Fifty Shades Nanny

Chapter 48: Saying Good-Bye


"Mom we are going to be late," my 5 year old daughter yells as I am pulling on my shoes. I hate that she has gotten the early rising habit from her father.

"Phoebe remember what your dad says we are never late everyone else is just early," I mutter as she just shakes her head at me. I climb into the back seat of the SUV as Sawyer shuts the door and we are on our way. Today was Phoebe's first day of Kindergarten and she was excited.

I am watching the scenery as Sawyer is driving. When we hit the city limits I notice we weren't going in the direction of Phoebe's school, but toward Grey House.

"Sawyer, you're going in the wrong direction," I say as I see him shake his head. He continues into the parking garage where I see Teddy, Grace and Christian waiting. Taylor opens the back door and they get into the SUV.

"I thought we'd carpool to the school," Christian says smirking at my puzzled expression.

"Early morning office visit, should I be jealous," I say as I blink my eyes giving him a small smile.

"I was showing Teddy and Grace the ropes," he says softly.

"Christian seriously Grace is 12 and Teddy is 7, what could they possibly learn right now," I say as I look to our two innocent children with huge grins on their faces. The three of them were up to something I was sure of it.

As Sawyer pulls up to the private school where all three of our children would be going I felt sad seeing Phoebe finally heading out. I had at least had her home with me for the last 2 years, but now I would be without her. It is hard letting them grow up.

"Mommy here," Teddy says as he hands me a small box. I look over to Christian who just shrugs his shoulders. I open the box to find a new charm for my charm bracelet with the letter P on it. Christian had given me one already but this one was different it had little letters all over the P. I got a T charm like it when Teddy started Kindergarten. I felt the tears in my eyes as I kissed my three little babies and they walked into the school.

"Christian they grow up so fast," I say as I rub my stomach. He nods his head as he places his hand on my mid section.

"Yes they do," he says as we get back into the SUV ready to start our day.

****Fifty Shades Nanny****


Ana was going to be joining the children and me anytime, but I had heard from Taylor that she was running late from her meeting. Phoebe was holding the gift for her mom, today was marking the first day of school for our youngest and last baby. It was hard to believe that the last time I gave her Phoebe's charm she was still pregnant with our son. Raymond was starting his first day of Kindergarten this morning. I was very proud of him; he has been so excited all summer getting ready for this day.

"Dad is mom running late?" my 12 year old son Teddy asked as we waited at Grey House.

"Yes, she had an early conference call," I say as I look out my office window at the clear sky. I was amazed that Ana and I have been together for 10 years. She has given me more reasons to love her throughout that period of time. She loves Grace with her whole heart. I have been given two very beautiful children by her as well as our first son Teddy. Ana has such an amazing ability to love with everything she has.

"Mr. Grey, Mrs. Grey is almost here," Taylor says as he enters my office. Grace, Teddy, Phoebe and Raymond gather their school bags and we go to the elevator to meet their mom.

"Mommy," Raymond says as he gets out of the elevator running to his mom who was waiting outside of the SUV in front of the elevator.

"My how you have grown so tall since last night," she says smiling as the children get in the SUV.

"Mr. Grey I missed you this morning when I woke up," she murmurs into my ear as we sit next to each other in the SUV.

"You were up late last night going over you last minute details of the book. I thought you deserved to sleep in just a little longer," I say kissing her forehead.

"Yes, but I was even more thankful when I noticed all of our children were up and with you. That made my morning so much easier," she says softly.

"I try to be accommodating to your needs," I murmur into her hair.

"Dad gross," Grace says smirking. She has been with us fully every step of the way.

"I will remind you of that when you are kissing that friend of yours, what's his name," I smirk back at her. Ana nudges me softly in the side, trying to hide her smile.

"I believe that's Jonathan, darling," Ana says smirking at Grace who sticks her tongue out.

"Real mature," Teddy says as all of us start laughing. I will not lie and say the last 10 years have been simple peaceful days; no there have been trials and errors along the way. My parents and I have a much stronger bond that what we had before I met Ana.

I see Ana begin to get tense as Taylor pulls up to the school; unlike when we were dropping Phoebe off 5 years ago we are not waiting for another child. Raymond was our last child because Ana had to have surgery to prevent bleeding to death after giving birth to Raymond. I know she would like a few more, but the 4 we have are a blessing.

"I don't think I want to let him go today, Christian he can start next year right," Ana is asking as she holds Raymond's hand preventing him from leaving. Phoebe smiles at me as she walks to her mom.

"Here mom," she says as she hands the small Tiffany box to her mother. Ana looks over to me with tears in her eyes. I feel exactly like she does. This is our last baby going off to his first day of school. Grace is a senior in high school. I can see that they grow so fast.

"Thank you," she says as she kisses Raymond's head and lets his hand go.

"Bye," he calls out as Grace takes his hand leading him into the school.

"Christian, they are all gone," she softly says as I pull her into a hug.

"Yes they are all gone, but in a few hours they'll be home driving us crazy," I say as we get back into the SUV.

