Fifty Shades Nanny


It has been about a week since Christian had the talk with his parents. Today was Sunday and we usually headed to his parents house to have brunch with the family, but when I got up I found him dressed in shorts and a t-shirt.

"Where is the almighty Christian Grey," I say as I come up behind him.

"He's right here," he smirks at me when I see Teddy in his arms wearing a similar outfit.

"Are we not going to your parents?" I question when I see Grace coming into the room in a sundress.

"No, I think we're going to do something just the four of us or five of us," he says as he rubs my small swollen belly.

"Daddy's taking us out on the boat," Grace says excitedly as she reaches me. I pull her into my lap as I sit down on the couch. We had been in the city throughout the ordeal with the paternity of Grace, but had moved back to the house on the sound.

"I don't feel up for a drive to the city," I say softly to Christian as he just smiles.

"Mac brought her down last night. The Grace is down at our dock, "he says motioning toward the window.

"Of course you think of everything in advance," I half mutter with a smile.

"I know it's been rough the driving and all, so I thought if it was here it wouldn't be a hardship," he says as I see Gail behind us in the kitchen placing things into a basket.

"I guess I better go change into something more boat worthy," I say as I head back to our room to change. I remove m clothing and decide to wear a bathing suit under the sundress I was putting on when Grace walked into the room.

"Ana, your tummy is getting bigger," she says smiling.

"Yes, only a little, it has to grow to accommodate the little baby inside of me," I say as she places her small hand on my stomach. Christian sat her down a few weeks ago to let her know about the baby. She was excited about another sibling, but she wanted a sister not a brother.

"That was so picture worthy," Christian says as I turn to see him with his phone in his hand.

"Thanks," I mumble letting the material fall from my fingers.

"Ana you are so beautiful. I don't understand why you doubt it so much," he whispers in my ear as I take Teddy from his arms and he picks up Grace. He leads us down to the dock where Taylor is waiting with Sawyer. Sawyer was placing the basket and a few other things on the boat when we got to it.

"Mr. Grey, Miss. Steele," Taylor says as he holds his hand out to help me aboard.

"Are you two going with us?" I ask as he takes Teddy from me putting a life vest on him before setting him down. Christian was already helping Grace put one on her.

"Yes, as is Mrs. Jones," he says when Christian comes over to where we were holding a vest up for me.

"I don't need that," I say smacking his hand away from me.

"Ana, you will wear one. It's not only you here," I smirk knowing full well I knew how over protective he was. The fact that I was carrying his spawn didn't help me any.

"Right, you only like to strap me into things," I say as he squeezes my butt after snapping all of the snaps. "Nice," I say as I hit his shoulder lightly. He laughs a throaty laugh that would warm your heart. It was nice to see him so carefree. Taylor, Sawyer and even Gail are told that they are there only if needed, so for them to enjoy themselves. I don't think that was something either of the men would do.

Christian has Teddy up at the wheel with him. Grace is with me as I am walking around the top part of the boat watching the two men in my life lead us to some unknown destination. I have snapped some light hearted pictures of everyone. I got a great one with Grace holding Teddy beside her dad as the three of them steered the boat. Christian was laughing, it's amazing at how different he seems since he got all that excess baggage off his chest with his parents.

"Ana," Grace says my name as we are eating lunch on a private beach. Christian had sailed to. We were all sitting on beach blankets eating sandwiches and fruit.

"Yeah," I say as I hand a few grapes to Teddy.

"Your Teddy's mom and the baby in your stomachs mom, but you're not my mom," she asks as I see Christian turn toward us listening.

"I am," I say holding back tears that want to fall as I wait to see what it is she is asking me actually.

"If I wanted you to be my mom, would you," she barely whispers. I can't hold the emotion back any longer as I reach across from me and pull her into my arms.

"I would gladly be your mom, just as much as I am Teddy's or this one," I say as I pat my tummy.

"I want you to be my mom, no one else. I don't want the woman who tried to hurt us, just you," she says clinging onto me.

