Chapter 21: Carefree


I hated the way Christian was treating me after everything I had done for him. Seriously who the hell did he think he was to brush me off like I was no one? If he thinks I am just going to stand by and watch him enjoy the life I helped provide for him without justice than he has another thing coming to him. I didn't understand what was wrong with Laura, she was everything he wanted and looked for in a submissive.

Who the hell is that bimbo with Christian and Gracie? I see the three of them get out of the SUV after Taylor opened the door for them. God I hated that man so much. He thought he was better than any normal security guy. Sure, he was more experienced than most of them were, but come on how hard is it to pull a gun out to protect someone.

I watch getting madder and madder as Christian places his hand on the small deep in the bimbo's back. Gracie seems to know her very well because the two of them are chatting away like old friends. I am growing pissed off seeing that he is throwing everything we worked hard at out the window for this bimbo who can't even keep his needs up. I mean does she even know what he likes to do in his spare time. No! She can't be enough for him. He needs to realize I am all he needs once he is rid of that stupid child and pretender.

My blood is boiling beyond velvet red as I continue to look upon my man as he fiddles around with the bimbo. His security guard gets back into his SUV and begins to drive away, but as he passes the deli on the corner a brunette catches my eye. She seems to be watching Christian as well. I barely see her face, but am sure that she is Leila one of Christian's pass subs. I turn the car on and drive over to the parking lot.

"Leila," I call out as the girl begins to blend into the passing crown on the deck. She looks over her shoulder and starts to walk faster. I am having a hard time catching up to her as my heels are catching on the pebble sidewalk.

"Leave me alone," she mutters as I grab her arm and jerk her to me.

"I see the pain in your eyes," I lie as I pretend to care for her. She looks up into my face and I see a tear slide down her check.

"Master, needs me not that tramp," she mutters as I pull her to follow me.

"I think Christian hurt you. I will help take care of you. You need to be better if you are going to win Christian back," I lie as I lead her to my Bentley. I plan on molding her to ruin the bimbo and take the fall so that I can swoop in to protect Christian. Yes, she will do the dirty work just fine.

************Fifty Shades Nanny************


I have been feeling so light lately that it is hard to believe. I can tell even my detail team has noticed it, I know it's Ana's doing because for some reason I just feel happier when I am around her. I can tell that even Gracie seems more relaxed around me than she usually has been. Going out on the Grace yesterday was an amazing idea. I got to spend some quality time with the two most adorable women in my life.

I still though find myself haunted by my nightmares for some reason. They aren't every night like they use to be and I know that it's because of Ana, but I still have them. I am currently sitting at the piano trying to resist the urge to wake Ana up for some rough sex. I want to take her in the playroom, but don't want to run her away. I am content for the time being to just make soft sweet sex, but also want to show her some rough kinky spicy sex.

I am debating whether or not to stay here for a little longer playing or to go to my office and check emails and whatnot. Work or course won out as I stood up and walked to my office. I sat down at my desk and flicked on the screen of my computer. I notice I have several e-mails from Elena, instead of opening them I delete them knowing full well she just wants something more from me. I want to be friends with her, but she is pushing me with all this crap about a new sub and then some.

I know that Elena has always been the person I turned to when I needed some help, but I want that to be Ana now. I finally feel at peace and safe with someone other than Elena and it feels good. I smile as I look over to the doorway of my office and see Ana standing there in nothing but my shirt.

"You weren't in bed when I woke up," she says as she bits her lip. I smirk knowing that she is playing coy with me.

"Is that so," I say as I get up from my chair and make my way to her. I push her up against the door frame as I shove my hand under my shirt and tease her sweet wet folds.

"Ugh!" Ana moans as I enter one of my fingers inside of her and move it in a messaging way. I can feel her trembling beside me as I am working the inside of her. I pull my fingers out before she can climax and grind my body up against her causing her to whimper at the lost of pleasant pressure.

"That feels good huh!" I whisper into her ear as I nip at her earlobe. God this creature before me was made just for me. We fit together in every way. I just had to figure out how to let her know it too without causing her to run from me. I lead her back to my room and into my bed. "I want to try something," I say nervously as I hover above her.

"Okay," she answers just as nervously as I asked. I get off the bed walking into my closet I grab my silver tie that I was wearing the first time I met her. It was one of my favorite ties anyway. She looks amused at me when I show her the tie.

"I would like to tie your hands up. I have a hard time with people touching my chest and back," O say pulling the tie between my nibble fingers.

"I trust you," she says as she reaches up and pulls my face down to hers. I kiss her so softly and breathe in her scent for several seconds before I sit back up. She puts her hands above her head, while I tie them up carefully to the headboard of my bed. I then get up off the bed, walking to the door lock it to keep anyone from entering unwelcomed.

"If you get panicked or feel too overwhelmed there are safe words 'yellow' you need a break and 'red' stop. I will stop for both of them, I want you to feel safe with me," I say as I start to kiss her on her lips and move toward her breasts. She moves at her restraints making me smirk as I lick her right nipple.

"Ahh, Christian," she moans as I nip at the one I have been licking. "Totally not fair," she mutters as her back arches off the bed.

"You're going to have to lay still or this will be over before we even get to start," I say as I move toward the other one. I can see just how rosy the first one is. As I suck and lick the other one I am squeezing and flicking the first ever so lightly to keep it perk and ready. I know from experience the breasts are helpful as tender as possible when playing with them as you have intercourse. When I am satisfied with the color and hardness of both her breasts I journey down her body with both my hands and mouth.