"Taylor take us back to Grey House," I say as Ana leans into my shoulder. We have all day to work while our babies our getting an education. The road has been bumpy, we have hit a few rocks along the way but we are very strong as a team. I don't think that if I hadn't met her that day I would be the person I am right now. I am a loving husband, father, son and brother. I have learned to be a better person because my wife never gave up on me; sure we had a rough start with her running away because she was sacred, but it brought us back together with a tighter bond.

****Fifty Shades Nanny*****


"Are you nervous?" my mom asks me as I am struggling with my breathing. I look myself over in the full length mirror in front of me.

"A little, were you when you married dad," I ask as she pushes some loose strands of my hair out of my face.

"Yes, I was very nervous both times," she says smiling. I laugh because I remember the first wedding was more of a family lunch, but the second wedding was huge. My dad allowed my Aunt Mia put it all together, it was so beautiful. I loved how good my mom and dad has been over the years.

"How our my favorite women doing?" my dad asks as he enters the room.

"Dad," I say as I feel so very emotional at the moment. I looked from both my mom and then to my dad. "I just hope that Jonathan and I have the same kind of marriage you and mom has," I say as he pulls me into a hug.

"I don't know about that honey, your mom saved me from a dark period in my life," he says softly as my mom joins our hug. I blink as the photographer takes our picture. My dad hands me a blue Tiffany box, which I am well aware of since he has given my mom, Phoebe and me several of them over the years. I open the box to see a beautiful diamond drop necklace that belonged to my mother, but had two blue sapphires added to the sides of the diamond. It was so gorgeous.

"Thank you," I whisper out as my dad moves my hair to put it on.

"Grace, it's something borrowed, something blue and something new," my mom says smiling as she adjusts it to the perfect spot on my neck. She removes the earrings that match and put them in my ears. I totally loved them. I hadn't noticed that my dad had taken the camera from the photographer to take a few pictures of my mom and me. The moment we were sharing was interrupted by Phoebe who comes in talking a hundred miles a minute.

I was so happy and excited as my father walked me down the aisle to my waiting future husband. I was glad that my dad was being very supportive of this decision because he wasn't too happy when Jonathan had asked for my hand. I mean as I think back he should have seen it coming I have known Jonathan since I was 8. I meet him in my class the year after meeting Ana and my little sister was born. We have been best friends ever since then. It didn't help that my dad even gave him an internship senior year, but of course dad was just being dad.

"I have to say Grace that was a beautiful wedding," my 8 year old brother says as I smile at him. He was the youngest one of the four of us and would have to endure more time with our parents than the rest of us.

"Hello Mrs. Lindsay," my husband says smirking as my dad claps him on the back.

"Congratulations," he says as Ana takes his arm and he wraps his arm around her waist. I mean the two of them just have this very special lovely bond. The rest of the day flies by really fast as I enjoy my family and my now extended family wrapped up in my husband's strong arms. Yes, my parents showed me just what life was all about, but now it was my turn to go out and explore the world.

***Fifty Shades Nanny***

After the wedding of Christian and Ana's oldest daughter the Grey's life began to move faster for them as they now had three children left at home? Christian had learned to allow a little bit of wiggle room for the kids to move more freely. It was hard to give his children more freedom after the rough start that the young family had early on, but he loved his family so much and wanted to protect them.

The couple grew in how many children they had to even the growth of their two companies combined. Grey House and Grey Publishing were the top two businesses in their field. Christian Grey and his wife Ana Grey were frontier business socialites who dominated their fields. Grey House was responsible for the majority of workforce in the Western continent. Grey Publishing had more number one best sellers than any other publishing company in the world.

Currently the Grey family was sitting among the other family members of their youngest son Raymond College Graduation from Harvard. He was the only Grey child to go to Harvard out of respect for his grandfather Carrick. He was graduating from Law School at the nice age of 26. He worked hard to make sure that he could finish his education before his grandfather passed. Carrick Grey held his wife's hand tightly as the Professor called his grandson's name. This was a big moment in his long and fulfilled life. Carrick was proud of how his three children grew and matured. He was even proud of all the grandchildren he was given by his three children and even the few great-grand children that Grace and Teddy have provided.

Christian Grey had been blessed with and unimaginable loving wife who helped change and mold him into the father he was suppose to be. He had been given the ability to raise four great children while running his company. At the age of 89 he was happy at the life he had lived. His children all took part in running the different aspects of the companies; Grace and Teddy ran Grey House while Phoebe worked with Grey Publishing and Raymond had taken the legal aspect of the businesses. He had left a lasting legacy in his children to pass on for generations to come. He looked to his wife of 60 years as she was snuggled next to him and smiled.

Christian and Anastasia Grey passed away peacefully in their sleep. The couple who raised four children, 16 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren spent 60 amazing year happily married. They will be missed by those who they were able to help in their time of need as well as the countless lives that were blessed by their humanitarian efforts all around the world. Their legacy will live on in the companies they founded and the family they created.