Hey guys! So I decided to put this as its own fanfic because... reasons. It just... needed its own fic instead of being filed under my "Lin's One-shots" fic. And unlike my one-shots, it has a part I and part II. Anyway...

This takes place 15 years pre-LoK

"You what?!" he asked, shocked.
Lin laughed as she smacked her hand on the table. "Only you could think of something so logically."
Tenzin laughed. "Only you would point it out."
The two continued to laugh as they ate their food cheerfully.
"Imagine what our kids would do" he said, continuing to laugh.
She laughed until she realized what he had said.
"What did you just say?"
"Imagine what our kids would do."
Her eyes dimmed.
"Did I offend you?"
"No, I just don't really want kids, is all."
"I don't really want kids."
"Oh" he said quietly, averting his gaze from her. "As in now?"
"As in ever."
"Um, so how long have you thought this way?"
"Quite a while, now."
"Oh. I see." He sipped his tea nervously.
"You want children?"
"I don't have an option."
"I see."
"Are you sure? "Ever" is a harsh word."
"I am positive."
"I'm not here to discuss children, Tenz. I don't want children and that's final."
"I understand."
They finished their food quietly, and the waiter came with the bill. They paid and walked out towards Lin's apartment.
Once Lin opened the door, she looked at him lustily.
"Stay here tonight."
He gulped. "I wish I could, Lin. But I have a meeting with the council tomorrow" he lied.
"Not even for a while?"
He thought sadly. "I'll be back in a few minutes. There's something I need to take care of first."
"Hurry back" she said with a smile as she kissed him. But something didn't feel the same.
"Are you alright, Tenzin?"
He looked back at her as he climbed down the stairs.
"I'm fine" he lied.
"Okay then. Hurry back. I'll be waiting." She smiled as she closed the door.
He looked out into the street before walking towards Yue Bay. Once he was there, he took a box out of his pocket and opened it, revealing a betrothal necklace.
He dangled it off of the side of the pier.
"I'm sorry Lin. I guess it wasn't meant to be." Tears formed in his eyes as he dropped the necklace into the sea and watched it sink into the black abyss. He turned around and walked back to Lin's house, his heart sinking as fast as the necklace. It seemed like it took forever to reach Lin's house. He unlocked the door and took off his coat as he went over to her bedroom. As soon as he opened the door, he was greeted by Lin's naked figure resting across the bed with her hand playfully at her hip. She stood and walked to him, placing a hand on his chest and pecking his lips, to which he faintly responded.
"Is everything alright? You don't seem as... excited as usual" she said looking down at his crotch. She looked back up and kissed his lips more forcefully.
"I'm fine" he lied again, eyes downcast.
"You're lying." She locked her hands with his. "What's wrong? You can tell me."
"Nothing's the matter Lin."
She knew he was lying, but decided not to delve into the matter.
"Whatever you say."
She began to kiss him again, but stopped as she realized he wasn't responding.
"I'm not in the mood, Lin."
"I can tell." She walked away and into her bed, where she tapped the empty space behind her.
He looked on, contemplating whether or not to stay.
"Please stay. For me."
He took off his shirt and bottoms, leaving him in his underwear. He went to bed and wrapped his arm around her.
"Are you sure you don't want children?" he asked.
"I'm sure" she replied as she nestled up next to him. "Don't worry about it, baby. Get some sleep."
He wrapped his arm around her as he felt all of his hopes sink like the betrothal necklace, into the black abyss.

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