

"Come in," I say. She enters the room carrying a small serving platter with fresh fruit and a sub along with another glass of wine. Oh God how she knew me. I got lucky when I hired her.

"Sir," she says as she places the platter on my desk.

"When Taylor and Sawyer comes back let them know I want to see them in here," I say picking up the sub.

"Yes, sir," she says as she moves toward the door.

"Gail, just ask questions of Miss. Steele. I think the test will lie within Gracie," I say as she exits the office. Then I have nothing more to do but wait for everyone to come back. I am writing up a report to send to HR about Miss. Nelson when I see Taylor followed by Miss. Steele. Shit, she was a brown haired girl. Damn it, I felt myself getting hard. Her eyes seemed to be frozen as I watched her on the screen.

**********************Fifty Shades Nanny**********************

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