"I want that as well," I say softly into her hair as I see Christian barely holding it together as well. "I love you," I mouth to him as he nods his head. It took a few minutes, but when Grace recomposed herself she asked to go play in the water which Christian said yes to as long as Sawyer watched over her. We all stayed out until it started to get dark then Christian had us all back on the boat headed home.

I was carrying Teddy up to the house as Christian was carrying Grace up. We changed and place the children in their beds and then went to our room to head to bed. It was such a nice and peaceful day. I wished we had more of them, but with me working and Christian working it was taking its toll on us.

"Hey," He says as he pulls me close to him as he gets into the bed.

"I didn't ask you before I said yes to Grace, but I did the right thing," I say as I turn over to face him.

"I thought we agreed when I asked you to marry me that you would be her mom. Yes, Ana you did the right thing. You love her as if she was yours already, I couldn't imagine another woman loving her the way you do," he says softly kissing me.

"I don't want to wait any longer. Christian I want to get married," I burst out.

"What?" he asks as he lets go of me. "Seriously, like when," he asks all excited.

"I don't want a big wedding or anything. I just want a small little gathering with exchanging our vows and all," I say as he kisses me again.

"You tell me when and we'll have it," he says pulling me in again.

"Maybe this weekend, ask the family over for lunch, and surprise them," I say with a huge smile.

"I like it. You are a mastermind evil doer," he says laughing. The next morning I talked with Gail on creating the menu for the family brunch. She even told me she'd make a simple cake. So I had the food and cake planned; now I had to get down with inviting people.

"Is everything alright Annie," my dad asks when he answers the phone.

"Yes, dad it is fine. Christian and I are planning to have a little family brunch on Saturday and we were wondering if you could make it," I say as I look over my list of invites.

"Sure, I was planning on going fishing, but I would love to spend some time with you guys. I haven't met your little boy Teddy yet," he says as we talk for a little while longer. He says bye and hangs up after about 20 minutes.

"Whatcha doing mom," Grace says when she comes into her dad's office.

"I'm calling people to come for brunch this weekend," I say as I look over at her.

"Oh, daddy was calling grandma Grace. ?he said she would think about coming, but was unsure. Did daddy do something wrong?" she asks as I look up to see her dad in the doorway.

"No, daddy didn't do anything wrong. They have a lot going on. Could you go ask Gail if she needs any help," I say as she looks over at her dad.

"So, my parents might or might not come," he says softly as I move from his chair to allow him to sit down. I sit down in his lap.

"I'll give them a call," I say.

"No, it's alright," he says as he picks up my list. "You haven't called your mom. I've called Ros, Elliot, my parents, and Mia," he says jokingly.

"My dad and I were having a conversation. We like to talk not have one sided talks," I smirk at him as he growls into my hair.

"Right, I guess I should let you get to work because I can already hear your 3 hour conversation with Kate," he jokes as I lightly nudge him.

He was almost right. I had called my mom and talked with her for about 20 minutes. She said that Bob had a meeting in Seattle Friday and they would just stay until Sunday. It was good timing actually. Though Christian would have been let down when my conversation with Kate didn't last 3 hours, but 5 minutes because she was out with Elliot and he had already invited her. I did tell everyone to dress nicely no jeans.

"Sawyer," I call out when I hit the kitchen. I see Christian and the kids seated at the counter watching Gail mix out cookies. "Wow, who would have thought baking was more interesting than work," I say giving Christian a light nudge.

"It's the thought of eating a warm gooey cookie," he smirks as he pulls me into his lap.

"Right, so the way to Christian Grey's heart is warm hot cookies. I will have to remember that when things get rough," I say as everyone starts laughing.

"Miss. Steele," Sawyer says as Taylor follows him into the kitchen.

"I want to go into town to do some errands," I say as Christian raises and eyebrow at me.

"Do you need to go?" he asks softly.

"No, but I want to do something while I'm out. It's something I can't do over the phone," I say as I kiss him softly.

"Be safe," he says as Grace moves closer to him. I watch as he pulls Teddy into his lap.

"Where in town do you want to go?" Sawyer asks.

"I want to go to Bellevue," I say getting a lifted eyebrow form him. The drive to Christian's parents' house wasn't too long. His dad buzzed us in. Sawyer opens the door for me, walking beside me as I make my way up the steps to the door.

