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"Vash! Open up! Let me in!"

The blonde opened his dull, green eyes to stare at the white ceiling.

"Vash! I know I said I wouldn't do this again. Well, I lied. Now, if you would be so kind?"

The pounding on the metal gate that protected his door continued. In one smooth motion, the fourteen-year-old popped a round in his rifle and shot blindly out at the darkness revealed by his second story window.

"Vash. Perhaps if you would care to aim, you would be helpful!"

The teen rolled his eyes under narrowed brows. Groaning, he pulled himself out of his comfy bed and walked across the cold floor, down the flight of stairs, and to the door. Clicking through all four deadbolts, a dark-haired boy about his age flew into the house panting and sweating. Dressed in fancy, thick clothes rather than the attire more suited to a Hunter.

"Thanks, Vashy. Now hurry and close the door. I would be most grateful if you would fix me some tea or something."

Vash said nothing as he slowly loaded another round into his gun. He wasn't naïve. He knew the chaser wouldn't give up if there was a simple door standing between them. The pursuer was now visible from the light the house gave off. Large, hungry irises shone as brightly as the points of light that danced off his fangs.

"Um, the door? It's still open? Vash! Are you really this dimwitted?"

Only Vash would be able to tell that the voice carried subtle tones of worry and fear underneath the scathing and pompous remarks. It made no difference in his actions though.

He made a show of brining the gun up to his shoulder and let his finger snake around the trigger. He challenged the oncoming stranger with his eyes. He wasn't joking around.

The attacker kept coming, clearly driven senseless by hunger.

He hesitated just a moment longer. Then, when it was clear there was no stopping him, he pulled the trigger. The sound erupted from the barrel and the fanged runner fell to the ground. The bullet lodged right between his eyes.

The blonde lowered the gun and finally closed the door taking care to snap all the locks back in place.

"You know, you really should be a hunter."

"And you really shouldn't be!" The blonde yelled, as he threw the coat that his friend was trying hang on the coat stand back at him, "How many times have you dragged a vampire from one of your jobs onto my property? How many times, Roderich?"

The brunette simply laid the coat across the back of the dusty couch and made his way to the kitchen. Vash followed impatiently and snatched the kettle out of his reach before he could attempt to make tea for himself.

Roderich sighed, "Vash, you know I've lost count. And so have you."

The friend slunk down on to the stool of Vash's piano back in the living room. The ivories were dusty and the floor pedals were sticky. The piano was very valuable but it was clearly in need of maintenance. Roderich never understood his blonde, hermit friend.

He began to play a simple tune he learned during a time when he didn't have to go kill vampires when Vash slammed his hand down on the low keys causing what was the equivalent of a musically-induced heart-attack for Roderich.

"Well, it's too many times! If you can't handle doing your job then find another profession! Don't drag me into it and force me to kill an innocent person just to save your sorry butt again!"

"Oh," Roderich laughed dryly, "now I remember why you aren't a hunter."

Vash just continued frowning. He wouldn't mind Roderich so much if his childhood friend would just come visit for lunch or something like normal people did instead of leading a trail of half-starved vampires to his door that tried to make a lunch out of them.

He just wanted to be left in peace –by vampires and hunters alike. He kept having this nightmare that his house would be targeted by a Den or something because he'd had to murder so many vampires outside his home.

"So are you going to finish him or am I?" The blonde spat, pushing Roderich to the door.

"He's B- so the answer's clear."

Vash's vein on his forehead began to swell.

"You went after a vampire that had your matching blood type? Do you want to become one of them, you idiot!"

"Well, many hunters are sent to kill targets that match them all the time. You just take out whomever you are assigned. They don't take blood type into consideration."

"I know that, but I was talking about you specifically. Would it be rude to ask how many vampires you have actually killed because I think I could probably top your kill count, and I'm not a hunter!"

"You keep saying you're not-"

"Because it's true! Now get out of my house!"

"Settle down. No need to be so testy. I'm leaving." The brunette snooted as he marched out the door like he was some sort of nobleman. However, he was stopped by the elaborate set of locks. After staring at them a while, Vash sighed, shoved him aside, and quickly opened them all.

"Thank you, Vash. Although, your piano is horrendously out of tune. It's just so cruel to leave a beautiful instrument in such neglect. Anyway, I'll see you later sometime. Goodbye."

The blonde was wondering if anyone would care if he committed two murders tonight. He was already going to have to bury one body. Would another really require that much bigger of a hole?

Vash walked over to the shot vampire. He was pretty young but clearly hungry. He wondered how long Roderich had been tracking him, forcing him to keep on the run, until making a last stand was his only option.

He could almost see the scene play out in his head. The poor sucker charged after Roderich. He knew that they had the same blood type. It was either win against the hunter and drink his blood raw -which would force Roderich to become a vampire (a crime punishable by death)- to save his own life. Or he could collapse and let the hunter fulfill his job and end his starvation.

Vash pushed the thoughts out of his head as he rolled back his shirt sleeve. Taking a knife, he made a small slice across his wrist –just enough to draw blood. Pinching the wound to make the red pool faster, he opened the vampire's mouth. He was still stunned by the bullet.

Vampires were never truly dead when shot in the head or chest or other vital areas, but it took lots of care and blood -most importantly- for them to be revived from it. If left, the vampire, paralyzed, would be forever living in eternal starvation.

Vash held his bloodied wrist over the mouth of the vampire allowing several scarlet tears to drop into his mouth. After he was sure the blood was swallowed, he wrapped his arm up and waited. He didn't have to wait long. The poor thing convulsed and erupted into seizures before, finally, dying.

Both the boys stood in silence, staring at the new corpse, before Vash turned bitterly to his friend.

"Your welcome. Now get off my property."

[Okay, so I have no idea if the concept of blood type being significant to vampirism has ever been introduced before so I will explain it a little better.
You can only turn someone into a vampire if the vampire and human have matching blood types.
Ex: An A+ human can only be turned into a vampire by being bitten by a vampire that's A+.

Vampires can only feed off those that have the same blood types as them.
Ex: An A+ vampire can only feed of a A+ human.

Vampires are poisoned by any other blood type other than their own (even O blood types for those biology people out there, it's not the same as blood donation compatibility).
Ex: An A+ vampire will die if they feed of a human that has an A-, B+, B-, O-, O+, AB- or AB+. (AB+ would still kill it because there's B+ mixed with the A+.)

So why aren't there a trillion vampires running around in the world? Hunters were used in the early days as population control, but it's dying out now because of a new, more mutually beneficent, method of human-vampire relations that has become increasingly popular. This "method" will be explained better in the later chapters.]

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