Chapter 22: Chases Gone Wrong


I totally hated spending Christian's money, but he insisted that I used it during our shopping spree. I better not let Kate hear about it or he might need to merge and acquire several more companies to pay the bill. Sawyer followed the two of us faithfully carrying whatever we bought, and staying out of our way for more than five hours. I laughed at him as he carried the one bag from Victoria Secrets as he passed by a couple young girls who gave him a wink or two. It was the funniest thing in the world.

"That was the most embarrassing thing I have ever had to do," he muttered as he closed the SUV door getting in the front seat.

"Well get use to it," I laughed back as I handed Gracie her build a bear dog in the same color as Joey.

"Yes, well I will not carry anymore bags for you that carry the name 'Victoria Secret'," he says using air marks on the word Victoria Secret. I crack out laughing as he pulls out of the parking spot only to slam on the brakes. Gracie and I both are lurched forward as he does so. We all felt the impact of the hit from behind as Sawyer turned around to check on us. "Stay here,' he says as he gets out of the SUV.

"Are you alright?" I question Gracie as she unbuckles her seatbelt.

"Yes," she mumbles as she gets on her knees and tries to look out the back window.

"Damn it," Sawyer is muttering as he opens the SUV door. "I need a tow truck and another SUV," he says into his cell. "No, Gracie and Ana are both alright. Yes, I checked the other vehicle and there wasn't anyone in it. I called Welch to run the plates. Taylor, it wasn't behind me as I started to back out. No, I didn't see anyone jump out of the vehicle either," he says as Gracie nudges me.

"Ana is everything alright," she asks as she climbs up into my lap.

"Yes, I think the car just hit us, but Sawyer is making sure everything is done to keep us protected," I say looking toward Sawyer who has his eyes locked on me. My phone starts to vibrate so I pull it out of my purse.

"Hello," I say only to be confronted by a worried Christian.

"Ana are you alright," he asks urgently.

"Yes," I say as I stroke Gracie's hair. "The car just came out of nowhere," I whisper as I watch the tow truck pull in front of us. Sawyer locked us in the SUV just to be on the save side.

"Ana what's going on right now," Christian asked hoarsely like he was fighting his control of taking over the situation from where he was.

"Sawyer has locked us in the SUV, and is outside talking to the tow truck driver. Oh, the police have finally arrived," I say as I watch the interactions going on outside the SUV.

"Sawyer called the police," Christian questioned just as I heard a gunshot. I looked outside at the scene, and saw Sawyer hunched over the hood of the tow truck being pinned down by the police officer. The tow truck driver is trying to smash the SUV window in. I can tell they aren't sure where to start since the windows are so tinted.

"Ana get in the fucking driver seat and take off," Christian is screaming into the phone. I am having a hard time controlling my emotions because of his screaming at me, and watching as the men outside hurt Sawyer.

"I can't leave Sawyer," I say as I am sobbing. Gracie has started crying now as well.

"I have men on their way, but if anything happened to you or Gracie it would kill me. Sawyer would agree if you could get out of there safely to do it," he mutters as he is yelling at someone else. I jump over the divider and get into the driver's seat. I look down at the keys and thank my lucky stars that Sawyer had left them in the ignition. I take one last look at Sawyer and hit the gas.

"Stop the bitch," I hear from one of the men as the SUV side swipes the tow truck. I barely make it in between it and a Honda on the other side. I keep my foot on the gas as I floor it trying to get as far away from the area as possible. I can hear the sirens of the police cruiser behind us, and the sound of gunshots bouncing off of the SUV.

As I am driving crazily, I am honking my horn trying to let people out know I am not going to stop. I am at the end of the mall parking lot when I see the exit is blocked off by the mall security and another police cruiser. I am stuck, but out of the side of my eyesight I see several hedges that have an opening in them. I turn the SUV slightly and drive through the hedges at full speed.

"Ana are you still there," asks a worried Christian. I feel so unsure of everything going on around me that I almost forgot about him being on the phone.

"Yes, I am still here. Gracie and I are still alive," I barely say as I feel Gracie put her arms around me making me jump a fraction. She then climbs over the seat and joins me in the front.

"It's going to be alright," he says as he yells at someone else. "Shit, this isn't good. Baby you're on the news right now," he mutters as I see a road block up a head of me.

