/ Story: A Lyra/Bon-Bon Fic / Chapter: Lyra Meets Bon-Bon / Author: StormHoof32 /-

Lyra walked down the street to the park. She loved to look at nature, It inspired some of her musical pieces. As she walked through the gate to the park she sat down on her favorite bench and pulled out her lyre. Then she bagan strumming a tune that she had come up with while on her way here. As she played she noticed that somepony had sat down next to her. She stipped playing and looked over at the pony. She noticed that the pony was a mare with a cream colored coat and a cutie mark consisting of three candies. then she looked up at her mane, It was violet and pink. the same was for her tail.

"You play beautifully," the mare said, "I'm Bon-Bon."

"Thank you Bon-Bon, I'm Lyra, Lyra Heartstrings." seh replied.

She started to play her lyre again and as she did, she notcied that Bon-Bon was swaying to the music. She played the song until the end, and as she did, Bon-Bon smiled.

"Do you always play so amazingly?" she asked.

Lyra blushed as she replied, "Actually, I always thought tha my music was average."

Bon-Bon just chuckled.

"How about we go get some lunch?" she asked.

Suddenly Lyra's stomach grumbled, making Lyra blush again. they left the park together and Bon-Bon decided to take her to Sugarcube corner.

"Wait," Lyra asked, "We're gonna eat candy for lunch?"

"Well, not normally, but today just feels special, know what I mean?" she replied, making Lyra laugh. They walked into the shop, and Bon-Bon walked up to the counter.

"Hey Pinkie Pie," she said, "I'd like to buy two eclares, and one table."

Pinkie moved like lightning as she got the treats prepared. Then she handed them to the two new friends and showed them where the table was at. They both sat down as Lyra began eating her eclaire. She looked up and noticed that Bon-Bon had already finished. she stuffed the rest in her mouth and swallowed.

"Wow Bon-Bon, those were delicious. I didn't know Pinkie could make such delicious treats." she said as she wiped her face clean.

"Pinkie is one of the best bakers in all of Ponyville." she replied smiling happily.

Bon-Bon was enjoying her new friend, but what she couldn't tell her was that she was a fillyfooler, and after hearing Lyra play, she had a crush on her. She stared at Lyra as she finished wiping her face.

"Uh...what are you staring at?" she asked.

"Oh! um...nothing!" she blushed. She immediately turned her face so that Lyra wouldn't see her blush. After they finished, they left the sweets shop and started walking.

"So Lyra, when did you learn to play the lyre so well?" Bon-Bon asked.

Lyra thought about it for a second before answering.

"I started learning to play when I was just a Filly. And the more I practiced the better I got, and now whenever I feel inspired, I play." she said with a smile on her face.

Bon-Bon smiled too, and finally they reached Lyra's house.

"Hey Bon-Bon, why don't you come in and meet my parents?" she asked.


They walked inside as Lyra anounced her return. She walked into the kitchen, almost pulling Bon-Bon's arm off as she dragged her along. Bon-Bon looked around the kitchen, it was alot cleaner than her own. She also wondered. Lyra still lived with her parents?

"Hi dad, I brought a new friend over." she said, positively beaming.

Her father turned around and looked at Bon-Bon.

"Well thats nice Lyra, but you've never brought any of your friends over before?" he questioned.

Lyra blushed.

"Well dad, Bon-Bon is the only friend I've ever had." she replied, turning away from Bon-Bon so she wouldn't have to see the look of sadness on her face. As soon as she had regained her happy demeanor, she dragged Bon-Bon up stairs to her room. Bon-Bon jaw dropped when she entered the mares room. All over the walls, were pages with musical notes writen all over them.

"What is all this?" she asked.

"This is all the music I wrote. I write all my own music." she said smiling.

Bon-Bon walked around and took a closer look at all the pieces of music. The amount of notes on each sheet astounded her, she had never seen such complicated pieces of music.

"Um, Lyra, could you please play for me. I'd like to hear one of these songs." she asked, as she put on the puppydog pout.

"Sure!" Lyra said happily. She pulled down one of her songs from the wall, it was an old one she had written after she had seen the animals with their mates. She began playing as Bon-Bon listened intently.

Bon-Bon couldn't believe how well Lyra could play. She listened to every note of the song, and as she listened to it, it brought forth the feelings she had for Lyra. She couldn't help herself. She leaned forward while Lyra was concentrating on playing, and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Lyra suddenly stopped playing as she stared at Bon-Bon. She just kissed me! she thought. Bon-Bon grew redder and redder as she waited for Lyra's response. But after a while, Lyra's silence was starting to be too much. So Bon-Bon got up, hugged Lyra and walked out the door and left the house. Lyra just sat there in complete shock. Her new friend, whom she had just met today, had kissed her.

Bon-Bon walked to her own house as she thought about the kiss. Lyra's lips tasted amazing. Then she thought back to the look on Lyra's face. She must hate me, And I don't even think she's a fillyfooler like me. How could I have been so stupid she thought angrily to herself. She went into her room and lied down on her bed, looking up at the ceiling. Goodnight Lyra she thought as she passed into the soft caress of sleep.

As soon as the sun rose, Bon-Bon awoke. She was always an early riser. She walked into her kitchen which was a lot messier than Lyra's. She opened her fridge and got out some cheese, eggs, daisies, and some tortilla's as she mad herself a breakfast burrito. After she finished eating, she left her house and headed to the park, hoping that she would find Lyra sitting on her bench. What Lyra didn't know was that Bon-Bon had seen her every day when she passed the park. She knew that she liked her. She loved her baby blue turquoise coat and her sky blue and whit striped mane.

When she got to the park she looked at the bench and there, sitting in Lyra's spot, was a note. She trotted over to the bench and picked it up and read it.

Dear Bon-Bon,

I thought about what happened last night and I really want to talk to you about it. Meet me at the edge of the Everfree forest. I have a place where we can talk.


Bon-Bon immediately dropped the note and ran as fast as she could toward the edge of Ponyville and the edge of the Everfree forest. She wondered exactly what Lyra was going to say, and when she really thought about it, she realized she didn't just wonder, she was worried. She was worried that, that kiss may have ruined their friendship.

Finally she reached the edge, and standing there was Lyra.

"Hey Bon-Bon. Come on, follow me." she said as she entered the forest.

"Wait, where are we going?" Bon-Bon asked.

Lyra just simply stated, "Someplace secret."

Bon-Bon followed Lyra through trees and brush until they came to a clearing, and there in the middle of the clearing, was a small little hut. When she got closer, she noticed a sign hanging on the front.

Lyra Heartsrings

Bon-Bon was about to ask what this was when Lyra spoke.

"This is where I go to think and to compose my music." she said smiling. She opened the door and gestured for Bon-Bon to follow. She trotted inside and saw that there were quills and ink blotches as well as paper all over.

She trotted over to one of the chairs that was sitting in the hut and sat down, Lyra took the other chair.

"I wanted to talk about what happened." she said right away.

Bon-Bon blushed as Lyra brought up the kiss.

"I understand that you may like me, but I thought about it and I'd like to show you how I feel." she continued.

Then before Bon-Bon could ask what she meant, Lyra dove forward and kissed Bon-Bon. She was caught completely by surprise, but as soon as she got over it, she kissed her back. Lyra's heart started beating faster as they kissed, but after a while she had to break the kiss so she could breathe.

"I-I think I like you too Bon-Bon." Lyra said as a ferocious blush rose to her cheeks.

Bon-Bon walked forward and hugged Lyra tightly.

"I love you Lyra." she said smiling. They both felt complete now, and Lyra couldn't be happier as she started playing a new song, a song just for Bon-Bon.