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I had to get out of the room; my mind was running a hundred miles an hour. I was having a hard time keeping control of myself with everything that had gone on. Shit! I mean a beautiful moment ruined by some strange ex-girlfriend slash mother of his child showing up with a gun. I mean come on what decent father allows something like this happen. Where was all his security at? I mean he has Sawyer take care of James (thankfully Jose told me), but they aren't anywhere when a mad woman breaks in.

I know it wouldn't be fair to Gracie to run off, but I think I need some time to recoup. I just want to feel safe, and right now I am scared shitless about all of this. I start to cry uncontrollably over the turn of events. I am just so upset that I don't even recall falling asleep, but wake distraught in the middle of the night I realize as I look to the clock on the night stand reading 4:25 am. I get up out of bed and go to the bathroom to freshen up.

After drinking some water I head back to bed, I pick up my cell phone and check the messages. I have two voice mails from two different publishing companies that I applied for telling me they are setting up interviews for next week. I make a mental note to call in the morning to set up an interview before they are all taken. Then there are two texts from Kate asking what the hell had happened, and why was it all over the news about a woman breaking into the apartment. She wanted details of course, I'd call her tomorrow to let her know I was okay, but was I okay.

"Ana," Gracie called to me as she entered my room. I could hear her gasp as I finished pulling my hair up in a pony tail.

"Gracie, I'm in the bathroom," I call out to her. She doesn't come in so I exit the bathroom to see her sitting on my bed with tears in her eyes. I quickly walk over to her and pull her into a hug.

"You're leaving me," she says in gasps.

"No," I say pulling her up to look at me.

"But you have bags packed," she says as she points out the two small suitcases sitting in the middle of my floor.

"Well, yes I need a break for a few days. I am going to Georgia to visit my mom," I say wiping tears from her face.

"You're not going to come back," she says crying even more. I really don't know what to say that will tell her that I will be coming back for her.

"Gracie I will be coming back to you, but I do need some time to work things out. Last night has made me question some things that I need to work out, but won't be able to do so without leaving," I say as I stand up.

"Have you told my dad?" she questions me looking up from my shoulder. Shit! I haven't told him yet, nor do I plan on it.

"I haven't spoken to him, I will let him know," I say as I move to stand up. She eyes me with surprise as if she knows something is amiss, just not what. She follows me out into the great room where both Taylor and Mrs. Jones are standing in the middle of deep in conversation. They both look up and meet my eyes as we approach the room.

"Going somewhere Miss. Steele," Mrs. Jones asks as she moves away from Taylor. Gracie laughs a little which makes us look to her.

"What, she's leaving and not telling daddy," she says as she pulls my arm. I bend down and hug her tightly. I don't want Mr. Grey stopping me so I let her go and grab my carry on and the handle to my suitcase.

"Miss. Steele," Taylor says as he moves to grab my bag. I put my hand up to stop him.

"I have already called a cab," I say as I hand him my cell.

"Ma'am," he says looking at the phone and me.

"I will be back in one week Taylor. I need this space and if Mr. Grey finds out before I leave it won't end well," I say as I go to the elevator and head down to the entrance. I notice that my cab is waiting there for me and I get in giving him the destination.

"May I help you?" the airline ticket lady asks me as I go to here.

"Yes, one ticket to Savannah, Georgia please," I ask as I pull some cash out of my purse. She hands me my ticket and tells me which gate to go to. I pull out my old phone and send a quick text to Kate.

**Hey, going out of town for a couple of days, need to clear my head. TTYL**

Then I turn it off and move toward the boarding area. Before long the flight attendant lets me board the plane. I find my seat and settle into it for the duration of the flight. I was very lucky that no one sat next to me during the flight so I could really allow myself to go over the ordeal that happened yesterday.

I felt so safe in Christian's arms as we kissed, but that was sort lived once his crazy ex baby mama entered the scene. I felt so angry that she even touched Gracie, well I should say pushed her down. It's strange that I feel this connection to Gracie and it hurts to think that I left her the way I did, but I needed this. Her words also come back to me, "I want you as my mother." I begin to cry as I let her words sink into my heart. Those six words have shattered me more than anything I thought ever would.

I must have cried myself to sleep because the next thing I know a flight attendant is gently shaking me awake. I make my way into the airport and look around for my mother or even Bob. I make then both out at the baggage claim area. I find that more tears are making their way to the back of my eyes as I get closer to them.

************Fifty Shades Nanny*********


I knew something was up with Ana when she didn't come to find me this morning. It hurt me a little when I found the luggage in her room and her telling me that she was going away for a week, but she did tell me she would be back. I hope she isn't lying to me because she is the first nanny that I would really miss. Well technically she's my nanny, but I see her as more than that, my friend, confident and maybe even a mommy figure.

"Ugh! Shit," I hear my dad say as something hits the floor in the hallway.

"Daddy," I say as I exit my room. He looks up from the ground at me.

"Taylor," he shouts as he moves closer to me. I see he is holding a piece of paper in his hands.

"Sir," Taylor says as he enters the hallway.

"Where the hell is Miss. Steele," he says looking really pissed off. I guess the cat's out of the bag now.

********Fifty Shades Nanny*********


I wake up late feeling like shit. I guess when a gun toting ex-psycho tries to kill you and hurt your family that does take a toll on you. I reach over looking for Gracie and find a folded up paper. I thought that Gracie had left me a note until I opened it up and my heart almost stopped.

Mr. Grey,

I have decided that I need some time to figure things out. The events of yesterday were very eye opening to me and I need some distance from the situation to process it all. I didn't want to leave on such short notice or without your permission, but felt after having a gun drawn on me I had the right.

I will be back in a week because I have set up a few interviews with a couple of different Publishing Companies in town. I do understand that I have given you such short notice on my intentions, but plan on working part-time for the companies and also still taking care of Gracie. I don't know if that plan fits your concept or not, but when I get back you can let me know.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with me or what I am doing you may send my belongings back to my apartment and I will end all contact with you and Gracie. Give me this space to go over what everything has gone on and then we can talk later.

Miss. Steele

I am so pissed off that I can't even put words together. How could she run like this? I thought we were making progress, but I guess it was all in my head. I am trying to make my way in the hallway when I feel a sharp pain in my chest and fall slightly into the hall hitting a picture causing it to fall. The frame shattered into several pieces.

"Ugh! Shit," I say as the noise also brought Gracie into the hallway.

"Daddy," she says but I can't handle her right now. I need Miss. Steele.

"Taylor," I shout as I hold the paper in my hand for dear life, right now it's the only connection I have to this infuriating woman.

"Sir," Taylor says as he enters the hallway.

"Where the hell is Miss. Steele," I say snapping at him for not waking me up to let me know what the hell was going on.

"She has left," he says looking anywhere but my face.

"What do you mean, 'she has left'" I snapped.

"Daddy," Gracie says moving closer to me.

"Not now Gracie," I say coldly.

"Sir," Taylor says as he points to my daughter who has crocodile tears forming in her eyes.

"She left because of you, daddy," she says and runs to her room slamming the door behind and doing the one thing she has never done before locking the door. I stand in the hallway stunned. My whole world was closing in on me and I felt like I couldn't breathe.