"That's daddy's building," Gracie yells out as I see his logo up on the right. I turn that way, and go into the underground parking. I see Taylor ahead at the elevators holding his hand up. I slam on the brakes, and the SUV lurches to an abrupt stop.

"Stay in the SUV," Taylor shouts as I see the tow truck barging toward us. I don't listen though as I can see that it's on a collision course with the SUV. There was no way I was going to be stuck in it. I grab Gracie just in time as I open the door and jump out. The tow truck slams into the SUV pinning it into the wall beside the elevator. Taylor gets up quickly putting himself in front of us as he backs us up to the elevator.

"Taylor," I yell as I see the driver of the tow truck isn't any of the men from the mall, but Sawyer. I want to run to him, but Taylor stands firm. There is gun fire coming from the direction of the garage opening.

"You will get into that elevator," he snaps at me as he pushes us both into it. I push Christian's floor and fall to the ground. My whole body aches. I try to keep my eyes open, but am finding it hard to do so.

"Ana you're bleeding," Gracie gasps as her hand comes into view of my face. I muster up the little strength I have left to pull her close to me. I am unsure what might be waiting for us on the other side of the elevator door, but I was going to die protecting her no matter what.

As I move to stand on wobbly legs I have her pinned behind me. The numbers seem to go by very slowly as the elevator inches to our destination. I feel it come to a stop and have my belt in my hand ready to swing as the doors open. I don't know who was standing in front of us, but I started swinging with all my might.

"Ana, stop," I barely hear as I crumple to the ground as I let the darkness flood me.

***********Fifty Shades Nanny*************


I wasted no time calling the Chief of Police to find out what the hell was going on with his department. I am currently waiting as Ana is in the middle of surgery due to a gunshot wound. My mother says it was fairly an easily procedure, but I wanted answers and the damn jerk couldn't give them to me. He had no clue what was going on. He especially was baffled as he watched the footage from the SUV with the officer and tow truck driver.

Sawyer was damn lucky because he was beaten pretty badly, but the gunshot wound he suffered was a clear through and through. His doctor said he should make a full recovery. I am counting my lucky stars because other than being shaken up Gracie didn't sustain any injuries unlike Taylor who also was grazed by a bullet in the upper arm while trying to get Sawyer out of the tow truck.

"Daddy," Gracie's voice brings me out of my thoughts. I lean over to her.

"What sweetie?" I say as she lays her head on my lap, and looks up into my face.

"Is Ana going to be okay," she asks. I look over at the rest of my family who are eagerly waiting with us for any information.

"I sure hope so," I whisper back as I run my fingers through her curly hair. We sat like that for a while more until she fell asleep. I needed to stretch my legs so I gently lifted her head off of my lap, and laid her back down in my chair.

"Son, how are you holding up," my dad asks as I step closer to the doorway to the waiting room.

"Dad, why would someone want to hurt them? What did they ever do to any one?" I questioned. He just looked over at me.

"Christian, I don't have the answer to those questions, but I am sure thankful that everyone is okay," he says as he puts his hand on my shoulder.

"What if she hates me?" I question turning to look him in the eyes.

"You did nothing wrong son, the people who did this to her are the only ones responsible. She isn't going to hate you," he says as he turns to walk back over to where Mia and Elliot were sitting. I take one more look back at my family and wonder what I would do without them.

I decide to take a walk along the hallway to clear my mind. I must of have lost track of where I was going because before I knew it I was in the Children's Ward. There are several little children walking around with masks on as their nurse's chase after them. I keep going until I end up in the baby ward. I stand in front of the newborn children and wonder how I missed this with Gracie. I watch as all the different people come and go in the small room looking over the infants.

I smile to myself as I see one little baby boy with copper hair. He seems so small and yet so handsome. I look over to see what his name was, but notice that he hadn't been named yet. I felt something foreign knowing that.

"Mr. Grey," Taylor calls out to me as he reaches me.

"Taylor," I say and nod my head to him.

"Miss. Steele is out of surgery and being placed in a room. The doctor's say that she should recover just well, the bullet didn't do much damage. She was hit in the left side of her abdomen, but that it didn't go too far into her stomach area," he says as he looks over at the infant's. "I remember Sophie being in this ward, she was so tiny. I felt so helpless," he says with a chuckle.

"Let's go see what damage all of this has caused me," I mutter as I turn around to make my way back to Ana unsure of what the future for us held if there was still any or not.

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