"Ana, darling," Grace says as she opens the door.

"I wanted to talk to you, I probably should have called," I say as I follow her into the house. She leads me into the living room where Carrick was seated reading the newspaper.

"Ana, are you here alone," he asks looking around.

"Yes, Christian and the kids were watching Gail bake cookies," I say as I sit down. "I actually came over because I heard you might not be able to make it Saturday," I say as they look at each other.

"We aren't up to visiting at the moment," Carrick says as Grace reaches for his hand.

"I know what Christian told you was a lot to digest, but imagine being the 15 year boy going through it. Christian has struggled for so long wondering if he was capable of loving anyone let alone being loved. I know you know that. I am not saying what went on was right, but to him he felt loved," I say as I know the words I am saying is hitting home with them.

"We loved him as much as we did Mia or Elliot. Christian was so closed off, he hardly let anyone get close to him," Grace says crying.

"I know, I do know that, but when he does love he does it with his whole being. It would mean so much for me and him if you both would come to brunch. We have an exciting meal planned," I say smiling.

"Is he still worried about it," Carrick asks.

"I think he's more worried about you guys loving him or not," I say as Grace gets up and sits beside me.

"I called him that night and told him I loved him still," he says as she reaches for my hand.

"I know, but words don't always show how much you care as actions do," I say smiling. By the end of our talk they agreed to come. I told them it was a dress up affair, but not fancy. Sawyer was headed back to our house as I started to drift off to sleep.

****Fifty Shades Nanny*****


I cannot believe that in less than a few hours Ana and I will be getting married. This last week went by so fast. She told me about her going to my parents' house instead of town, but I couldn't be mad at her. She was only trying to help. I was excited because yesterday she signed official papers to adopt Grace as her daughter and we both finalized the adoption of Teddy. She wasn't the nanny anymore, but now the mommy.

Ros and I spent several hours as well going over paperwork for her to take more control of Grey House. I would still be CEO and all, but I was giving more power to Ros. Ana and I talked about it, because it really boiled down to our family. I was just as much part of it as she was and I couldn't be pulling 16 hour work days anymore.

"Mr. Grey everything is set up outside per Miss. Steele's request," Taylor says as he enters my office.

"You know after today, she'll be Mrs. Grey," I say with a huge smile on my face.

"She still insists on Ana, though," he replies smiling.

"I know, she has gotten Gail and Sawyer to call her Ana occasionally but you need to stand strong," I say standing up fixing my tie.

"Yes, sir," he says as I exit my office to run into Teddy who was trying to tie a leash around the puppy take Grace had brought home.

"Teddy, leave Joey alone," Grace says as she chases after her brother and the dog.

"Are you sure we need another one," Ana says almost exhausted when she heads after the kids. I laugh because for us this was just another day.

"Teddy, Grace let the dog alone," I say as they both look up to me. "Come on you both need to get dressed and ready for the family to come," I say as I pick up the dog and pass it off to Taylor. "Put him away for the time being," I say as Ana is finishing up with Teddy. A few minutes later Grace comes out of her room with a nice off white dress on. It matched Ana's almost.

Everyone had showed up except for the minister who called to let us know he was running late due to traffic. Bob and Ray were off talking with my dad. The women were all talking in hush voices in the living room about baby names and if Ana was ready for the little one. I was happily discussing a business deal when Taylor let the minister into the room. I smile at Ana who joins me as we stand in front of our guests now. I notice Jose taking a few shots as we prepare ourselves for letting everyone know what we were planning.

"We are both so excited that you could all come today for brunch. I know that Ana and I have had a rocky start, but I love her and she loves me. Yesterday we finalized our adoption of Teddy and Ana adopted Grace," I say as Ana squeezes my hand encouraging me.

"Christian and I took the kids out last weekend. It was nice spending the time with each other as a family, and when we came home I decided it should be a more permanent concept. I know Christian and I are both stubborn wanting to get our own way, but we have come a long way with each other. Today we planned to make our commitment to each other permanent," she says as she looks over to me.

"We invited you here to witness our wedding," we both say together getting mixed expressions from all of our guests.