I move my hands to her wet mounds and tease them with my fingers and I rub the inside of them. Ana is moaning with every inch of her being. I am so enthralled with her and the idea of being her one and only. I pull my fingers out of her and lick her juices off of them before reaching over to the night stand to get a condom. I need to get birth control settled. I hate not being able to feel the friction of my cock within her. As I roll the condom on I watch as her eyes are watching every move I am making. They are so hungry that I am moved beyond the confines of this bed or even this room. There is nothing but love shinning through them.

I take the moment of love going through both of us to thrust into her swiftly filling her as far as I could go. I decide to make the thrusts slow, so that we both could savor this feeling of being so attuned with one and another. I flick and play with her breast with each thrust, and can feel her tighting around me as she arches her back off the bed once again trying to meet me thrust for thrust which brought both of us to our climax. I use one hand to hold myself up as I use the other to untie her.

"Christian, that was beyond anything I have ever done," she whispers as I pull out of her making me feel alone. I could stay inside of her all day if that was possible because being in her makes me feel safe.

"I thought it was something to try," I say as I lie down beside her.

"Will you take me into your red room of pain?" she questions as her cheeks turn a nice rosy color.

"I don't think you belong in there," I mutter trying to keep my voice soft but an edge breaks through it.

"Oh," she whispers turning her head away from me. I didn't want her to think that I needed her to go in there to keep me happy, but I was happy right here beside her.

"Ana, you don't need to go into the red room of pain," I say as I shower kisses on her shoulder and up her neck to my favorite spot her earlobe.

"I just thought," she starts but stops. She frustrates me when she starts to say something but decides against saying it.

******Fifty Shades Nanny********


I wanted to tell him so badly how I was curious about the red room, but he seemed to shut me down with my idea of going into it. How will I broach the subject again without him getting upset? I mean I didn't like the idea of not touching him, but I will admit it was very arousing for me being tied up. Something about him being in total control of everything sent my body into overdrive. I wonder if that was why so many women enjoyed being his submissive.

"Penny for your thoughts," Christian asks as he nuzzles into the crook of my neck.

"Just thinking," I say giving him a small smile as I move down a little and snuggle up to him. I fall asleep pretty quickly after the amazing lovemaking we just had.

"Ana," I hear my name being called, but not from Christian.

"Go away," I mutter pulling the covers closer to me not wanting a replay of the other day. I feel someone bouncing on the bed.

"Come on Ana, get up," the voice says again. I risk a peek to see it's not Christian, but his little girl.

"Gracie, it's too early for this," I mutter again. She gives me a smirk.

"Ana, it's already noon," she says laughing at me.

"Funny," I say tossing a pillow lightly at her.

"Let's be nice," Christian says as he catches the pillow before it hitting her. I laugh at it. I love this side of Christian so carefree and acting his age, not the grumpy old man persona his is when he is in CEO mode.

I finally get out of bed and dressed only to be assaulted again by Gracie as I walk out of the bedroom. I didn't really know what was the sudden attachment issue was until I walked into the Great room and noticed a fake platinum blonde sitting on the couch very close to Christian. She was whispering something to him, but he seemed detached from the scene.

*******Fifty Shades Nanny********


I hated my daddy's friend. She always seemed overly in control of him whenever she was around. Daddy even looked sad sometimes, but she was here. I heard daddy's hushed voice trying to kick her out, but she refused saying she needed his help. I was waiting on Ana to come out of the room.

I jumped at her as soon as she stepped out. She seemed surprised by my action, but I needed her right now. I was worried and scared of daddy's friend. As we entered the great room she halted seeing daddy with his friend.

"Ana," my dad says as he sees her in the corner of his eye. He quickly gets up from the couch.

"Christian," she whispers softly causing daddy's friend to lean closer to my daddy as she gets up as well.

"Ana, this is an old family friend and business associate Elena Lincoln. Elena this is my girlfriend Ana Steele," he says walking around the couch and placing a kiss on Ana's cheek. I giggle as he does so.

"Wow, Christian I thought you didn't do girlfriends," she mutters darkly. I could see something feral in her eyes like in tiger's eyes before the catch their prey. She didn't look happy at all.

"Well, Elena like I have been trying to tell you I have changed a lot in the last few days, now if you'd excuse us I need to get to work, and I think these ladies are going to go out," he says squeezing me into his embrace. I loved it whe my daddy was this happy, and Ana made him this way. I just hoped that things stayed like this.

******Fifty Shades Nanny******


Shit, Shit! My plan isn't working. Really what does that pasty brunette have that I don't? I mean sure she has the damn brat all enamored but that is beside the point. She can always be sent away to an all girl's boarding school. Ugh! It made my stomach churn when Christian gave her that kiss. I know he was doing it to mark his turf.

I am now sitting in the back of my SUV watching as the bitch is playing house with the brat. I should have made sure Laura got rid of it when she was suppose to. My plan never did have that child surviving. But, then again the dumb bitch got a conscious, disappeared, and then next thing I know Christian is announcing the birth of his daughter to his parents.

I have thought of how to destroy Laura over the years, but it seems she is just another sicko fallen prey to Christian Grey the man I created. My phone vibrates in my purse so I take it out and a smile spreads across my face as I see the caller ID.

"Christian, darling what can I do for you," I say.

"I was just calling to let you know that I have changed the codes to Escala. Elena stay away from me. I will contact you about our business deals, but stay the fuck out of my relationship areas. I don't need your help in that area any longer," he says and hangs up the phone on me.

If he wants to play the game this way then game on, but don't blame me when someone he cares and loves gets hurt because of his actions. A wicked idea comes to mind that involves his two lovely ladies sitting at the cafe in front of me sharing a cookie. Yes, Christian Grey needs to be taken down a notch and reminded who is really in control of his life.